"They'll NEVER Get It" – The Illuminati Greys are planning an "alien attack" *soon*

There’s a lot of new chatter out there about a “false flag” staged “alien attack” being planned by our Government. We live inside of a Grey-created Grid. They prey upon us and wipe the attacks from our memories. They blow up the entire Earth and then open a new time window a few days to years before the attack happened, and there we all are moving forward with life, with no idea that any attack ever happened, or will happen again. That is what the Greys are doing.

They call us “Tacos” and have talked of little else but “Taco Tuesday” for the last few weeks. Every day, for weeks. We are telling you that we’ve seen them, we know them, and we understand this situation. At the top of this post is their relevant Illuminati Playing Card. This card is the reason so many Grey aliens, like Dr. Greer below are coming out of the woodwork to tell you that it will be a fake “alien attack.” So that you won’t see it coming, and when you do see it, you won’t believe it. It isn’t fake. This is a Grey environment. It is a Game to them to fool humanity into thinking it is safe and undisturbed here on their own “planet,” when in fact they are being bred as Tacos and “Pizzas.”  We are so sorry that this is the reality of this situation. We are doing everything we can to change it. And if this attack occurs as they have planned, you will be alright. You will be a few days or months (or years) younger than today, and we will still be there trying to fix this situation. For as long as it takes.

Dr. Greer in the video below blames “the Government” for the impending “alien attack” and calls it a “false flag operation.”  Our government is behind the attack plans, because our government is comprised of Greys (Reptilians) and human Illuminati.  It’s a Grey operation in a Grey simulated world.  Dr. Greer is a Grey alien himself. Look at his hands, the fluidity of his hand movements. And listen to his lies. There are not “little people” human beings out abducting humans as part of a Gov’t black op. That sounds far more ridiculous than the reality that so many trolls are trying to refute: there are Greys (incl. Reptilians) hiding beneath human “cloaks” and they are preying on humans. They are planning in the near future a “Taco Tuesday” worldwide event, and humans are the Tacos. Do not be lulled into further hypnosis and confusion by these Greys, who are trying to trick you because it is part of their Illuminati Card Game and they only win the points if you do not see the attack coming. Please read our blog. There’s a lot of important information here. Very important examples on how to decode messages from the future and from the people outside of Earth working to help us. You must learn to notice and decode their messages as well as the Greys’ messages to each other. But also see especially these two posts about the impending “alien attack”:

URGENT: The Reptilian Response to Trump’s Presidential Address, Decoded (Illuminati)

Sandy Hook: Travelers & Illuminati Leader “Kodiak” Plays Dr. Carver of Sandy Hook, Decoded Discussing Planned Alien Attack (really) Resembling “War of the Worlds”

via Dr. Steven Greer : The FAKE ‘Alien’ Attack is Real & Coming Soon! – YouTube


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