Unseen Grey Alien Spaceships We've Been Telling You About, Here's A Video Showing How to Spot Them

Since the beginning of our blog we’ve been telling people that in many places the skies are full of miniaturized space buggies that move faster than the naked eye. Sometimes they are cloaked, they have a reflective silver exterior, like the mirror this girl above is holding. Imagine showing that photo to tribes in the Amazon. They would think that girl had a hole in the middle!  That is where the human race is at, failing to believe even in the possibility of what they don’t personally see. Or worse, seeing it, but listening to the media mock those who see it as “crazy” – just like with Pizzagate.

As for the spaceships, they have a mirror finish that reflects their surroundings, but many times they don’t bother cloaking with reflections. You can see them zipping around as black “spots” in the sky. We’ve said that the only way to see them is to shoot recordings of the sky and play them back in slow motion, enlarging the video if possible. Even then they may look like gnats on video, except that they don’t fly like gnats. These things can miniaturize to nano-size and buzz around in your home like space bumper cars. In this post and others before it, we told you that they seem to run on positively-charged air, and that we found ionizers or ozone machines work to knock them down by adding negative ions into the air, which attach to them and knock them to the floor for a couple of hours at least.

Anyway, here’s one caught on camera. It is not miniaturized to microscopic levels or at all (many are much smaller), but it is faster than the naked eye can see. You can record these and see them for yourselves. Just record the plain sky and play it back in slow motion, and in zoom mode, especially the skies over Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, San Diego, Denver and Washington DC, as these locations are where the Grey alien Illuminati leaders’ primary “human personas” presently reside.

They can also just “stand there” like this one at 1:53 in the video that goes unnoticed in the cloud. See also the Greys’ songs about attacking us and wiping us out, Roundabout, and Long Distance Runaround, both by YES, and decoded at those links. We’ve been singing along to the sounds of our own demise. The full video of the fast ship is just below this photo.




  1. Thanks. We looked and subscribed. Those things are all over the sky. It is a false ceiling (see our cloud paintings posts), so they have to be local-ish. They have a station on the moon that has a holographic overlay of “the moon” as we know it. They are everywhere though and it is easier to see them in slow motion because so many move faster than the naked eye can see. Thanks for directing us to your videos. Very interesting.


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