Trump tweeted about wiretaps TO WARN the Pizzagate and Illuminati Players that #BigBro is watching. (YESsssss!)

We explained the other day the Illuminati’s warning for “the Players” to communicate more carefully because the human authorities are paying attention.  Now we have Trump inexplicably tweeting a complaint about wire taps!  That is not because he actually thinks Obama wired his home at Trump Tower. Rather, Trump is the head of the Illuminati, which they all know of course, and he is warning them that they are being closely monitored.  Great!  (And that is not Code.)  Here’s the link to the CBS News “Illuminati Eye on CBS” story warning the Players to be careful. And here’s another one sent by a Pizzagate Player using the “time machine” to make it look like this “random” collection of Instagrams accumulated over time and are unrelated, when in fact they were thrown back in time by the players “upstairs” from a single point in time of origin.



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