@FBI Comet Pizza Video & Instagram ADMISSION OF GUILT (#Pizzagate)


In this post we will translate only what this transsexual emcee is saying in the below video made during a show at Comet Pizza.  We translate Pizzagate and other evidence based on first hand experience with the code words used by the several different groups involved. They use a mix of code words coming from the Travelers, Illuminati, Scientology and Pedophilia lexicons. This person on the video at the microphone is without a doubt talking about raping and killing a child. The Comet Instagram above with the rabbit also seems highly relevant to what is said in this video. “The Holiday continues” says Comet, because in the video below it is “Christmas” for these pedophiles with their “Special Pizza,” as you’ll see below. Note that NilayLawson in the Instagram above is Comet’s Illuminati wife Bee, and we believe that one of her human “personas” is Nigela Lawson.

“It was after it was born” in the video below is Code for after the child died. This is common code (and thus easily verifiable) for Travelers and Illuminati. Most of the Pizzagate Players in Comet’s circle of pedophiles come from these two secret societies, and possibly Scientology as well. To be “born” in those societies is to release your soul from the prison of your body. To die. Obviously this recorded show is one where a “Special Pizza” as the emcee called it in the video, is raped, tortured and killed. Watch the first couple of minutes and listen to the party emcee, who we’ll decipher below.

via Podestas, Pizza and Pedos – YouTube

“And we’ve all come together to celebrate the birth of our Lord. It wasn’t Christmas.” Translation: Their Lord is Satan, but the father of the Church of Satan is Anton LaVey. Anton is not human and he, along with his wife, jump from human “suit” to human “suit.” His Illuminati nickname is Kodiak. One of Kodiak’s human personas is Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis. The “comet” part he uses because he is not human. Kodiak has numerous personas, thus the best way to find the original party at which this video was recorded will be to look for the birth dates of James Alefantis and other of Kodiak’s human personas. Comet’s birthday is “Christmas” for the “wasn’ts.”  Comet is their Lord.  Next, why does the emcee say “we’ve all come together” in the present tense and then switch to the past tense to say “It wasn’t Christmas”? Because it is Code. When they switch to past tense where it does not fit the conversation, that is a flag that what they are saying refers to aliens in the Illuminati Family.  Humans are present and future, and aliens are past and past-tense.  So it was Christmas, for the “wasn’ts.”   For the aliens. Alien Christmas. Probably they mean Kodiak, and he actually is Jimmy Comet. So this party may have been held around Comet’s birthday.

“Welcome, Welcome friendly people. To Comet Pizza and Ping Pong. Have any of you enjoyed this special Pizza here tonight?” Translation: The “Special Pizza” is a rape, torture and murder victim, as the next lines he says make clear.

“But no she didn’t, she held onto that child all the way until the end. And the fucked up this is really it was after it was born. I had to put that shit down. Euthanasia.” Translation: As we said above, being born means to die and have your soul “born” by being released from the body. Not only do they torture human children, but they also torture and destroy their souls. This is why Kodiak’s Illuminati wife calls herself “Psyche” – mythological “Goddess” of the soul. She destroys them. Kodiak calls himself “Pan” the mythological half-goat, half-man evil entity. In fact in one of our earlier posts decoding Comet’s Instagrams we put up two different Pan-related things, a Pan photo put up on Comet’s own Instagram account, and a photo of the walls at Comet Ping Pong where Pan is depicted.

This emcee seems to be recalling a prior incident of attacking and killing a child. If someone has more of this video available, please let us know, we would like to decode it and pass it on to the FBI. The above obviously is talking about holding on to the child even after it died, until the end, which is when they consume the child’s body and then torture and consume the child’s soul. “I had to put that shit down. Euthanasia” has extra meaning too. “Shit” is what the Travelers call what they think are “witches” but which are in fact aliens. “Shit” means “she it” or “sh it” – same meaning. A “she” is a witch, and “sh” also means witch. “It” means not a human, and the Illuminati, especially the Pizzagate crowd, know that “it” means an Alien Two (a different race than the Greys).  So this child that died was a “she it.” And the emcee is saying that even after he euthanized the child, in other words after it was “born” (and thus the child had died), this other female held onto the child’s soul to torture “all the way until the end” (until she destroyed it), and they likely consumed the child and the child’s soul as well. The Twos previously reported to us that Jimmy Comet was responsible for torturing and killing them as “Pizzas” as we explained in this post.

“This fucking corn (or cord). I was like, is this what happens with (mushed up) babies? And oh, oh, it kept saying Goo-Goo, Gah-Gah, Ahh. And it’s like, all this noise.” These Pizzagate beasts are Grey aliens hiding in human bodies. They hate humans and obviously one would have to hate humans to even speak in these terms. And yet an entire room full of laughing Comet Pizza patrons. They are Grey aliens, just like Jimmy Comet and his wife Bee.  (Comet is gay but the Grey who lives in there actually is bisexual and has many varied human personas. His wife Bee is the same and often cloaks herself inside of male human bodies.)  “Corn” is  a code word for the soul. It is gold. Bee discusses it also in this post, and attacks a golden human soul as Elizabeth Taylor in this photo (about halfway down the page) from the movie Cleopatra. We think the emcee is saying “corn” that was “mushed up” since crushed corn is called “mush” and because corn means the human soul, in their lexicon. This soul was “mushed up” because it was tortured and destroyed by these Greys. If better sound equipment determines that the word “corn” is actually “cord,” that word also has meaning. The Alien Twos are code-named “Ags” or “plants” and “trees” and “wood.” Thus it is possible that the emcee is calling the child a “cord of wood” that they mushed up or pulped. But corn seems more likely what this emcee is talking about, since we’ve heard the word “corn” used by them to describe the soul, and have not yet seen the word “cord” used at all. Please see our very important decoding of additional Jimmy Comet Instagram images here, as the images correlate with what this emcee is saying in this video.

“You want perks from her” is the last thing that the emcee says in this video. Generally when they speak in Code everything has a hidden meaning. For this one, it is useful to know that “want” means “w ant” or “woman ant.” A female reference always denotes aliens, while male means humans. An “ant” is a member of the Family Threes. And often the Alien Twos are referred to as the female equivalent of the Family Threes. “Perks” also has meaning. “P er k s” is how that word is spread out. “P” means alien in their lexicon, “er” means a Family Boss, and “k” means a King. So this entire sentence above is a reference to Bee, the Illuminati Boss who calls herself “Queen Bee” of the Family Nines (the Grey aliens) but also pretends to be a male and is the Family Boss of the Traveler Sevens as well. Bee often refers to herself in the third person as an inside joke to people who already realize that she is talking. We do think that because of the way this emcee talks, the cadence of his speech and sociopathic disregard for human life, that this person on the microphone is likely one of Queen Bee’s many “human personas.” The sentence, “You want perks from her” therefore means that Bee (“perks”) has provided this “want.” In other words, this Special Pizza was provided to the Party by Bee.

Bee and Kodiak (Comet) are the leaders of the Illuminati, which is comprised of many of their own human personas, other Grey aliens inside of their human personas, and also humans, although many of those are hostages of the Greys and are forced to be involved.

We need you in law enforcement to get past the stigma of sounding insane with talk of aliens and atrocities more horrific than a human mind is capable of devising. Pizzagate is very real. These Grey aliens hiding as humans are pure evil. And there are human children being bred and held in cages, like veal, for the sole purpose of being rape, torture and murder victims. If you will focus on prosecuting the individual humans on this video, rather than the Greys who “drive the human,” eventually we might chip away at this pedophile ring. We would be more than willing to decode any more evidence you might find of direct, traceable involvement, such as in this video which is an admission of guilt, a confession. Obviously this speaker was there at the Pizza Parties where children were raped, tortured and killed.  If anyone wants to try and decode their discussions yourselves, we have put together a short list of the Players’ most common code words and their meaning that might help you.


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