Nick Viall's Dad: "Speak of the Devil." Final Notes on the Illuminati & Pizzagate Leader Kodiak's Reign as The Bachelor

The above image of “Lapland” is where The Bachelor shot its final episodes. We’ve posted numerous times already about how Illuminati leader Kodiak, a Grey alien by the way, is posing as Nick Viall on The Bachelor. In other words, Nick is a “human persona” or “human suit” of Satanic Illuminati leader Kodiak. Other of Kodiak’s personas include Jimmy “Comet ” Alefantis, (the “Comet” part being an alien reference, because he is one), Comet clone and CBS (“Illuminati”) “Eye” reporter Mark Strassmann, celebrity chefs (besides Comet) Anthony Bourdain, Guy Fieri and Damon Baehrel. All of those chefs, including Comet, talk in Code about raping, torturing and consuming humans, just click on the links for the decoded versions of their stories.

The Illuminati talk in Code back and forth in nearly every TV show. When they aren’t talking, it’s the Travelers, Masons, Scientologists, or our family. So there are always messages to be gleaned from TV dialog, and also movies and songs.

We told you that in their Code-word lexicon, the Illuminati use the term “Mar” to signify an alien from anywhere. Mar is short for Martian. So any name with Mar in it is a candidate potentially to be one of Kodiak’s or his Illuminati “eternal wife” Queen Bee’s “human personas” (they have hundreds of them, if not thousands). There also seem to be two “Queen Bees” – one being “Big Bee” aka “Psyche” and another purportedly her “daughter” called “Little Bee.”  Both of them interact with Kodiak as his eternal Illuminati wife.  For example, one of Little Bee’s personas is Marina Abramovic. That means “Mar(tian) in a Abra movi (to) c,” or Martian in a magic (Abra) movi to see. That means that Little Bee is the Grey alien who puts on the black magic rape and torture shows and broadcasts them to the Pizzagate players. That is why Jimmy Comet posted a pic of her on instagram called “Marina and Faggot.”


Comet (Kodiak) is Little Bee’s (and Big Bee’s) eternal Illuminati husband. All are Greys, and the Greys are asexual, but hypersexual. They prey on humans. They have both gay and straight human personas. They are both democrats and republicans, and also dictators. Putin for example is another Kodiak persona, and so is Trump. Trump and Putin are both Kodiak, which we told you about in Big Bee’s “Samantha Bee” (Bee = Samantha Bee, see?) post here about how we now have two presidents, Trump and Putin (warning that S. Bee post is hideous and explicit). Bee’s attacks on Trump are just for show. Samantha Bee’s Illuminati “daughter” “Little Bee” is Ivanka. Kodiak seems to be married to Little Bee, and she occupies Ivanka, Beyonce (look closely and you’ll see their similar mannerisms and speaking styles), and among others, Raven on The Bachelor. Her Grey “mother” called Big Bee or Queen Bee, occupies Corinne on the Bachelor. We’ll cover Corinne’s Greatest Hits in our next post. It is confusing and frankly the Big Bee, Little Bee thing may be a distinction without a difference. True Greys are hive-minded and both Bees seem to claim marriage to Kodiak. “Big Bee” is more overtly vicious and her main human personas are Taylor Swift and her clones Karlie Kloss and Satanic Priestess Zeena Lavey. We decode Swift’s hideous lyrics and videos in numerous places on the blog. Husband Kodiak is also Zeena’s “father” Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, discussed here.

Nick Viall’s father on The Bachelor sends a message to followers in the following clip:

“Speak of the Devil” – yes, that is Kodiak. It is not a coincidence. Kodiak is Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. He’s also Pan, the mythological half-goat, half-man. Kodiak is about 800 years old, which is about how old this Earth actually is. He is the original, mythological Pan. He’s also Galileo, “King of Night Vision” or “King of the Stars.” Here’s Comet Pizza depicting Pan on the wall, and Comet and his wife Bee (here occupying “NilayLawson” talking about Comet being Pan, and Nilay (Bee) being a Mountain Lion (“cats” is a Code word for the Greys).

Here’s The Bachelor flashing to Galileo Adult School, where Nick visits Vanessa’s special education classroom. None of these are coincidences, they all are intended to convey the message that Nick is Kodiak, head of the Illuminati.


Our shouting about how Nick is Kodiak and Kodiak is a Grey alien led Nick to actually deny it on camera on the Bachelor, at the end of this short clip. “I’m not from Mars.” YES HE IS. Here’s a link to our prior post about it.

This led the Reptilian Greys also to falsely claim that they are “not aliens” and are our “friends and neighbors” in a clip in this post of the Democratic Response to Trump’s Presidential Address (really).

We also pointed out before that the older man, Corinne’s “Daddy” in the clip above is also Kodiak playing that role. We can tell by his trademark third-person references, and also the sly way he says “who is this Nick guy?” which is a joke because he is that Nick guy. In the above clip “Daddy” also makes a veiled reference to “when this all goes away” and he means this time loop, this Earth we live on. They are planning to wipe us out, see the numerous posts on the front page of the blog. Daddy next asks, “will Nick make Corinne happy,” – to Corinne. See the third person reference? That is Corinne’s Dad, played by Kodiak. But Nick, also played by Kodiak, will do the same thing talking to Raven in this clip below. – “I’ve never seen that side of Raven before” – to Raven After that Raven reads a card talking about the “Illuminating sky” just in case you missed all of the Illuminati references at the restaurant, which are below this clip. Things to note in this clip in addition are the talk of “folding clothes” and “ironing them” and “steaming them”  – clothes refers to human bodies. That’s an attack on humans they are discussing. Another thing to note is the Panda looking mask on the guy in the background on the right while Raven is talking about “laundry” and “clothes.” The “Panda Club” refers to Jimmy Comets group of men who wear hockey masks while raping, torturing and murdering children (and adults). See this post for more info.


We explain those images in detail in this post. We also want you to notice that Nick asks Raven in the clip above if she can “fold clothes.” “Clothes” are what these Greys call human beings. They call them “clothes” or “vehicles.” We call them human personas when the Greys operate them, but the Greys call them suits or clothes or cars. So in the above clip, Raven tells Nick that she’ll fold the clothes and Nick can cook. That is a reference to Nick being Jimmy Comet, Anthony Bourdain, Damon Baehrel and Guy Fieri, and every single one of these “chefs” do feed the remains of human Pizzagate victims to the other humans at their restaurants. They do. Read Damon Baehrel’s interview, decoded. He is feeding human victims to other humans who are unaware. As Jimmy Comet, he is feeding humans as actual pizzas after killing them as rape victim “Pizzas.” But there he often insists that the purchaser of the victim also consume the victim, “after your session” of raping and torturing the victim.  (Here’s Kodiak talking about consuming the victims, including our family, in an article about “King Cake,” which is the Mardi Gras cake with the baby baked into it.) So in addition to Kodiak doing the cooking, his wife Bee, and Raven is Little Bee, has volunteered to “fold the clothes” and this means to wipe out the humans in this Time Loop. We posted more on this at this link.

Circling back now, we noticed something else about Corinne’s Father’s episode. In this clip he is pointing at himself and asking Corinne if “you think you could be happy with this guy?” – meaning him, “Daddy” – Corinne’s Illuminati husband Kodiak. He points to himself so that his followers will know it is Kodiak.

And just in case you missed it, the Bachelor’s final setting is “Lapland, Finland” and it is depicted on that show in this shot (bottom left):


Just in case anyone missed all of the foregoing Satanic Illuminati references for Nick and “Daddy,” Nick’s father lets us know that Nick is indeed Kodiak, as he says, “Speak of the Devil” and notes that “big shadow” that follows Nick around. Kodiak casts a “tall shadow.”  “”Tall” and “big” are code words for the Greys, as we tell you in our Code-word decoder post. Here’s Taylor Swift singing in Code about her Illuminati husband Kodiak (Nick Viall) (“he’s so tall and handsome as hell”) raping and murdering women, and specifically Hera, in that song. As Nick’s Mom says, each of Nick’s “experiences here have just gotten worse and worse.” That is a reference to the fact that Nick is hideous. He’s Jimmy Comet, and he gestates children in what they call the “Pizza Ovens” or the “Taco Factory” in order to torture them until they die, and then consume themHe does this in numerous “Time Loops,” this Earth being just one of them. And this situation has gotten worse and worse. The Greys are depraved. They are unimaginably evil. So, yes, Nick Viall is the Devil, or close to it. He certainly calls himself that.

In our next post we’ll sum up Kodiak’s wife (Big Bee) Queen Bee’s reign on The Bachelor as “Corinne.” She is far more overt and disgusting than Nick. She is Pizzagate and she flaunts it as Corinne. Kodiak flaunts it in all of his chef persona interviews so he certainly is in the moral gutter with her. The thing to take away from this post is that these Greys do hate and consume humans, in fact they are obsessed with it. And listen to Nick Viall on TV to pick up his messages to his fellow Greys, who are planning to attack us. Nick next appears on Dancing with the Stars.

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