Great Video Explaining the Reptilian Form Beneath Human Holograms. Some Reptilians ARE Pizzagate.

Not much else to say except thanks to Mark Baez for making this very good video explaining the differences between actual humans and Reptilians hiding beneath human holograms. Please visit his You Tube channel too. This is real and happening all around us. Most of the media and the higher ranking politicians. Certainly any billionaire. They are all either Satanic Illuminati leaders or followers. The leaders are behind Pizzagate, and we point those people out in many blog entries. The primary leaders of Pizzagate and the Illuminati call themselves Kodiak and Bea. These two are Greys and also called themselves Bo and Peep when they headed up Heaven’s Gate, until Peep *died* and Bo led the followers to commit suicide and catch a ride behind the Hale-Bopp comet. A ride that was never there, because the Hale-Bopp comet is a lie.  Nearly everything humans have been told about their environment is a lie. Please read the blog. 


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