Comet Pizza's Food is "To Die For," Reports a "Patron." Other #Pizzagate Players You May Recognize (Illuminati)

(Notice the Comments in the image above too.)

Don’t eat the food at Comet Pizza, as Comet’s pal and probably a Pizzagater says in the video below, “It’s to die for.”  We are told by those who know that human victims have been on the menu at Comet since its inception.  If anyone has the means, it would be a good idea to get some of the meat, and especially the pork, tested to see if human DNA is present. Is DNA that’s been baked into a pizza still viable? Not sure, but asking for raw meat won’t get you anywhere.

We’ve mentioned that we get messages from our family up on “Future Earth” about what is happening in our present, and which already has occurred to them looking down here at us. We are in a parallel adjacent time loop about 200 years back in the past from them. Things that happen here do not impact their lives up there. But they do have time travel access and so things that are happening NOW can be the subject of a warning to us that is thrown back into the past by 5 or 10 years, as was done before 9/11.

Anyway our future family warned us about the cannibalism in these Simpsons reports (Simpsons contains many many messages from the future, and we try to teach you here how to spot and decode them).  Other shows are used as message vehicles too and some of those have warned that the Pizzagate victims likely at times do make their way into the pizzas.

Cannibalism of Cloned Humans at the Taco Factory and in the Pizza Ovens


That half-man, half-robot in the Simpsons image above is Kodiak, the head of the Illuminati who is a Grey alien pretending to be human. Comet also is the actual “Pan” of the mythology, half man, half demonic goat.  Pan appears both in Jimmy Comet’s Instagram feed (one of Kodiak’s “human personas” is Jimmy Comet), and on the walls at Comet Pizza (don’t forget also about Buck’s Fishing & Camping, which is Alefantis’s other DC restaurant). He is Pan, which Nigela Lawson knows in the Instagram, because she is a human persona of Kodiak’s “eternal Illuminati wife” Bee, and she also rapes, tortures and kills humans, and also their souls. Her mythological character is “Psyche,” “Goddess of the soul” and by that she means the insane Grey alien fixated on torturing human souls. She actually tortures them, by physical means. And she is torturing us this way, so we do know of what we speak about Comet and Lawson on our blog.


Illuminati leader Kodiak also is the Grey alien who “animates” or “drives” Anthony Bourdain. Comet himself told us in his MetroWeekly interview that Guy Fieri is a fellow Grey Alien and child rapist, torturer and murderer. And as his other persona of Anthony Bourdain, Comet/Kodiak collects instruments used to drill holes in victims’ heads.  We told you months ago that one of Kodiak and Psyche’s frequent tortures is to drill holes in the victims’ heads while they are alert and “fuck their brains out.”  He does do this. Comet also is responsible for this instruction sheet advertising the current “surviving Pizzas” for sale. Kodiak is portrayed on Breaking Bad as Hector, owner of Los Pollos Hermanos. Kodiak is known in The Family as the “chicken-man” because he breeds the “chickens” (children) and sells them to the Pizzagate Players. Therefore this advertisement is intended to be taken literally:


Keep your eyes peeled in Comet Pizza videos for crisis actors and Pizzagate Instagramers. Generally Kodiak (Comet) has a habit of stacking his media coverage with pals and insiders.  So when we came across this video episode of Diners Drive-Ins and Dives S09E09 Farm to Table – with Guy Fieri, we looked for indicators that the “customers” interviewed in the piece might be people we’ve seen on Comet’s Instagram, or perhaps performing as “Crisis Actors” at the various fake tragedies like Sandy Hook, which he orchestrates along with his Illuminati “eternal wife” Bee (who “drives” Marina Abramovic).

With all this in mind, and our extensive familiarity with their coded communications, when a “random Comet customer” appears numerous times in the Guy Fieri video and says that the food is “to die for,” we know he is not kidding, except as an inside joke to his Pizzagate pals.  Here’s a still shot of that guy eating with his “wife”  (notwithstanding that our Radar seems to indicate otherwise), and the same guy on the top right. Below that are a few other people appearing in the Guy Fieri segment about Comet Pizza. These people all look familiar to us but we aren’t sure why just yet. See if they ring any bells for you among Comet’s Instagram feed, but also as Crisis Actors at national tragedies, which Kodiak and Bee (Psyche) orchestrate for amusement and money. These people below also may pop up in other contexts in public media, such as on Bee’s show Long Island Medium, posing as “clients” for a psychic reading (she is not psychic, that is advanced Grey technology). In fact, Jimmy Comet makes a veiled shout out to his Illuminati wife “Caputo” in the middle of this Guy Fieri video, so listen for it when you follow the link to that video. (Is he “Larry”? Most likely, but not necessarily. They live numerous “human lives” at the same time, and sometimes they mix it up with other humans and Grey aliens.)


This “Patron” of Comet Pizza below is Comet’s Illuminati eternal wife “Bee,” who has numerous “human suits” or “clothes” as they call the human shells that these Grey aliens hide behind. She’s also Taylor Swift/Karlie Kloss/Zeena LaVey (all clones), while Comet’s clone is Mark Strassmann of CBS News. This one below resembles Isla Fisher, another of Bee’s human personas. Bee is the “@Priestess__party” mentioned in the comments to the Instagram at top. She’s also NilayLawson, who is a full participant in Pizzagate, and as Comet pointed out in the Instagram above of “Pan and the Mountain Lion,” the only other person who knows what that image means. That’s because she is the Mountain Lion to Comet’s “Pan.”  Comet says “you are the only one” not only because she is the only one who knows that Comet actually is Pan, but also because she is his “only one,” his eternal Illuminati wife, no matter who else they are down here on “their playground.”

Comet and Bee.png

And really, avoid eating at Comet, even for the sake of clandestine walk-throughs. The children most likely are held and attacked far from DC. They have time travel and they can step into a bathroom at Comet and step out into a tunnel at CERN, which is what we think they are actually doing based on Illuminati reports. Hearst Castle is another time travel “pivot point,” which we explain in this post. Comet reports that the block where Comet Pizza and Politics and Prose are located is “his block.”

Here’s the link to Guy Fieri’s segment on Comet Pizza again: Diners Drive-Ins and Dives S09E09 Farm to Table. Note that just about the only customer who says anything at all in the segment is the guy who says, “It’s to die for.”  That is not a coincidence. There are no coincidences when the head of the Illuminati is involved (Comet aka Kodiak). It also is no coincidence that Fieri says, “You know what makes it is the Thyme.”  He does not mean the herb “Thyme,” but instead this is Code for “the Time” which is the slang term used for access to the time machine. Whoever “has the Time” is in control of the entire world since anything done can be undone.  And what he means here is that they use “the Time” to abduct children and rape, torture and kill them in another time loop, and then bring back their bodies to Comet Pizza. He’s also eating clams while he is talking about this and that is Code for little girls. Elsewhere on the video Comet talks about making their own Cheeses too. That is because they actually clone and also gestate human children that they call “hotards” because those children are created for the sole purpose of selling them as “Pizzas.”  Another of Kodiak’s “human personas” is Anderson “Coop” Cooper, because Kodiak is the Chicken man (they choose their own names for their “human vehicles”).  Here’s Anderson Cooper (Kodiak) talking in Code with wife Bee about the fact that Coop is a “Taco Factory Manager and astronaut.”  The are Grey aliens.  Jimmy Comet and Anderson Cooper, the astronaut. 


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