Illuminati Leaders: "The Wedding is Off" – The Greys (& Reptilians) Call Off Their "Taco Tuesday" Attack on Hera & the Human Race. Their Message Decoded.

Note the image of an Illuminati soap opera character flashing the “Devil’s Horns” hand sign. We recently moved some of our alien attack related decodings up to the front of the blog because we are decoding much more chatter recently about a planned alien attack and we wanted to get your attention. As we’ve posted before, CBS “Eye” network means Illuminati Eye and the show The Bold & The Beautiful in particular contains many Illuminati messages. Most recently in many episodes the Illuminati Leaders Kodiak and Bee’s characters have gone on about murdering Hera (it is code-worded as “The Wedding,” for more on that hideousness click here), as noted here and here, and also about preparing for the alien attack that coincides with Hera’s murder, which we decoded and discussed herehere, here and here. And here. And also here and here. But probably most importantly here. And also in other posts.

Yesterday, however, the reports changed. In this episode of Bold & the Beautiful Kodiak and Bee unmistakably ordered the Greys/Reptilians to “press pause” on their planned attack.  Hera’s “Wedding” rape and murder, and the coinciding “Alien Attack” against all humans, an attack they have done six times before, IS CALLED OFF. Let’s hope their followers get this message the “The Wedding is off” in time. Here’s the clip, and below that we’ll decode the entire dialogue in this clip, all of which contains hidden meaning.


Here’s the dialog from the above clip in bold below, decoded in parentheses. Our Illuminati Decoder Lexicon can be found at this link, and we need you to practice and get the hang of decoding, because the messages are quite important. We also use TV, movies and songs to pass messages. So please learn to detect and decode them. Our blog may not be available much longer.

Female Reporter: “Steffy how are we supposed to keep up with you?” (In this clip Steffy represents Hera, but it is Illuminati leader “Queen Bee” animating the human “persona” of the actress playing Steffy.)

Steffy: “Run fast and very very hard.” (This is a reference to Bee forcing Hera to run for her life for the past 10 years, which we tell you a little about in this Corinne post, and this decoding of YES’s song I’ve Seen All Good People. We also explain it in all the posts with the Category Tag of “Game of Love.”)

Female Reporter: “Work in the morning and marry in the afternoon?”  — “Work” is a code word for raping and torturing victims to death. Pizzagate. You may recognize this Code because Jimmy Comet’s Instagram coded messages about raping victims often are commented on by Instagramer “Werkinonmahnightcheese” – That’s “work.”  To gang-rape a victim with knives and torture he or she until death, and then consume them. The word “Marry” is the same thing but is specific to Hera. Illuminati leaders Kodiak and Bee (Jimmy Comet and Marina Abramovic) have an insane “Game” they play called the “Game of Love” that lasts for 10 years and ends with Hera’s murder at her “Wedding.” There are multiple time loops existing (explained elsewhere). In each of the loops Hera is twinned and for many years she is surreptitiously attacked as part of their “Truman Show” broadcast of Hera to subscribers. The phrase “Work in the morning” means to rape, torture and murder other Pizzas in the beginning years of Hera’s life. “Marry in the afternoon” means to then attack Hera as a rape, torture and murder victim in the last years of Hera’s life – the final “Game of Love.” That Game lasts for 10 years. Hera is made to run for her life with little money and nowhere to go (going to a family or friend puts them in danger, and most of those people are iterations of Kodiak and Bee anyway). At the end of the 10 years, the Illuminati Players (same players as Pizzagate), attack Hera, cut off her breasts, arms and legs and cauterize the wounds, then gang-rape her torso with knives until she dies, in front of her kids. They do this over and over in time loops, to Hera and her family. The day that this final attack begins is called Hera’s “Wedding Day” and we’ve described this before on the blog in the posts linked up near the top. Below are a few depictions of Hera’s wedding day in TV shows and movies. It happens over and over to Hera in multiple time loops. Bee and Kodiak are obsessed with Hera and David, and they repeatedly attack and murder them, and their children, in multiple time loops. The reason Hera and David are targeted is because the Greys are Satanic, and David is the original Creator of the human race. This is true, even though the Grey-modified Bible and other scripture says some contrary things. Please don’t rely on scripture of any kind, it has been heavily modified. We want you to understand the messages and we’ll  have to focus on those for now but we understand that the Bible is important to many of you.

Now the images below are: Bee’s Taylor Swift “human persona” attacking Hera shown as a “Wedding Cake.” Bee’s Marina Abramovic “human persona’s” version of Hera attacked as a Cake. Kill Bill’s version of Hera as “the Bloody Bride” attacked by Bill, a Kodiak character, on her “Wedding Day.” Bill also takes the child in Kill Bill, and Kodiak did the same to Hera. Kill Bill is a message movie about what is happening, it is not a mocking movie, as several others are. We’ll decode it sometime when we have time. Next is the Simpson’s Kill Bill reference, with Hera again on her “Wedding Day” and finally that last image is Hera having her arms and legs cut off at the end of the Game of Love. That cat in the image represents what is called a “Get” by Travelers. A Get is an evil black-magic wizard, and this one is “in love” with Hera. To be “in love” is to prepare to “love to death” a victim, which we explained in our decoding of Jimmy Comet’s article here. To rape them until they die. This is what the Pizzagate Players are doing to children as well. But when they do it to Hera it is called the “Game of Love” and Hera’s “Wedding Day.” Click the “Game of Love” category tag for more posts explaining this. Horrific does not begin to describe it. Moreover on the day when Hera is near death from these attacks, these Illuminati Grey aliens launch a “surprise alien attack” on the entire human race and wipe out the entire Earth in this time loop. They then move on to another time loop that is opened before the attack and we all are existing there, and we move forward from there with no idea that Pizzagate or the alien attack ever happened, or will happen to us again. Unfortunately that is what is occurring. We know this because David and our Family members called “The Others” from outside of here can see what is going on. Hera was abducted here from the outside universe. We know what is happening. We need as many of you as possible to understand and remember this, because some of you may retain your memories from loop to loop. That is why some of you notice what you are calling “The Mandela Effect.” We are doing everything we can to stop these attacks on David and his family, and on all of you.

Steffy: “Yeah, that’s just how we roll, I guess.” (“Guess” is Code for the Greys, and Steffy is letting followers know that it is Bee talking, Queen Bee of the Greys. “I guess” = “I am Grey.)

Male Reporter: “Will the press be invited to the wedding?” (The “press” as many of you have noticed is largely Reptilians hiding under human cloaks. Near to Hera’s death, the Reptilians historically in other time loops drop their cloaks and begin attacking the human race. Raping, torturing and consuming all humans as they do with Pizzagate victims presently and covertly. So this message is meant to tell “the press” – the Reptilians – that the message is for them about “The Wedding” and the concurrent “Alien Attack.”)

Steffy’s female cousin:  “No, no photos, no videos, no press, it’s strictly Family private event.” (This is a message to the Reptilians that “No, no, don’t attack, this ‘Wedding’ of Hera’s will be a ‘private event.'” In other words, Bee and Kodiak continue to try and find volunteers to rape, torture and kill Hera but that will be an isolated event, and no “alien attack” will follow. Why? Because we Others from outside of this Earth environment are also your family. And because we are outside of this environment we can see Bee and Kodiak opening new time loops, which is where the “aliens” who attack jump to before they blow up this entire Earth time loop. As Bee and Kodiak are opening new time loops, we are closing them, in hopes of leaving the Greys with nowhere to “jump to” which means they cannot destroy this time loop without destroying themselves. We have been closing additional time loops since August 2016. This is working, but we realize there remain open a few time loops still, and some additional small “pockets of time” where the Pizzagate people are continuing to attack children. These pockets are discussed in this clip and post. We reiterate to those of you planning this attack that This is the last time loop. Do not attack Hera or any of this Earth’s inhabitants. We will be closing every other time loop, except the upstairs environment because we don’t want to kill those beings trapped there. We also will find and close those pockets or “Portals” where children and adults continue to be attacked. You will die there if you are present as those Portals are closed. 

To the Neighbors, who we are told are called “Klingons” in jest, we have a message from Marc that he is united with us, the Others, and do not want any of you attacking this time loop. Marc reports to you that David is your Creator as well, and Hera is his wife. His children also are here. Bee & Kodiak are Greys and they have murdered all of you outside of this larger system. Do not attack this Time Loop and do what you can to guard against Bee and Kodiak mind-controlling or remote controlling you, or gaining access to your planes. Bee and Kodiak can also shock you, knock you unconscious or poison you remotely. Wear breathing masks at all times upstairs or downstairs, and everywhere else. You no longer exist outside the system, we are sorry to tell you. It is imperative that you don’t harm your Creator David or his family, not only because he is your Creator but he also is the only being who can help us to be reestablished outside of this system.

Steffy’s brother: “Thank you all so much for coming, I appreciate it but my beautiful sister has a wedding to get ready for.” (This is a message to all of the “aliens” who have come into this Time Loop to launch the alien attack. Kodiak is saying, “I appreciate you coming since I told you to be here for the alien attack, but we are not doing that. We are instead just attacking Hera, and we will do that privately with just immediate ‘Family.'” Kodiak and Bee call Hera their sister or their daughter as Code. It is disgusting, like everything else they do and say. For example, at this link you’ll find Bee’s song called “My Sister Rose” decoded about gang-raping and murdering Hera on her “Wedding Day.”)

Male Reporter: “Steffy, before you go, how about you don’t marry Liam? You stay here and you marry me. We could make a life together. I’m a Great Cook.” (First note that “I’m a Great Cook” is Code for Kodiak. Kodiak is the Illuminati leader whose “human personas” include Jimmy Comet, Anthony Bourdain, Guy Fieri and Damon Baehrel, (click those links for their decoded interviews). Kodiak is a Grey alien. The word “Great” is one of their Code words for “Grey.” (Again, the Illuminati Codeword Key is here.) Kodiak is “the Cook” because he supplies the Pizzagate victims, and he also after their deaths puts the children’s remains in the food at the restaurants of his “human personas” named above. So “I’m a Great Cook” means “I’m a Grey Cook” which is the Grey alien who cooks the Pizzagate victims. In other words, Kodiak. He also mentions that he is the Cook as his “human persona” of Nick Viall from The Bachelor, in this post.)

So what else is Kodiak saying here? Kodiak is saying that the larger rape and murder of Hera show that they call “Hera’s Wedding Day” in their “Game of Love” is not happening, but instead Hera will “marry Kodiak.” Kodiak will kill her. Kodiak also reiterates that it is him by saying “We could make a life together.” All of the Illuminati Players know that Kodiak has harvested Hera’s eggs in various human bodies that they have locked her into in the Time Loops, and used those eggs to create biological children with her from his own “human personas.” Kodiak has done this in all of the Time Loops. We have identified many but not all of these children, who Kodiak and Bee also have been attacking and murdering, as children of David and Hera. Many but perhaps not all are now in this time loop with Hera and David. Please do not attack this time loop, as this is your Creator and his family. David also is the Creator of you Greys and Reptilians, and Twos. All beings in existence share the same Creator, do not attack him or his family. That is YOUR CREATOR. 

Steffy: “OK. You know what, tell Liam the wedding is off.” (After letting followers know that this is Kodiak and Bee talking in this clip, Bee reiterates that Hera’s “Wedding Day” event, in the larger sense, is called off. That includes the “alien attack.” Instead Kodiak and Bee plan to rape and murder Hera, and murder her children and also twins of David that they have created because David has come into this environment to rescue Hera. All of these people are David’s family. Kodiak and Bee plan to kill them directly and not make a public event out of it. The coinciding “alien attack” therefore also is called off.

Of course the situation remains dire as not only can they reset the alien attack event at any time, but your Creator and his family remain in imminent peril. Unfortunately the only thing that we can do to any effect here is to close time loops, and we have. But we are outside of your system where the Earth is located. It is designed so that the Greys retain total control within it. We can help with some issues and with attacks by beings other than the Greys, who include Kodiak and Bee. But as to them we are ineffective. We are sorry that this is happening to all of you, who we consider to be our family, and who are locked into this situation. We are trying to move Bee and Kodiak, and the Greys who destroy other beings to a different environment. We will never give up until all of you are free.

We will keep you posted of additional developments.


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