Illuminati Pizzagate Player Queen Bee's Reign as Corinne on The Bachelor – Summarized and Decoded

That Mirror-Mirror image is more than Corinne’s delusional Fairy Tale, it’s also an Illuminati reference. To the Illuminati the mirror symbolizes “As Above, So Below” where below is an exact opposite reflection of what is above. Hell as the mirror image of Heaven. The Illuminati are Satanic and claim to rule over Hell. Corinne is a “human persona” of Queen Bee, and she rules over the Illuminati. She’s a vicious and ugly Grey alien, hiding in numerous empty “human personas.”  She is Pizzagate.

We just finished summing up all of The Bachelor Nick Viall’s clues and coded references proving that he is a “human persona” of Kodiak, Bee’s “eternal husband” and co-head of the Illuminati, whose other personas include Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis, and equally hideous Pizzagate chefs Anthony Bourdain, Damon Baehrel and Guy Fieri. In this post will show you the most telling comments by his Illuminati wife “Queen Bee,” who posed as Corinne during this season of The Bachelor. Corinne makes all sorts of disgusting remarks about raping, torturing and killing humans, and even makes overt Pizzagate references. Once you wrap your mind around the idea that vicious Grey aliens run the Illuminati and can occupy hundreds of “human suits” at the same time, you’ll be able to see that cute, perky Corinne is an empty shell “human persona” of Bee, who along with her husband Kodiak (Nick Viall), are truly the two most disgusting beings ever to exist in the history of this Earth, and beyond.

Bee is Depicted as Serleena, the Alien Who Eats Humans, in Men in Black 2

Bee is depicted in numerous movies, but the most relevant to this post is her depiction as Lara Flynn Boyle’s alien character Serleena in Men in Black 2. Just like that character, Bee hides her ugliness inside a beautiful human body. Many of them actually. She’s also Satanic Priestess Zeena LaVey, and also Zeena clones Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss. She also consumes humans.  She really does. This is a movie depiction of Corinne from The Bachelor:


Serleena has a head full of snakes because Bee’s mind is actually like that.Each of those snakes represents an independent persona of Bee’s running around terrorizing the human race and other beings. Bee is the actual inspiration for Medusa, the mythological monster. She’s older than the mythology of Medusa, however that mythology is only a couple hundred years old in reality. This image below is Bee. Corinne.


Corinne’s famous cryptic remark about being fed chicken tacos in the spa is not cryptic at all, if you know her. One of her personas is Marina Abramovic. Her Illuminati husband is Jimmy Comet.

“I want to be in a spa, being fed a nice taco. Preferably chicken.”  To decode that sentence you only need know the following: (1) “Spa” is code for a pocket of time. It’s a reference to the movie “Hot Tub Time Machine.” There is Time Travel and the Greys use it as well as some human Illuminati and Travelers (probably some Scientologists too). For Pizzagate purposes they can and do abduct people by dragging them into what Traveler’s call a “Portal” – that is not magic – it is a pocket of time created by moving an adjacent string of time up, or folding time over to create a small window with no people in it. They drag victims into pockets and can torture and rape them there indefinitely. Horrific. That’s what “Spa” means in their Code – the Hot Tub, which is Code for the Time Machine. (2) Humans are “tacos” in their code, and you’ll see in the clip below another of Bee and Kodiak’s personas, Mrs Pozner and Anderson Cooper, talking in thinly veiled Code about Anderson being the “Taco Factory Manager and astronaut.”  The astronaut reference is because Cooper is Kodiak, aka Jimmy COMET, an actual Grey alien. He’s also the Taco Factory Manager. As Jimmy Comet he has a human farm where he gestates children to be tortured and eventually consumed. It’s advanced Grey tech. We are tacos and pizzas to the Greys. (3) “Nice” is a code word for the Grey alien  Family Nines. “Ice” is code for the Greys and “Nine” is their Family Number. Put those together and you get the code word “nice” for them which comes up often. A “nice taco” is not a taco made from Greys, it is a Taco made by Greys, and that means a human taco. (4) “Chicken” is a longstanding known word for a young boy in pedophile circles. But chicken can be “children” generally as well. (“Cheese” is another term for young girl victims, widely used in pedophile circles.) (5) As Kodiak notes in his instructional memo to Pizza purchasers, “surviving Pizzas” must be consumed after being “worn out” over several weeks. As Bourdain (also Kodiak) notes in his article, he prefers “a scotch before dinner, and another one after.” NilayLawson (Bee) agrees in this Jimmy Comet Instagram:

One for now, another for later

Now put together the foregoing and see if you can decode Corinne’s not-so-Cryptic comment in the video below, (code words capitalized for you):  “I want to be in a Spa, being fed a Nice Taco. Preferably Chicken.” And knowing that these two Greys Kodiak and Bee also occupy the “human personas” of Mrs Pozner of Sandy Hook, and Anderson Cooper (see his lizard eye video on this post), see if you can follow the real conversation taking place at Noah Pozner’s vigil, and this one of another Sandy Hook mom interviewed by Cooper. That’s “Cooper” – they choose their own names and “Cooper” is Kodiak, the guy who creates and coops the chickens. His Traveler nickname is “the chickenman.”  He is head of the Family Fours, pretending to be “Paul.” He is actually portrayed as Hector of Los Pollos Hermanos on Breaking Bad (and that restaurant’s slogan is “Taste the Family”). Anderson Cooper is the Chickenman, aka the Taco Factory Manager and Astronaut (get it? he’s aka Jimmy COMET,  the astronaut from outer space.)

Back to Corinne’s disgusting commentary on The Bachelor. We have no doubt her Twitter feed also is full of disgusting commentary but since we already know who she really is, we are just showing you some examples. No need for us to decode her every disgusting word. Just like with Jimmy Comet and John and Tony Podesta, once you’ve seen about 20 convincing pieces of evidence, you get the gist of what they are all about.

Cheese Pasta for Everyone

Those of you who are educated about Pizzagate may recognize “Cheese Pasta.” Here’s the disgusting and unmistakable Podesta email:


So what is cheese pasta? We know Cheese refers to girls, and Pasta apparently refers to boys. We know humans are Tacos and children are Chicken. We also know that Bee and Kodiak talk of “One for now, another for later”:

One for now, another for later

So here’s Corrine talking about, apparently “one for now, another for later” in Code in this video below by combining cheese and pasta in her code talk. “Cheese Pasta.”  In addition to this clip below, on the After the Final Rose segment, Corinne’s final appearance, she sent samples of Cheese Pasta to everyone in the audience. This is a metaphor. We told you in the Nick Viall post yesterday that we have confirmed that these two Grey alien hideous beings are killing humans and putting human torture victim remains into the food supply to be fed to unwitting humans. Therefore we think Corinne, who is Bee, head of Pizzagate, handing out Cheese Pasta to everyone was a metaphor for what she actually  is doing to those children, and to us as consumers of those victims. Truly I would avoid those restaurants we’ve discussed on this blog.

Here’s Corinne’s “eternal husband” Jimmy Comet’s picture of what “Cheese Pasta” actually looks like – “Holiday Slaughter.”


So when Corinne says that she can’t make Cheese Pasta “like her” in the above clip, she is not talking about her Nanny Raquel, she is giving a shout out to husband Jimmy Comet, who actually is a master chef, he’s had hundreds of years to practice. This is how their code works, they alter the sex of the person they are talking about to obscure the coded message. They do it all the time.

Corinne also brags about consuming human souls. 

Your soul is gold colored and gossamer. Bee is fixated on torturing human souls (and bodies obviously, she and her husband Jimmy Comet are Pizzagate). Bee’s other name for herself is Psyche. Another is “Nymph.” Psyche is the “Goddess of the Soul” in mythology but these insane Greys wrote their own mythology into our history books. Psyche is the “Soul Destroyer.” They are vicious, insane Grey aliens. They really torture and consume human bodies and souls. They also fool some Travelers into consuming human bodies and souls. Do not do that. It is disgusting to your Creator, and it is entertainment for the Greys, and that’s it. Do you not care about your relationship with your Creator? Do not harm each other, body or soul.

Here’re some of Bee’s other personas attacking our family’s souls, in pictures. The first is a light bulb of course, and that is what our family’s souls looks like inside of a human body. As discussed more below, “Taylor” is a name Bee fixates on, and therefore two of her personas are Elizabeth Taylor and Taylor Swift. The middle image below is Elizabeth Taylor attacking David’s soul (my husband) with a knife in Cleopatra. The image on the right is from Taylor Swift’s video for Wildest Dreams (decoded here). It depicts Bee’s practice of attacking Hera’s (and our whole family’s) soul with a morcellator or oscillator, which is depicted here as the fan blades. She destroys the soul with fan blades and then blows the shreds to the wind, or vacuums them up and consumes the soul. This is hard to fathom, but that is what she is doing. Bee calls herself Psyche, Goddess of the Soul, because she is fixated on torturing, destroying and consuming them. This means that these poor children tortured as Pizzagate victims also will have their souls tortured and consumed after their body dies and is consumed, and the soul rises up and leaves the body (which is depicted in these Pizzagate-related paintings by Bee’s human “persona” painter Kim Noble).

In this clip, then, in light of what we just explained, Bee’s Corinne persona is bragging about consuming human souls. We hope you can follow these references. They are obvious to us but we realize that it is nearly incomprehensible, inconceivable to human beings to do such grotesque and horrible things, and to brag about it. Notice in this clip she also says that “Nick needs this corn.” Nick is Kodiak, Bee’s Illuminati husband. He is Nick the Bachelor, and another persona is Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis. They are both Greys and both grotesque beings. We are doing everything we can to stop them. We need all of you out there to wake up to the reality of what these Greys are doing, in the meantime. We want there to be no mistake that these Greys and the Illuminati are not friendly. Not humane. Inhuman. Here’s Bee talking about skinning a human being to get to their soul. Your soul has memory and awareness and therefore carries “information” within it. It’s horrific to even listen to her talk about this. And notice that innocent unwitting humans have made a meme out of Corinne talking about herself as corn. And sickeningly we are aware that she is talking about skinning humans and consuming their souls, while humans joke about it online, unwittingly. This is important to understand because she has done the same thing with stories in the Bible, which we’ll get into later.


Two More Corinne Comments with Hidden Meaning

We want to point out two more of Corinne’s subtle messages with hidden meaning. Both are found in the below short clip. In the first clip Corinne ostensibly is mocking her own immaturity. But she is doing more than that. One of her frequent attacks on women is to cut off their breasts and consume them. We discussed this a bit in this post showing you these photos of Taylor Swift (left) and Marina Abramovic (right). Note that another of Bee’s Code names for me (Hera) is “Cake” – and here’s why: She intends to rape, torture, kill and consume me.

With the above in mind, this Corinne comment has new meaning. Bee is Corinne. Bee is the head of the Illuminati and thousands of years old. Everything she does is calculated and has meaning. She is not a 24-year old woman. She’s a thousands of years old Grey alien who hates humans and consumes them. The Greys do little else besides torturing and consuming humans, and talking (or singing) about torturing and consuming humans. “Do you call this immature” is a visual message to me. Bee is always with me and was right here (she can be numerous places at once) as I watched The Bachelor each week.

In the second part of the above clip, Corinne says “My heart is gold, but my vagine is Platinum.” This also is Code. The Greys are hiding in human “suits” and often they also will hide in there behind a human soul, which is gold colored as we told you above.  This explains how this Grey alien claims her “Heart is Gold.” What she means is her “human heart” which is the human soul she’s hiding behind, is Gold. Her “vagine is Platinum” is a message to her fellow Greys that she is in there hiding behind a human soul. She appears to those who can see her soul to be “Gold” but under that she really is “Platinum.”  Greys use grey and silver colored-things as Code for a Grey. That is what the word Platinum means here. This has the same meaning as her Taylor Swift line “I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” in Blank Space, which we decode at that link. Blank Space is a very important song and video for understanding Bee because the imagery on the video and in the lyrics is unmistakably evil. 

Ordering a “direct hit” on Hera while flashing her Illuminati Boss Hand Sign

Corinne below flashing the subtle modified devil’s horns hand signal, hoping to get followers’ attention that what she is saying is a message to them. What she’s saying are several code words. I (Hera) am called “the Story” or “the Character” among other Code names. They call me the Story because they literally are broadcasting me “upstairs” every day of my life. Everything I say, everything I see (as though looking through my own eyes), everything I hear. I am “Truman” and that movie was written as a message about what my life situation is. My life literally is the Grey Illuminati’s “Truman Show.”  There are other victims here also being broadcast without their knowledge. But instead of sneaking around behind us to add product placements and covert advertisements, these Illuminati pigs secretly prey upon us for our entire lives, making “cameo appearance” in my “movie” as a potential love interest or a “best friend” or even a co-worker. Often people will interact with me strangely and say strange things that have meaning to the Greys and humans subscribing to the show. I did not find out that I was “Truman” until about 10 years ago. I found out that they call me “the Story” about a year ago. The movie Stranger Than Fiction is another movie about my situation. Why I am their Truman Show hostage is the subject of other posts here. The point is that I am “the character” and here Bee (Corinne) in the clip below is subtly, but unmistakably to her followers, calling for “the character” to take a “direct hit.” She calls out orders to murder me all the time. Another example is in this article where she much more overtly calls for my Character to be “viciously assassinated.”

Corinne’s other Illuminati hand signals:

Notice how much Corinne’s hand signals resemble Taylor’s Swift’s. They both are Bee’s human “personas” or “suits”:


Bee plans to wipe out the Earth’s inhabitants. All of them.

In the below clip Corinne is purporting to talk about Nick’s clothing and says: “We’re gonna take everything.” She means everything. All of the “clothes” on this Earth. “Clothes” is a word they use to describe humans. Humans to these Greys are “clothes” to wear around.  “Human suits” or “human vehicles.” So Corinne in this clip is making clear that she’s gonna “take” i.e. “wipe out” everything.  That is her plan, and it is one we have been working on thwarting since August 2016.  She has a history of wiping out the Earth. At least 6 times now she has wiped out the Earth but then opened a window into our past by a couple of months or years and we all are still there, and we move forward from this new point in time, unaware that she has attacked us, or will attack us again in the future. (By the way to you upstairs, she is doing the same thing to all of you up there, most recently a couple of months ago.)

But the only permanent fix will be to move Bee to an environment far away and to find her some other way to entertain herself besides torturing and consuming humans. She’s not amenable obviously, and we need leverage to persuade her to move off to another environment. It would be helpful to have our brightest minds working on a way to counter some of her “magical” advanced technology used to hold us hostage here. But for now, all Bee has to say about it is in this clip. “We’re gonna take everything. . . . This is what life is like . . .  get used to it.” She says the same thing in her YES song (that is her GREY band), called “I’ve Seen All Good People” (click the link for our decoding), likening our lives to a chess game, where I am “the White Queen” that she “makes run.” – “Just remember that the goal, is for us all to capture all we want.”  – That’s life, get used to it. (We will never “get used to it” and we will never give up.) Here’s a photo from Taylor’s Swift’s Wildest Dreams video, and a photo from YES’s Fragile album cover.

These are not coincidental, Bee is responsible for both images. Bee’s YES songs Roundabout and Long Distance Runaround both are about wiping out the Earth’s population. Click those links for our decoding of those songs. And with all that in mind here is the Corinne clip about “taking” everything – all of the clothes. 


Corinne’s nemesis on The Bachelor, “Taylor,” . . . is another Bee persona.  It’s Bee vs. Bee.

For whatever reason Bee likes the name Taylor. She was Elizabeth Taylor and she is Taylor Swift. Here she is below as Corinne’s arch rival, Taylor. Both are Bee, Corinne and Taylor, although “Little Bee” claims she is this Taylor and purports to be “Queen Bee’s” daughter. Either way they are both bad news. So Corinne is Big Bee and Taylor is Little Bee, while Taylor Swift is Big Bee and Elizabeth Taylor is Big Bee?  Whatever, she’s Medusa. Who cares what she names her snakes. This one’s name is “Taylor” – a name she’s used before. And incidentally Bee’s Taylor Swift persona’s “best friend” is Karlie Kloss, another Bee persona, and an actual clone of Taylor Swift.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 4.25.51 p.png

In addition to the above “Taylor” persona, Corinne’s sister also is named Taylor. It’s a Bee favorite. That also means that Corinne’s little sister likely is yet another Bee persona, maybe “Little Bee.” Corrine’s father is a human persona of Bee’s husband Kodiak. Understand? Corinne is “eternally married” to her father. Kodiak also is Anton LaVey. Most of the shows on TV have some version of Kodiak and Bee in there running the show and talking in Code about torturing and consuming humans. Just about every show has something.

Corinne's Sister Taylor


Queen Bee Next Can be Seen As Rachel, the New Bachelorette

Here’s Bee confirming to Illuminati followers that it is her “occupying” the “human persona” of Corinne on The Bachelor:


The Bachelor is an Illuminati message vehicle, and now that Nick and Corinne’s season has passed, in the clip below Chris Harrison lets the Illuminati followers know that the new human persona that Bee will be occupying is Rachel, the new Bachelorette. “The Queen has arrived.” To leave no doubt to her Grey followers that it is Bee, Rachel responds to a Chris Harrison prompt with an “I’m great.” “Great” is a code word for “Grey” in the Illuminati lexicon. (Chris Harrison also is a Grey, probably another Kodiak persona.) The key to their coded conversations is that they use everyday words so that only people who already know the context are able to even detect the presence of a hidden message. We are trying to give you that context with the examples on this blog.

Please don’t forget for a moment that The Bachelor’s Rachel, Raven, Taylor, & Corinne, and model Karlie Kloss, singer Taylor Swift, “performance artist” Marina Abramovic, and other beautiful “women” we talk about on this blog are truly, completely, THIS:

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