Illuminati Leader Kodiak's "Human Suits" Jimmy Comet & CBS's Mark Strassmann Seem to be Clones – Videos for Voice Comparison

We know that the Illuminati Leader who calls himself Kodiak has numerous “human personas” down here in our “time window,” including both Jimmy Comet and CBS News’ Mark Strassmann. They look very much alike.

Given that Kodiak’s “eternal Illuminati wife” Bee has numerous obvious clones of her favorite “human suit” Taylor Swift (Zeena LaVey, Karlie Kloss, Hef’s first wife, and numerous other Taylor clones),

it isn’t a stretch to think that Strassmann and Jimmy Comet Alefantis actually might be clones.  We think the pictures comparing the two are conclusive, but we put these two videos up for comparison as well, to listen the voices side by side. They sound very much alike. Perhaps someone out there has the appropriate gear to be able to run a voice analysis?


via Megyn Kelly Interview Comet Ping Pong Restaurant Owner James Alefantis Pizzagate Conspiracy – YouTube

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