Illuminati Pizzagaters: 2 Murdered Girls in Delphi, Indiana; "Delphi" Means "The Seat of the Oracle"

We just came upon a good example of a message sent to us from the future, found in this image at the top of this post. Here’s what the image means, and we also explained it over in the You Tube comments section where we got this important video, which is below this first comment:
Look at right next to the photo of the trestles, notice the ad for “Silver Rounds for 49 cents” – that is a message that the people in the town of Delphi, the perpetrator(s) are “Silver Rounds – 49” and what that means decoded is that they are “Silver” Code for Grey aliens, hiding in “Rounds” which is a code word for “humans” (Illuminati/Masons/Travelers Code Lexicon). The number 49 means the same thing. Nine is the Code number for the Greys. They are called “Family Nines” and Four is the Code for human “Family Fours” in the Illuminati/Travelers. So this advertisement is telling you that the perpetrator is a Grey alien inside the body of a human Traveler Four. Who knows this information to put an ad in the paper? We have family up in the future about 200 years up from us in the time stream. They send us messages like this ALL THE TIME. We are trying to show people how to notice and decode them over on our blog. Anyway, this Steve Martin suspect is a great guess, since he is a Nine hiding in a human body, as we explained in another comment (below). Although with the town name of Delphi, meaning “Seat of the Oracle” probably the majority of people in that town, much like Newtown, are Greys hiding in human bodies. The Greys hate humans, they rape, torture and kill them, and consume them. They ARE PIZZAGATE. Jimmy “COMET” is an alien Grey. That is why the word COMET is in his nickname and above his restaurant. The Greys are Pizzagate. And it is far more horrid than people realize.
The video from which the still shot above came is here, more of our comments about the video are below.
We have determined based on video that at least two sets of Newtown parents are Grey alien Illuminati (Mrs. Pozner and the blond chick, both interviewed by Anderson Cooper (the “chickenman” of Pizzagate). You can see them flashing lizard eyes on our blog. This guy has the same gleeful look. And yes! That shirt. These Pizzagate people (the Newtown parents) wear hockey masks when they attack people. Definitely this “Delphi” – seat of the Oracle – is a Satanic Illuminati town, probably full of Grey aliens. Really.
Weird. The guy in the far back on the right also keeps sniffing and raising his head as he does it. What a freakshow.


via HORRIFYING: Teen girls recorded THEIR OWN killer in Delphi, Indiana – YouTube

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