Pizzagate: Photo comparison of Illuminati Queen Bee's human "personas" Marina Abramovic & Taylor Swift

Queen Bee, co-leader of the Illuminati is a Grey alien fixated on torturing and killing humans. One of her fixations is cutting off women’s breasts. Another is consuming humans. She’s Marina Abramovic, here with her “performance art.” This is the first time I’ve understood why Bee calls me “CAKE” – although I’ve been aware that she calls all humans “TACOS” and consumes them. See also our discussion of Mardi Gras King Cake.


Notice that the breasts go first.  Now compare this to still shots from Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” video, which we decode elsewhere on the blog:


Bee also likes the name “Taylor” and another of her human personas was Elizabeth Taylor, here in the movie “Cleopatra” cutting up clothes, which is their Code word for a human body, before attacking a gold gauzy curtain, which is what the human soul looks like, and then attacking the mattress.  Listen to Taylor Swift’s “Better Than Revenge” song while looking at these photos, in addition to their obvious correlation to Blank Space’s images above:


Bee is on my “Tether” and so she monitors what I (Hera) do and say, and see, 24/7. She doesn’t leave me alone for very long, always doing something unpleasant (my whole family, and the entire human race, are her hostages, although we are much more urgently aware of the situation than many of you out there reading about it here).  Despite being on my Tether and speaking to me pretty much all day and half the night, she still gets on the internet to follow me around the Comments sections on You Tube.  Here’s some screenshots of Bee talking to me on You Tube recently as “Marilyn Cleopatra,” “Linginklilmbioiii Glingoboyt,” which is meant to sound like the name of an alien, and “Olivia Branch,” which means two things, it refers to Alien Twos in the Family, who are color coded  as “Green” and also are called “Ags” or “Trees,” and it also is a reference to the Biblical “olive branch.” Finally, at the bottom is a post from “gojewla” with an avatar of a cat. We explain in our Thesaurus that the aliens here call themselves “cats” or “bats.” We also explain there and elsewhere that the Twos are code-worded as “Jews” because it sounds like Two. They also say Jewel, Jewelry, etc to mean Twos, but “gojewla” is not saying “jeweler” but means to be interpreted as that she is an Alien (cat photo) from the Two Family (“Jew”) and is in Los Angeles (“la”), which we know is the correct interpretation of that, because she is in LA. Also notice that she trashes Trump in one of her posts. Trump is her Illuminati “eternal husband” and she is just giving him a shout out and actually is saying that she can’t wait for their planned “alien attack” to begin so that this EARTH will be “in shambles.” Their attack is scheduled for the near future but it has been scheduled before and we have thwarted it. Hopefully our luck will hold.

But see how odd and immature they are in the comments below (all the Greys are like this, like Bee). Bee literally has me hostage on an invisible electric leash (much like a dog’s electric invisible fence), and knows my every thought, word or action. My thoughts! So what is the point of following me around You Tube making troll comments?  Just something to do. This is the same person who, along with her husband, tortures and kills, and consumes children and adults. That’s what they are all about.

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 1.38.07 aScreen Shot 2017-02-25 at 1.38.23 aScreen Shot 2017-02-25 at 1.26.55 aScreen Shot 2017-02-25 at 1.32.06 aScreen Shot 2017-02-25 at 1.32.33 aScreen Shot 2017-02-25 at 1.26.29 a



By the way, Bee occupies Swift clones Karlie Kloss and Zeena LaVey as well.

Her Marina Abramovic clone is Kim Kardashian:


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