Weird Taylor Swift still from her “Style” video – Matches Jimmy Comet Insta-Photo (#Illuminati #Greys)

Update: just came across this Jimmy Comet Instagram with several likes on this picture which appears intentionally to evoke the same Tree brain-stem concept. These are the Greys and Family Twos who operate inside of “human suits.” See the full video below of someone whose hologram is failing, allowing the camera to see right into his head, which is what the above still-frame depicts.

Tree Brain Stem.png

Below is a picture of Taylor Swift (on right), a still shot from her Style video that has two tree branches growing up the back of her neck and brain stem, where a human spine belongs. This video below very much reminds me of that image and I suppose that is because that is what the Greys and Twos actually look like under their “human shell.” A still shot from the video shows (left image) a person whose “human cloak” is malfunctioning, from the back view. Swift is a human persona of the Grey alien Illuminati leader “Bee” and we have no doubt this reference in Swift’s video is intentional.  The video is below, and has some strange stuff in it. We are fairly certain that all of the “demons” popping up in these videos are miniaturized Greys and also Alien Twos in the Family hierarchy, explained more here.

We decode and explain Taylor Swift in numerous posts, just click the category tag for Taylor Swift. She is a human persona of “Queen Bee” of the Illuminati, along with numerous Swift clones such as Zeena LaVey and Karlie Kloss, and it is important to understand her if you want to understand the Illuminati at all. We decode the Style lyrics and her official video, here.




via Reptilian With Hole in Head/Demons in Water – YouTube


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