Clues That Nick The Bachelor is a "Human Suit" of Illuminati Leader Kodiak, aka Jimmy Comet (#Pizzagate)

As promised yesterday, here’s a short video combining three different snippets from The Bachelor that offer CLUES to the audience that Nick Viall is actually the Illuminati Leader who calls himself “Kodiak.”  Another of his “human personas” is Jimmy Comet, and yet another is Donald Trump.  This isn’t about politics. It is about the Grand Deception and the Reptilian Illuminati future plans and current practice of torturing and killing human “tacos, chickens, rabbits, coffee, tea, hot dogs, ice cream, walnuts, cheeses, Haitians, Twos, Threes, and/or pasta and Pizzas.”

First in the clip below, listen for Corinne’s father to say, to Corinne, Can Nick make a living to keep Corinne happy?” Now compare that with the next video below this one.

In the first snippet in the below video, Nick says, “I’ve never seen that side of Raven before” – to Raven.  This is one of the devices that Kodiak uses when speaking to let his Pizzagate Illuminati pals know that he is the one “driving” that “human vehicle” or “human suit” as he calls human beings (they have zero regard for human bodies. They use advance tech to drive them around without their awareness, which is why they call them “robots” (Westworld), and “Hotards” (Jimmy Comet)).  Kodiak also does this in his “human persona” of “Dr. Carver, Sandy Hook body carver, aka Autopsy man, when he says, “so long as you never call him Harold” about himself, H. Wayne Carver.

In the second snippet in this same video, the “Fantasy Suite Card” says, “remember to keep your eyes on the ‘Illuminating’ sky,” which ostensibly is about the Northern Lights, but that is how they squeeze meaning into everyday dialog. The meaning of this is “hey, Illuminati leader Kodiak is here.” Another thing they’ll do is say “Oh my God” which means that “The Godfather” of the Mafia is sending a message in the scene, so pay attention. Given that this discussion on The Bachelor is about wiping out the human race via a Grey alien attack, the “Illuminating Sky” remark also is a reference to the impending alien attack. It is a warning to the Illuminati players who are down here from the future, to get back “upstairs” before we are wiped out here on Earth.  There is a future Earth environment where Greys (and some humans who mostly are hostages), descend down to our Earth to “vacation” as though we are Westworld on HBO. In fact that show is made by the upstairs Illuminati and it is a show mocking our situation here.  Hera is depicted on that show as Delores. David is depicted as both of Delores’s kind suitors, and Kodiak, head of the Illuminati, is depicted as the vicious, evil man in the black cowboy hat.

Kodiak depicted in Westworld on HBO

In the last snippet on this same video below, Nick says: “Can you fold laundry… I hate folding clothes.” Raven responds, “You cook, I’ll fold clothes,” which is a reference to the fact that Nick is aka Jimmy Comet, and also Anthony Bourdain (compare those two articles in the links, as we have decoded them).  He’s “the Chef.” He’s also Anderson “Coop” Cooper, the “chicken man” and “Taco Factory Manager and astronaut.” Humans are Tacos, as we explained a number of times, but most recently last night. Notice that Cooper talks “astronaut” while Jimmy Alefantis talks “comets,” both of which reference outer space, because Kodiak is the Grey alien who runs the Illuminati.  Raven’s reference to “folding clothes” is a euphemism for killing the humans on Earth.  We explained above that the Illuminati call humans “suits” “clothes” or “cars” – in other words, Kodiak would say, I am “driving that human vehicle Nick” or I am “wearing the clothes of Nick” or “Nick is my suit” or “Nick is my car,” as examples.  So to fold your clothes is to fold them up and put them away. How they do that is to kill that human. In the last month they have talked about little else except killing everyone on Earth. Folding the clothes. 

In this same last snippet above, Nick then responds, “okay, great, I’m also a fantastic ironer,” and this is Traveler Code for, “hey I am a Grey alien, and a black magic wizard.” The word “Great” is Code for “Grey,” because it sounds like Grey.  (See our Code Word Thesaurus.) Wizard is code-worded as “Fantastic,” which is a reference to Disney’s “Fantasia,” an Illuminati movie that has Mickey Mouse in it as a magical wizard.  The word “ironer”above also is Traveler Code, where “iron” refers to the movie character “Ironman,” who Kodiak claims was a character inspired by him. Kodiak also claims that he “drove” the human “vehicle” (a person) Robert Downey Jr in those movies, which many Travelers know. They call Kodiak Ironman, although they think that they are talking about our son Paul (long story, but Kodiak pretends to be Paul, and Paul does not attack people – that is Kodiak). Ironman also is supposed to evoke the dark red appearance of an Iron heated by fire. Kodiak is the leader of the Traveler Family Fours, which are rust red, or lava red. So a codeword for the Traveler Fours is “iron” (others are volcano or lava). And the last two letters, “er” in his word “ironer” mean in Traveler Code that he is what Travelers call a “Get” or evil wizard and a Boss of the Family, which is what the code word “er” means. So Nick saying he is a “Great Ironer” together means that Kodiak is the head of the Traveler Family Fours, aka Ironman, and also to the Illuminati that also means that he is a Grey alien pretending to be a human (“Great” = “Grey”). Here’s our Traveler and Illuminati Family Code Word Thesaurus link again.  We’ve also explained, in this important post, that the Pizzagate victims have pointed the finger literally at the leader of the Traveler Family Fours (rust red is their “Family color”), as the person who is torturing and murdering them.  The Pizza points at the Traveler Fours and Sevens. In other words, Kodiak, leader of the Fours and Sevens, is the “Family Boss” who is “driving” the “human vehicle” named Jimmy Comet, which by the way Kodiak confirmed to us.  

Finally to Nick’s “great ironer” comment, Raven replies, “Are you? I’ll introduce you to a steamer.” And this is Traveler Code for a Family Nine, a Grey alien too. Greys call themselves “Great” as a word sounding like Grey, which is what Nick does in the preceding paragraph (a “Great Ironer”), and also all sorts of things that evoke the color Grey, such as “smoke” “ash” “smog” etc. So “steam” is just a play off of “smoke.”  So what Raven is saying is that, now that Corinne is off the show, (which we told you weeks ago is a character “driven by” Kodiak’s Illuminati “eternal wife” Bee), I will be driving Raven instead. Raven therefore is being “introduced” as the new “Steam er” or Nine Family Boss (“er”) talking on Nick’s (Kodiak’s) TV show.  Get it? “I’ll introduce you to a steamer” means I, Raven, now introduce you watching at home to a Family Nine, i.e. Grey alien.

Worth noting is that both of these jackals are Grey aliens who hide inside numerous “human suits” and do terrible, hideous things to humans. Together they run the Illuminati, the Travelers, and Scientology (Kodiak is both David Miscavige and was also L. Ron Hubbard).  These two also were “Ti and Do” aka “Bo and Peep” from the Heaven’s Gate cult. Also, many Travelers have been led to believe that the “Family Nines” or “Greats” are witches. They are not, they are Grey aliens. Although the Greys can create any holographic overlay and often label humans as witches or aliens just to incite you all to attack an innocent human, for their own entertainment. So please don’t attack anyone.  See last night’s post for more on this Grey alien situation.

Here’s a few still shots of this newest Bachelor episode showing the hidden symbolism meant to convey to followers that Nick is Kodiak, their Illuminati and Traveler Fours Family leader.


We are trying very hard to reach people and explain what is happening. We are at a loss as to what else we can do to get everyone up to speed on the situation on this Earth. We realize that you all are conditioned from birth to believe that time travel is science fiction and that aliens might be out there “somewhere.”  The reality is that time travel is used all the time, and that there are Grey aliens who live among you and prey upon the human race (and other kind aliens too). There are other races of people outside of Earth as well, and they are trying to help you with this Grey alien “silent occupation.”  The Greys will, probably sooner than later, drop their “human suits” or “cloaks” and launch a coordinated attack on all of you. They have done this several times before. They are hive-minded and therefore it is folly to think that your friendly-behaving neighbor who “happens to be a Grey” will be your friend when this attack occurs.  These Greys all attack, together. Not just from on the ground but also from up in the sky. The “Illuminating Sky,” will be filled with Illuminati Grey aliens in attacking fighter jets, presently cloaked and positioned on or near the Moon and elsewhere. We are doing everything we can, and this situation will come to a conclusion as soon as possible. We would like all of you to know that you are not alone, and it will be okay. Please read this blog because it contains a lot of important information about how to collect messages from us, as well as how to decode messages that the Greys send to each other using public channels such as songs, TV shows, movies and news stories. Do not wait until something happens to read as much as you can of this blog. Once the Greys attack you will lose power and internet access. We want you to understand what is happening and know that even if it feels like the extinction of everything on Earth, that is not the reality, and even you will be fine.  See our post last night, and on many prior occasions about their planned attack. We are so sorry that this is happening to you. Many of us from the Outside are here with you, as we came in to find out what had happened to you. We are here with you and this will come to a positive conclusion very soon, and hopefully before their next planned “alien attack.”

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