Oddities in Delphi Murders: Victim Resembles Illuminati Child, News Anchor's Devil Handsign

We are looking for more images of the Delphi, Indiana murder victims. We just posted about how we are fairly certain that the perpetrators at least are Greys hiding in human form, based on this message from the Upstairs future Earth.  But we also have noticed that one of the victims looks very much like this child appearing on the show Long Island Medium. Theresa Caputo is a “human persona” of Grey Alien and Illuminati Leader “Queen Bee,” which we talk about in earlier posts. In our last post we linked to a video on You Tube about the murders, and in that video one victim’s father is doing the “creepy Sandy Hook smile” during his interview about his daughter’s murder. Something’s definitely up. What we do not know, yet.

Here’s the girl from the Long Island Medium show, who we know is Illuminati and suspect is a Grey alien, since her “parents” during that episode of L.I.M. are both Greys, her mother shown here flashing lizard eyes.


And here’s a photo of one of the victims of the Delphi, Indiana murders:


The reason we kept photos of the girl from Long Island Medium is because she repeats a Grey alien attack-related line during that show, and she also reminded us of this girl from Sandy Hook shooting interviews:

Sandy Hook Evacuee

Here’s the Long Island Medium girl, and the Delphi victim next to each other. Both seem to have a strange thing going on with their front teeth:

Finally, here’s the last frame of a newscast about the murdered girls in Delphi. This broadcaster is flashing the modified-to-be-subtle Illuminati Devil’s horn hand sign, in fact the same version flashed by this Pizzagate pig whose photo is found in this post about Damon Baehrel:

Illuminati Hands Bcster

Damon Baehrel story photo. EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

InkedIlluminati Signal Damon Baehrel_LI

And here’s a link to that news broadcast story about the girls murdered in Delphi:

via Carroll County sheriff discusses Delphi murder investigation, says DNA evidence ‘fast-tracked’ | Fox 59

We’re also adding a link here to the video on You Tube of one victim’s family’s press conference. What strikes us as odd are several things. The first is the way the father holds his hands while waiting for the press conference to start, in an Illuminati style and with an Illuminati V showing. And the second is the way he gives examples of missing his daughter, something about waiting for the bus to bring her home from school, which is very oddly reminiscent of the Sandy Hook interviews, and seems coached in the same way, even though the father says he wrote his statement himself. “It’s the small things that hurt the most…. (examples).” Really? Do you think that you would write such a statement if your child was dead?  Third, this father also, like the Sandy Hook parents, is not emotional while giving examples of interactions with his daughter. Mother wipes a fake tear, in a fake way. Fourth, the father goes into a whole bunch of stuff about finding the suspect, without breaking up, when that information easily could have been given by the officer. Fifth, he thanks the donors, too, and that seems more like a reminder that they have donation funds set up than anything else.

At this point, we can’t say for certain what is going on. We certainly do not want to dismiss the vicious murder of two young girls. But why are these parents so “stoic” below, and smiling in the other interview, linked to this post.


  1. If only that were true. The situation is insane and almost so crazy that it is impossible to convey it to those unaware of what’s going on without sounding insane. Almost. Fortunately there are numerous people who do understand the horrific events occurring all around us presently, and the fact that these events are all tied together. Sandy Hook, Boston, 9/11, the Oakland fire, and now possibly the Delphi murders all are the work of the Satanic Illuminati. These evil “people” are NOT HUMAN. And for those of us who know the facts, this is very comforting. Because these same insane people also are behind PIZZAGATE. It is too much to bear to think that God’s wonderful human beings could do such horrendous things to each other. They mostly aren’t. The leaders of the Illuminati are Greys (also called Reptilians). Millions of people now understand that there are Reptilians all around us hiding under human “cloaks.” They are Pizzagate. Although millions of people are awake, perhaps billions more are not. We are trying to wake them. The Greys are INSANE, and preying on humanity. How can we convey that without sounding insane? The Greys are counting on your dismissiveness. Their control of the media assures that anyone noticing the odd contradictory facts and irrefutable proof of Pizzagate, 9/11 and Sandy Hook is labelled a kook and dismissed. Even as they continue to throw clues right in our faces, like labelling their town “Delphi” – the Seat of the Oracle.


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