Illuminati Comet Pizza Gunman (#Pizzagate #SandyHook #Fakenews)

The Comet Pizza gunman was made in Hollywood, because Jimmy Comet is the head of the Illuminati, which we tell you in numerous posts. The Illuminati signs you see in so many images are not coincidental.  For example the photographer of the above shot did not catch the perfectly-framed “shot of the day” of the Comet Pizza gunman, but unintentionally fail to lift his or her camera above the top of the diamond latticed fence.  The Illuminati are manipulating everything, in order to manipulate our thoughts, including 9/11, Sandy Hook, NASA’s “space program” (we are in a simulation snow globe), and many other “facts” the human population has been lead to believe are true, such as our participation in a free “democracy.”





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