Look at THE PUPILS: This Illuminati Grey Responds to Trump's Presidential Address by Claiming They Are Our Friends, but PROVES THEY ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS.

Look at the pupils in the above unretouched image from the “Democratic Response” to the Presidential Address, this time given by the former Governor of Kentucky Steven Beshear. That is not a “play on light” and there’s a clip of him speaking below. Please read this whole post no matter how insane it sounds. You may come to understand what we are saying by the end of it, but we have to get you up to speed on the (implausible but true) background info first.

We explained yesterday that, right before Trump’s Presidential Address, he sent out a heads-up signal to his Illuminati and Traveler followers (Traveler “Sevens” anyway) to tune into his speech for a message. Tonight we finally listened to the speech, but didn’t notice anything screaming to be decoded within it until the Democratic Response.  Keep in mind that Trump is the Illuminati leader who sent out the “tune in signal.”  The Illuminati is Satanic. And certain of them are *very* evil, and are behind Pizzagate.  And they infest both major political parties, of course!  So please set aside your party politics for a bit and let’s pay attention to the Illuminati messages in the Democratic Response to the Presidential Address, that Trump himself tipped us off would be forthcoming.

For starters in the Democratic Response, Mr. Beshear went out of his way to back up “Nick The Bachelor’s” assertion that Nick is “not from Mars.”  Why? And what does that have to do with Trump and the Illuminati?  Trump and Nick the Bachelor are both human personas of the same Grey Alien who calls himself Kodiak.  Kodiak is co-head of the Illuminati.  He has numerous human “personas” or as he calls them “human suits” or “human vehicles.” One is Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis (the Comet part being a shout out to his fellow Greys). Another is Nick the Bachelor, and another is Donald Trump.  Yes.  Most of the Illuminati Pizzagate Players are actually just Kodiak and his eternal Illuminati wife Bee, a fellow Grey, and other Grey aliens.  There are numerous Greys involved, but a number of those are actually more of the hydra-headed snakes originating from Kodiak and Bee.  There are also humans involved and some are vicious and evil, although most are Illuminati hostages. The only way to tell the difference will be to get the Greys out of here and see whether there is any humanity left in the particularly vicious humans among those people.

Anyway, we’ve been explaining this over an over again, about the Illuminati being run by Grey aliens, and about the Travelers and Scientology also secretly being headed up by these same Grey aliens.  (Kodiak and Bee head up every number in the Travelers Family, and Kodiak is David Miscavige and also was L. Ron Hubbard.)  We tell you over and over that the Greys are hive-minded and hate humans, and spend most of their time trying to find ways to harm us while not getting caught. Not because they will get into any trouble, but because it is a Game to them.

The Greys aren’t from exactly Mars, but they’re also not human beings. And the Illuminati use the Code word “Martian” or variants like Mar, Marsha, Martin, Marshall, etc., to denote an alien person, as we pointed out numerous times almost since our first post about six months ago (here’s our Traveler and Illuminati Code-Word Thesaurus).

With all of that information in mind, here’s Nick’s clip that we posted the other day, and please click here and read that full post when you are done reading this one, because it has a lot of useful information in it besides just this clip:

Despite Nick’s weak protestation that he’s “not from Mars,” we assure you he is a leader of the Greys and they have an unfortunately proven track record of dropping their
“human cloaks” at the same time and attacking the humans of this planet, wiping them out, and in fact killing every living thing on this planet, and then rolling back the clock to open a new “time window” to our recent past where they haven’t yet attacked (or been caught in Pizzagate) and moving us forward from this earlier point in time, to eventually do it again.  They are doing this, and they’ve done it 5 times before, at least. It is a Game to them. It is Chess with live game pieces and it is also their “Illuminati Card Game.” 

Below is the “Democratic Response” to Trump’s Presidential Address, that is actually the Grey aliens’ response to our posts about Nick Viall being the head of the Illuminati and a Grey alien, and Trump being another of Illuminati Leader Kodiak’s “human personas.” Please watch the entire clip and listen for clues. This is how they bury messages in ordinary-seeming dialogue. This message is directed at Travelers down here on Earth and also Illuminati humans from the “upstairs” environment, which we call “Future Earth” for lack of a better description. Obviously bear in mind that his pupils are lizard slits. “It’s not a Game, it’s life and DEATH for most people.”  

They ARE “Aliens From Some Distant Planet” and it IS “A Game” to Them – We are just their living pawns. The Game they are playing also is going to result in “death for most people.” For reference, note that Beshear says “it’s not a game,” and “we’re not aliens,” but also note the numbers that he throws out, “but just, who are these 22 million Americans, including 500,000 people right here in Kentucky?” Whenever you see or hear numbers, pay attention. These numbers all add together to equal NINE.  We tell you in the Family Thesaurus and in numerous other posts that the Family Nines are the Grey Aliens.  (Although the Greys do pretend to be humans and they are found in every Traveler Family category.)  “Look they’re not aliens from some distant planet, they’re our friends and neighbors. We sit in the bleachers with them on Friday night, we worship in the pews with them on Sunday mornings….”  You get the point.  They are not aliens.

Except that is a LIE and they are Grey Aliens.  They also are Satanic, vicious, and human-hating, hive-minded beings whose favorite past time is torturing and consuming human beings.  Humans are the “tacos” in this gif that we got from the Joe.My.God. Blog, where they hang out talking about killing us all, in code.  47 days to Taco Tuesday says the Captain of the Spaceship, which presumably means their next attack on our entire population, because that is the subject of their primary chatter for the past month now. This other gif with Beyonce has the same meaning and was taken from the same blog.  Queen Bee, Queen of the Nines, the Greys, is Queen Bey. Queen Bee, Queen Bey. 

We want you to notice this also from the Democratic Response clip: Look at the woman behind Beshear on the right. She is blinking out a message to the Greys in the Illuminati, while Beshear tells you that they are not aliens!  Just your friends and neighbors, blinking out secret messages in the background while in the foreground claiming they aren’t deceiving you!

There are no witches and there is no magic.  Everything you’ve been seeing is Grey alien technology.  Even the Parents did not know this until recently. The Greys use technology to actualize, for example, the thoughts of a “Get” at lightning speed. It looks and feels to them and to you like magic.  It isn’t.  That stuff you are doing at The Gathering, is harming each other for the entertainment of the Greys. Stop doing it. Please. And we are glad that we must be reaching some of you, if this Grey Alien Beshear feels like he has to deny that he is a Grey Alien. He is truthful in saying that they are your same friends and neighbors they’ve always been. And they will remain so right up to the moment when they uncloak and attack.  We want you to know this.  We want you to know it will be okay and you will be okay. And that we are working on moving them out, from the outside. There is not much that we can do from the inside. We live in a Grey Grid. It is their grid. While we wait for an effective method of moving them out of here, please do what you can to stop harming each other for their amusement. Also bear in mind that they can label any person any color they want. I am not a “witch,” for example. I am also not a “Two.”  That is all holographic overlay that they put on. A perception created for you.

Here’s an image from the last moments of Beshear’s “chat” on the news, notice the obvious Illuminati triangle hand sign. Just remember, Illuminati are not aliens from another planet, and they aren’t playing a game. They are your friends and worship God with you, so long as your God is Moloch. If he could hypnotize you through the TV I’m sure he would do that too. (They can do that with their eyes, somehow.)



That isn’t the only thing we want to show you while we have this Nick Viall clip up above. We also want you to notice in the Nick the Bachelor clip how Corinne’s father speaks.  Notice how he talks to Corinne while saying “Corinne” – specifically he says to Corinne while alone in the room with her, “If Corinne’s happy….”  In our next post we’ll show you a clip of Nick doing the same thing to Raven. The point is the Illuminati leader Kodiak is Nick Viall. And he’s also “playing the role” of Corinne’s father. He speaks in the same way and uses the same catch phrases, from human persona to persona. In this way you can start to follow just which “characters” on the TV you see that are actually animated by Grey aliens Kodiak and/or Bee. They use the same jargon and mannerisms among characters, although their appearance and voice differs, and they add southern drawls and alter the speed at which they speak. For example Kodiak’s Grey alien wife Bee is Corinne on the Bachelor and also Taylor Swift. Click that link in the previous sentence to see a clip where Corinne famously says that she just wants “to be fed Tacos in the spa, preferably chicken.”  Now do you understand what she meant by that bizarre comment?   Humans are the tacos.  Human children are “chicken.”  And there’s much less than 47 days left until “Taco Tuesday.”



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