Reptilian Eye Video of CNN Reporter: Notable Because Illuminati Leader Anderson “Chicken Coop” Cooper Shows ‘Em Too.

This video is too grainy for us to get into a deep analysis about but you can see this female CNN reporter going gonzo, in the lizard sense, for Anderson Cooper. Anderson’s inner lizard responds in kind, for a split second, if you watch closely. Anderson is yet another “human persona” of Illuminati Leader Kodiak. Kodiak is called “the chicken man” in the Illuminati because he supplies the Pizzagate “chickens” (children)  to be raped, tortured and killed, and consumed.  Here’s Anderson “Coop” as in Chicken Coop – Cooper (they choose their own names) talking with Grey alien “Mrs. Pozner” of Sandy Hook about breeding human children as the “Taco Factory Manager and astronaut” – “astronaut” because he’s an alien.  A Grey alien. Another human persona of Kodiak’s is Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis, decoded in this post talking about making “Pizzas” from “human Family Threes.”  “Comet” because he’s a Grey alien from outer space.  Kodiak is literally depicted as Hector in Breaking Bad, owner of Los Pollos Hermanos, whose slogan is “Taste the Family.”  Kodiak is head of “The Family” and he also makes and sells the “chickens” to PizzaGaters. That’s who Anderson “Chicken Coop” Cooper really is.

In this video below we suspect that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a human persona of his “eternal Illuminati wife” Bee (they have gay personas and straight personas, they don’t die and they are asexual but hypersexual Grey Aliens anyway).  Bee uses the name Debbie a lot because it sounds out her name:  “De Bee” – the Bee. She has lost control over herself in this interview and Anderson does the same for a split second, probably feeding off each other. Wasserman here not only flashes the eyes but begins to lose her hologram. Look at her jagged, pointy teeth showing here and there.  They lose their composure when they get exited. They’ll either flash lizard eyes, or lose their human holograms, showing jagged teeth or reptilian skin in the forehead and eye areas, or both. (Or even hiss.)  What excites them most is talking in Code about harming humans, especially children (“chicken”).

After you finish watching Wasserman’s eyes, go back and start the video again and watch Anderson’s eyes. You can’t make out the slits in a video this grainy without practice, but you can see his eyes do the typical lizard darting motions that happen when the lizard starts fighting to come up for a look through the human shell.  You’ll also notice him blinking a lot, which is what they do to hide the lizard slits. We can see the slits in Anderson’s eyes but probably most new to this cannot make them out. Wish we had better video, but probably it will materialize now that word is out about Coop. THE PIZZA SUPPLIER. The Chicken Man.  Literally the most horrific “being” ever in the history of everything.  See our many blog posts about Kodiak, just click the category tag. Thanks to Kinninigan for posting this video on his channel. See his channel for more, and also see They Live, and M. Ricci on You Tube for more reliably accurate videos (M. Ricci’s videos show the “Family Twos” we also talk about). Below this video is another that has a detailed analysis of the differences in facial features between actual humans and Reptilians in holographic human overlays. This stuff is real, as terrifying as it is.

via Reptilian Debbie Wasserman Schultz Slit Eyes Anomalies – YouTube

Thanks to Mark Baez for this very good video describing the details of the Reptilian under the hologram.



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