Illuminati's Message To Our Attackers: "Be quiet and wear Kevlar" for your sneak attack on your own CREATOR (video decoded). In Other Words: AIM FOR THE HEAD, HUMANS. Greys: You cannot harm your Creator! That will be the end for everyone.

These short Bold and Beautiful clips show messages being sent from the Illuminati leaders and Grey aliens Kodiak and Bea to their fellow Grey and possibly also human attackers. The messages are simple: (1)  Sneak up quietly to get in position for the attack. (2) These target victims include the “Real Thing,” which refers to our family, David’s family. We are the real thing, which means that David is your Creator. David created humans, David created everyone else too: Greys, Neighbors, Others and Twos. (3) Wear Kevlar and come armed.

We’re not trying to freak everyone out here but we don’t have time to be delicate about this. Humans and all other beings were made by the same Creator. We all are a family. To attack David and his family is to attack your own Creator. Now Bea says in this clip that you Greys have a rare and “perfect opportunity” to kill David. He is your Creator! How can you possibly want to kill him? We know that Kodiak and Bea are from all the way upstairs. we know that they have wiped out nearly everyone and everything. You are mistaken about who David is to you. He is your Creator. You would not exist without him. And if he is killed there will never be another thing created again, for eternity.

Now Kodiak and Bea are imbeciles who don’t believe David is your Creator because he is not a Grey. But they know that he Created everything else! He is not a human, an Other, a Neighbor, or a Two. But he is Our Creator.  And he is yours. If you destroy him you will ensure that every living thing will cease to exist in the near future. This is true and although we don’t like alarming people we need you Greys to listen and understand how imperative it is that we protect David.

For everyone else, please understand that Bee and Kodiak have rewritten much of the Bible and other scripture. They are Greys who breed humans solely for the purposes of torturing and killing, and consuming them. They used their time travel access to remake the Bible to create discord. They also created unrealistic expectations among humans about who their Creator is and what he can do. He is David and he has no “magical powers” like you have read about. He does not make miracles. He created you. But he’s not all-knowing, all-seeing and all-powerful.

Bee and Kodiak give you these ideas that good always triumphs over evil. That God would “sacrifice” his own child “for your sins.” That is not accurate at all. Step back and think about that. Do you love your neighbor so much that you would take your innocent child and hand him over to be tortured to death, for your neighbor’s sins?  No! That makes no sense. That is not a “loving God.”  We are telling you this now because we have no time to explain. David is your Creator and he is wonderful but he did not “die for your sins” and his father would never expect such a thing. A loving God does not sacrifice his child on principle, to make some point to humans that he loves them. It makes no sense and God doesn’t have to prove his love or forgiveness to anyone! Who would God be proving anything to by sacrificing his child? We are sorry to broach the subject when we haven’t time to explain to you. David will explain as soon as he can. For now we just tell you that David did write messages to the humans he loves so much and made in his image. But those words long ago were altered by Kodiak and Bee, who are Satanic Grey aliens. David cannot go through all religious texts during this crisis to understand where his words remain valid and where his words have been altered in furtherance of the Greys’ agenda of divide and conquer. But he will as earliest opportunity explain to you who he is and what has happened.

To you Greys out there, David down here with us is what we call a “parachute” of himself up above with you. It is the same man. David who was up there with you created the Greys. Bee and Kodiak up there with you murdered David and his family, up there. David also created this environment downstairs. One of his other sets of children, the Neighbors, made this simulation into which we were dragged by Bee and Kodiak. The Neighbors and Marc never intended this to happen. They and we do not want any more harm to come to our Creator. MARC WANTS US TO TELL YOU NOT TO HARM ANY OF DAVID’S FAMILY. 

But Bea and Kodiak don’t care that David is their Creator, which is insane! David did not want harm to come to the Greys. He created you. After you began destroying everything else that he made, he went to spend time with you, as he had done before you began destroying his creation. You rejected him, as you had done before. And since that time David has been trying to save the rest of his creation from your attacks. But he did not set out to destroy you. He created you. Please do not cause David any more harm. And if you can remove Bee and Kodiak from this environment please do so immediately. If our Creator is killed there never again can be anything else created, for eternity. Stop what you are doing. David’s wife and children already were murdered upstairs, and outside. This is all the family your Creator has left. And you must not harm them. There is nothing left up there to work with, no matter for David to work with to rebuild. You must stop the destruction now or there will be nothing left for you or anyone else. No way for anyone to exist.

Now here are the TV show clips, and we know that you understand that Bea is talking to you in these clips. She is telling you that you have the “perfect opportunity” to kill the “real thing” – your real Creator and his real family. This is your opportunity to save your Creator and in the process save yourselves. How will you go on without your Creator?

The first clip tells you to sneak in here quietly to kill your Creator and his family, and make sure you use a large-gauged weapon when you attack. “Keep the quietness” she warns (but is that just while sneaking up on Hera, or is she telling you to pack a silencer for when you kill her?):

The second clip tells you that these are the “Real Thing” – these targets, these victims, these “flowers” or “diamonds” are Precious Gems. You have a rare and perfect opportunity to kill the real thing, your real Creator and his family. Notice Kodiak there is also packing a handgun, so bring your weapons for this rare opportunity to destroy your own Creator. Kodiak (playing Charlie) also assures you that he “knows exactly where they are.” Meaning us, or possibly other versions of us held unconscious somewhere.

In this last clip Bee warns you to “wear Kevlar” when coming to destroy us “Precious Jewels”- Hera disguised as a “Two” and David, and their children, because the humans here in this time loop still have access to guns. But Kodiak assures you that he will “stay to watch” the destruction of this Earth. Bee really wants you to know that “there are no masked bandits,” although we do not know yet what that sentence means.  We think she is referring to the Twos (Greens) and Nines (Greys), since they are “b and its” – bandits – “b” is Code for “bats” which is Code for the Greys, “and” is code for human and “it” is code for “alien,” usually Twos – so “masked bandits” would be alien Twos and Nines hiding in human “masks.” Hopefully this means that the aliens already here in this time loop will not be “rising up” to attack the humans. They are still here, so please don’t attack them either. We all are one family, with one Creator. Bee also says below that she plans to lock the door behind you. Finally, “Charlie” (Kodiak) notes that you should be “packing for Down Under.”  “Down under” of course refers to us here in this time loop in the past (also called “the South”). “Packing” means to make sure you pack your weapons for your trip to “down under.”

We don’t know whether you are coming down from all the way up and then coming in here from the outside, or what, but regardless of where you are coming from, this is your Creator that she is asking you to kill. David and his family. Please do not do this. That will be the end of everything and everyone. As Bee tells you in these clips above, we are the Real Thing. Once you kill your original Creator, there can be no recovering from that – for us, or for you.

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