Illuminati media snakes notify followers that we are STEALING THEIR MAIL and decoding it. Yesssss we are. And you can too!

That’s us “stealing the mail” metaphorically. The news intentionally ran this story to warn followers that their messages were being intercepted and decoded here. That is how their messages are passed back and forth. The Reptilian media finally noticed that we are decoding them here on our blog. This clip below shows how they communicate using everyday words, and how they make fake news in order to pass messages. Did the “robbery” in the clip also happen to facilitate the message on the news? Maybe. Sometimes they make the news happen and sometimes they make a fake story. This one below is about “two thieves” who are Hera and David, by the way, “stealing the mail” (in other words intercepting and decoding their messages). They wrap up with wondering aloud, “how’d they get that key?” We will tell you so pay attention!  David is your Creator! He speaks all of your languages, including the virtually impenetrable “way upstairs” Grey language that most of you don’t even speak.  These Greys have abducted all other beings into this environment and made you believe that they are your “King and Queen” and “Creators.” THEY ARE NOT! They are your abductors. Your Creator is David. And we are your family. We are doing everything we can to get them out of here. So hang in there, and by all means don’t attack David or his family, or anyone else in this Time Loop. It will be the last loop no matter what. Take care of it.

“The Key” we “got” is the Illuminati Decoder we’ve made, posted here so that you can decode these Pizza Gators and unwitting or dimwitted followers yourselves. For you followers, now’s the time to make a choice. Are you an unwitting and therefore innocent follower of these Pizzagate monsters, or just dumb enough to knowingly follow the hideous lead of your abductors?

By the way, these same Reptilian Illuminati messengers, same media outlet, also in this same broadcast sent out this message below, panicking that the followers down here on Earth might become aware of the truth. The truth is that everyone who is born or created in the time loops, perishes when the “alien attack” blows up the time loop. That means most of the “aliens” participating in the “alien attack” or “uprising” also are murdered in the “alien attack” from the Grey ships above. Understand? You also die after you kill the humans. Here’s the clip. Note that 4 and 9 mean alien Family Fours, and alien Family Nines. So 109 games from the past that you’ve had nothing to do with, meaning the Family Nines in this message, and “the past” is Code for you aliens, but also here means the actual past. You here are not aware of the prior 109 games of the past.  You aren’t aware of the past, and the fact that you have been killed in every one of these “alien attack” scenarios in which you have participated in prior loops – BY THE NINES. Why don’t you know this? Because you were killed along with the humans. Blown up! So you 40’s of the present, meaning you Alien Family Fours in this Time Loop, (and all of you aliens originating in the time loops), don’t know about the 109 games in the past. The Nines killing you from above in the past.

See if you can make out their panicked message, otherwise utterly ridiculous for a news story, absent the hidden meaning. The “Westwood” is a nice touch too, since we often speak of how the “upstairs” people treat all of you like disposable robots from Westworld on HBO. How many times have you heard the LA news talk about UCLA female basketballers at all? How many times did they bother to break down their location to “Westwood”? As someone on You Tube pointed out, why do the seats in the background look like FEMA coffins at the precise point that she talks about “the 109 games” you don’t know about which are the Grey “alien attackers” in the sky code worded as Family Nines? Because it’s a thrown together story to convey a message to the Illuminati Greys upstairs who actually do call this Earth “Westworld” that they need to shut us up before the Family “alien attackers” on the ground here find out that the Nines really are Greys and they actually attack from the skies and wipe out everyone, including the “alien attackers” on the ground. Those FEMA coffins are for you. 

“We need to focus on there’s 40 minutes in front of us. And that 40 minutes doesn’t know anything about the 109.” Get it? You aliens here in this Time Loop don’t know that in prior Time Loops you also are murdered in the “Alien Attack” at the hands of “the 109” – the Family Nine Greys who attack from above, killing you too after you participate in attacking the humans on the ground. Now you do know. 






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