"Illuminati Eye" CBS reporter Mark Strassmann seems to be a Jimmy Comet clone, and in this video tells his followers that he's also Donald Trump. All three are human persona's of Illuminati leader "Kodiak."

The Illuminati is a heaping pile of disgusting human beings and Grey aliens holding the highest of offices.  The photos above: Left, Mark Strassmann at CBS News, pointing at a girl representing Hera in this news clip below, with Illuminati and Traveler symbol Mickey Mouse from Fantasia, which in their world symbolizes an evil black-magic wizard (such as Illuminati Leader Kodiak), who is Jimmy Comet.  Right, Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis, who appears to be, and very likely is, a CLONE of Mark Strassmann (both on left below), in all seriousness. Both of them, Strassmann and Comet, are “human personas” of Illuminati head Kodiak.

Below the Strassmann story decoded is a clip of Mike Pence directing a “hit” ie. murder of Hera.

Here’s Mark Strassmann, the black magic “Spellcaster,”which is exactly what this hand movement means to the Illuminati and Travelers in the audience.


Notice the crooked corner on Strassman’s left (your right) side of his mouth, and compare that to the crooked corner on the opposite, right hand side (your left) of Comet’s mouth.

And here’s the quick news clip from CBS News with (Anthony) MASON, which name perked up our ears that an Illuminati message might be buried in this broadcast. It is, and there are several, but for right this second we want to post this clip and decode it since in contains another call for Hera to be killed, and also gives away Illuminati Leader Kodiak’s identity both as Mark Strassmann, but also Donald Trump, and obviously also by virtue of Mark S. being his clone – Jimmy Comet (but we’ve been telling you this for months). Please watch the quick clip and we’ll explain below that:

Girl One: “That’s what I actually thought it was, then when you came you had Trump, and he’s he’s him. ” Meaning: This guy I am talking to, Mark Strassmann, came, and he’s him, Trump. 

Girl One: “I guess ideas changed of what I thought America would be.” Meaning: No longer look for the coded messages about what’s going on with Pizzagate to be from the mouth of Donald Trump, (who also is Kodiak). Instead, listen to Mark Slassmann’s reports for messages from me. 

Girl Two: “Most of us came looking for a second chance, you know, (Note this girl doesn’t even try to sound foreign you know?), and I felt like as if he just just was like, ‘Oh all Muslims are bad,’ you know?” Meaning: The words “you know” mean authorities are watching, and so does the word “just” which is short for “justice.” Both code words are emphasized by repeating them twice, two “you knows” and two “justs.”  Note that these aren’t real children talking, they are Illuminati members remotely controlling human “suits” down here on Earth (they live “upstairs” from here where we are calling “future Earth.”)  So even though they appear to be children, their speech is very precise, to carry the intended meaning.  So this sentence is saying that Trump’s getting too much attention (because we pointed out that he is Kodiak, head of the Illuminati, and also Jimmy Comet), so don’t look for Trump to pass messages about what is going on, look at Mark Slassmann. Okay, we are looking!

Mark Strassmann: Flicking his “magic hands” (also called “jazz hands” by people in The Family) at the girl in the purple/black hijab, which is a coded message that he is “casting an evil spell” on this girl. This girl is symbolic of Hera, which we will explain later more in depth, but it is because this girl is dressed like a Family Two in the Illuminati Hierarchy, and so is Hera. Kodiak did the very same thing as “Texas Shrugged” on his You Tube channel, pointing out Hera as “dressed like a Jew,” there simply stating in Code that she is still “Mossad.” “Jew” is Code for Family Two, which we explained a long while ago in connection with Kodiak’s “eternal wife” Zeena LaVey’s song “You Belong With Me,” which sounds sweet but is really about holding our family hostage.  Scroll to the very bottom of this post for yet another clip calling for Hera, long code worded by the Illuminati as the “Bride,” (see Simpsons image of Hera below on her “Wedding Day” where she is gang-raped with knives until she dies), and as “Two” (see You Belong With Me image below “Junior Jewels” intentionally evoking “Jews”).

Mark: “Has this issue changed your view about what America represents?” Meaning: Change your view about what Trump represents. I am not going to send messages to you Illuminati Players as Trump, but instead as Mark Strassmann.

Girl One: “Since, do you ask, is a country of liberty, freedom and such, and then you ban all these countries that have weak economies and weak governments (what a bright third-world child! or any world!) and no ones there to help. Whatever the US does affects every other country. You are the leader, you should actually lead with some respect and dignity.” (Very articulate for ESL.) Meaning: Strassmann, you are the Leader (of America and the Illuminati). “Respect” on top of that is a mafia thing, probably thrown in here just to confirm that they are talking about The Don. Yes, the Mafia Don, and also The Don-ald, who is holding the “Trump card” for this hand of the Illuminati Card Game. And that is what the name “Don Trump” means. (And you can see why Hera’s life is actually in danger.)

Girl Three: “All over the world, its thought to be the country where people who have no hope that’s where they go, but now you see that they have changed their core ideals, (“core ideals”!) what they’ve believed in, so now they are losing that special thing that they had for people all over the world.”  Meaning: This ridiculous “child” from another country is using the term “core ideals” not because she’s brilliant, but because it is Code for Traveler Sevens who murder people by “coring” them, which we explained in a post about Corinne (also pronounced “coring”) from the Bachelor, who is a “human persona” of Kodiak’s wife Bee. Essentially “coring” someone means to “gut them.” “Believed” also is a Code word for human Traveler Fours, Sixes and especially Sevens. “Believed” is sort of like “make believe” (such as with Mickey Mouse in Fantasia) and also means “True Believer.”  The message here means that Hera needs to be gutted because she has taken the Traveler Family and thrown all of their stuff up here on this blog. Now Travelers are losing that special thing they had all over the world.

Mark Strassmann, driving the point home: “If you had a chance to talk to President Trump about this, what would you say?”  Meaning: You just did.  That’s ME, Mark Strassmann. (click here for our post about Kodiak as Trump)

Boy: “I would say you need to be more understanding of others than just yourself, try to put yourself in other people’s shoes.”  Meaning: “Understand this, I am putting myself in other shoes. I won’t be talking as “Trump” but instead sending messages as Mark Slassmann.”

As for Travelers and Illuminati “losing that special thing they had all over the world,” our response to that is – good, you are darn right about that. So long as there is an insane Grey alien going by Queen Bee (aka Nymph aka Psyche), and her equally insane and vicious GREY ALIEN husband Kodiak, secretly controlling every single Family subgroup of Travelers, Illuminati and Scientology, and using that control to actually clone humans to sell as “PIZZAS” (Mostly Two and Threes, by the way) and “TACOS” to be raped and tortured for weeks until they die, and then to be consumed, we’ll keep attempting to deprive them of “that special thing.”  They are planning to blow up this Earth. They are not your friends. If you are anything other than a GREY ALIEN, you will want us to succeed. If you are from “upstairs” you are mistaken to believe you are “above the fray.” A little over a month ago Bee BLEW UP YOUR “PLANET” TOO, VIA AN “ALIEN ATTACK.” So stop smiling and flipping the Satan signs, we are not your playground. You are in the SIM SITUATION. We went up there and looked. Your planet is back, just like ours comes back, and no one there was the wiser. Still, it HURTS, right? We are in this together. 

There are numerous other Illuminati and Traveler messages in this same CBS News broadcast, and we’ll try to get to decoding them tomorrow. For more about the Clones of Kodiak’s wife Bee, click here.

Jimmy “Comet” “KODIAK” Alefantis is the most vicious, and Satanic, being in the history of time itself, except for possibly his “eternal wife” Bee, not coincidentally standing at the head of the table, not only at Comet Pizza, but at the Illuminati table, which is identically pictured on the right, and again is no coincidence: 

Here’s a coded Bold & the Beautiful clip from yesterday calling for Hera, long code worded by the Illuminati as the “Bride,” and as “Two” (see You Belong With Me). In this clip she is both, as the characters call to “kill Two Brides with one stone.” And in case we missed the point, Brooke first says the word “to” while pointing, which in Traveler and Illuminati Code means to point at the target. Here she is saying “TWO” while pointing, which means “Two is the target.” The other character, Steffi, then reiterates by saying “kill Two Brides with one stone” (meaning Hera, the “Two” “Bride”), and then says, “let me rephrase that” while waiving an Illuminati handsign (pinky unnaturally far away from next finger, to form a V, shorthand for the Illuminati triangle).

Here’s a picture of the Illuminati Great Room as depicted on the inside cover of Hotel California, (explained and decoded here), and a picture of the Bold & the Beautiful’s opening shot:


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