Reptilian Lou (Dobbs) Debates Us Live Via Previously-Recorded Video (Time-Machine Style). (Illuminati Greys)

We were just looking at MarinoDelfino’s most recent excellent footage and stumbled into Lou Dobbs and his Reptilian friend trying to bully us off of this You Tube video LIVE, while we were watching this previously-recorded tape. It’s a funny and obvious exchange. So we thought we’d reproduce it here. Here’s the video and our decoding of it in real time is below that:


Our Comments over on You Tube, which are in reverse order to the video since they go from newest to oldest:

By the way we are doing everything we can to stop them from this impending attack. If you are able to leave, we want you to know that unfortunately they do attack the upstairs too. We think it might be safer here than up there, but we want you to know the facts. Please see our blog. They do launch their “alien attacks” on that environment too. It is all one giant sim, although you have been taught otherwise.

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LOL! Thanks, that was fun! Sorry to monopolize your comments but I rarely get a chance to point out their time machine in action. Peace out!

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He follows at 2:38 with a lightning quick “I’m Gonna GRAB YOU” signal with his hands, the lizard guy. That’s a threat that if we don’t move off this video, he’s gonna “reach out and grab me” and they can do that. They can reach right through your TV and grab ya. But he won’t get very far with me. Lizard Kings there, I have a BIGGER KEY RING. ZZZZzzzzap! lol. (that is a message specially for them)

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At 2:35 the reptilian eye guy lifts a paper that has the Obamas with their backs turned, which is Code for just what you think, turn away, we are turning our backs on you, go away. Boneheads on TV, I am “the Story” and I am not leaving! lol. The paper even says “We leave you back.” Now do you see that there’s a time machine? Hopefully you all can follow this.

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In case we missed his coded warnings, he flashes the Illuminati V sign at 1: 48.

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“Organizing for America” at 1:38 is Code for the Travelers secret society. He is saying that he is a Traveler BOSS. Listen for all these code words and then listen to the interview again and see if it makes any sense at all in a normal context because it really doesn’t make a lot of sense after the first few words. What we’ve been telling people on our blog is that the Greys are pretending to be human beings and they are the secret leaders of every group of the Travelers Family. They use secrecy codes of societies like the Travelers, Illuminati and Scientology, to prey upon us all without having us all compare notes, because of the Traveler Way and other secret codes.

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Dobbs: “Unfold … styled as Republicans or Conservatives RISING UP, which is utter nonsense, as we both know. How serious do you believe this is…They didn’t even tip their hat.” Code, all of it. And live! “Unfold” – get lost. “Styled” – means “sty” which is Code for the authorities are watching. “Rising up, . . . which is utter nonsense, as we both know” is a message to Travelers that our claim of an impending attack is nonsense. But also is a message to fellow Greys, here code-worded as “We Both Know” – that they are indeed going to “rise up.” “Both” means “Bot h” which means “bot her” in their coded language. A “bot her” is a Grey alien “roboting around” (“bot”) in a “human cloak.” “Her” is code for a Traveler “witch” or Illuminati black magic wizard.” So he is saying that no one is rising up! While under his breath saying to the Greys that, ha ha, I am a “bot her” – a black-magic wizard of the highest “degree” and “we bots know” that there will be an attack soon. “How serious” is code for the Greys. They are code-worded as “how” and “why” among other words.”Serious” is code for a Boss. So he is a Grey Boss. Once you know the context you can decode them easily. The trick is detecting when they are talking in Code. “Do you believe” is a Traveler term and Dobbs is asking ME if I am a “believer” which is a human in the Traveler secret society. He doesn’t know who I am apparently and is trying to intimidate me into switching off of this video. “Tip their hat” also means to leave, get lost. So he is informing me that he’s a BOSS and if I am a believer I should understand his Code and I had better leave this video if I know what’s good for me. I don’t! But I don’t need a Grey to tell me either.

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“Unfold” at 1:16 is Traveler Code for “get out of here.”

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Look at :36 to about :42 and notice Dobbs lean forward and look in the camera. Do you notice the menacing stare he gives? He’s staring at US. That’s right. The Greys can tell when you are looking at them and they can look back, and respond, even on 40 year old video tapes. How? Not sure. But they do it ALL THE TIME, to us anyway. See if you can detect that hint of menace. He’s very arrogant, and fancies himself to be a leader of the Freemasons. Interesting.

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“Outstanding reporting” is Code for “stand out” aka “get out” of here, directed at us. “To what degree” is code for “I am a Freemason of the highest degree and you’d better do what I say.” IDIOT. We’ll keep decoding. The hell with these insane lizards.

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He also says the phrase “tip their hats” or “tip our hats” which is Traveler Code for “get lost.” Dobbs is telling US to get lost, live, using the time machine. They say that or they can use a brushing motion, like picking off lint, or smoothing back their hair. Another is the “elbow out” signal or the fingers moving forward in a brush off motion.

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Lou Dobbs is a Grey and you can tell he knows exactly what’s going on. He even flashes the Illuminati V sign with his hand at 1:48. Actually everything Dobbs is saying is a Coded message. He is saying that what WE are saying (they have time travel and converse like this in real time, although to you this video is older) – Dobbs is saying that what we are saying is “utter nonsense” and that there is no plan to “rise up.” Listen to Dobbs and see how his convo circularly addresses the attack plan we just told you about in our last comment. That is how these secret messages get passed. It is like a live conversation occurring by throwing one side of it (theirs) into the past. We converse with them constantly this way. We try to teach people how to detect and decode them, over on our blog.

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Another good video from Marino.They are planning to attack soon. We are sorry to tell you this. They historically drop their “human cloaks” and attack on what they are calling “Taco Tuesday.” Humans are “Tacos” in case you could not guess. We need to brace for this. Please go ahead and buy that gun you may have been pondering, grab some water or better a good portable water filter, and canned food, some freeze dried camping food too. Make sure you have light, quick drying clothes. Sorry to be apocalyptic. We decode their chatter on our blog. And their chatter is all about ramping up. They are telling those “able to leave” to get out now. Where are they going? There’s an “upstairs” that we call future earth and many go there. There’s also a Grey station up on the hologram we are told is the moon. But many stay for Taco Tuesday. They have done this before. We’re in a time window in the past here. It was opened by the Greys and that makes all of us their hostages. Please don’t dismiss this. Err on the side of caution and grab a few things if you have the means.



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