The Illuminati Cockroach Hiding Under A Rock Called "Jabbaroos" – aka Justin Barrows (Pizzagate: How They Tip Each Other Off)

via Justin Barrows (@jabbaroos) • Instagram photos and videos

Below is an archived snap of jabbaroos’ Instagram page from Dec. 6, 2016 and it contains the following messages:

  1. Top left “here’s a secret to pass along”
  2. Top middle “As above, So below” floor diagram depicting Hell ruling over Heaven, (dark over light), under an Illuminati “spiral” staircase. Disk on the floor is meant to evoke a spaceship.
  3. Top right Not sure but we’ll come back to it if we do learn the meaning.
  4. Next on left Illuminati “c” hand which is intended to evoke a lobster claw, as in “you’re gonna get pinched.”
  5. Next in middle – Signal for help
  6. Next on right – image of a man hidden in marble, possibly a Satanic warlock or alien, who is lurking unseen.
  7. Next on left: Vampire stuffed animal, images of Cerebrus-like two-headed man, and what looks like a Satanic angel in pictures on the wall. Cerebrus is the 3-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld (hint: Illuminati).  Papers on the wall have what looks like the Publisher’s Clearinghouse symbol, which means it’s time to “clear out the house.” Dog biscuits in foreground is a message that “the dogs” which is code for the humans, are reading their messages, code-worded as “food” or “treats.” See our Illuminati and Traveler Family Thesaurus here.
  8. Next middle: mask on the ground, someone has lost their Illuminati mask, their cover.
  9. Next right: light reflection intended to evoke the spaceship, saying “time to go.” Not because they will catch a ride on a spaceship, but because after they all go back upstairs, the spaceships move in and blow up this entire “time loop” and kill every living thing here.
  10. Bottom left: “For you with love from ____” – pass this message but don’t tell where you got it.
  11. Bottom middle:  “Burn after reading” this message, and all of your other Pizzagate or otherwise damaging documents.
  12. Bottom right: Light in the window. We’ve explained that this Earth sits in a “window to the past” about 200 years down from where the Illuminati actually live. They descend down here to treat us like Westworld on HBO. We are their vacation and we all living here are characters in their live-action game. Light in the window means that the feds are shining a light down here on their activities, and this is why they are adding the photos above to: burn their documents, get ready to clear out, spaceship is coming, and to pass the message (whisper in ear).
  13. In case you missed all of those cues, they include the very top photo of FBISurveillance Van WiFi x 3, and Goldstein Law too.

Our response: No one is stopping you all from killing yourselves right now. We know that you will wake up back upstairs. Of course, Bee blew up the “upstairs” environment several weeks ago with an ironic “alien attack,” but give it a try. 


screencapture-archive-is-d4wPb-1488439590489 (1).png

By the way, here’s the You Tube photo of Jabbaroos, which indicates that he is Kodiak, since he has a rust colored top and brown pants. Kodiak is head of the Family Fours, rust colored “aliens” from “Mars” and the Family Sixes, brown “aliens” where there they call him Robert. The tires he is sitting in are a reference to his “Cumpanda” club of child rapists who wear hockey masks while gang raping children at Comet Pizza. Kodiak also is Jimmy Comet. Kodiak and Bee are friends with basically only other iterations of themselves in various other human personas. There may be one or two others, possibly several other pedophiles involved, but thus far we have only identified iterations of Kodiak and Bee.



By the way, here’s a screen capture of my own “available WiFi networks.” What are the odds that my neighbor coincidentally is using the same “FBI Surveillance Van_5Ghz” label on his WiFi as child rapist Jabbaroos. Also note “Castle Greyskull” and “Magic Castle Land” which is located in Los Angeles, and LosTresGatos, which is “the Three Gate” which is what Kodiak calls his vortex into Hell.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 4.31.18 PM.png


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