20 Years Ago Illuminati Greys & Travelers Bosses Kodiak & Bee ("Bo and Peep") Opened Heaven's Gate (& PizzaGate, SAME GUY)

Twenty years ago this weekend Illuminati Leaders Kodiak and Bee duped 35 humans into killing themselves, while they racked up points in their Illuminati Card Game. (By the way, look at his pupils.)

Who is Marshall Applewhite (“Bo” of Bo and Peep, aka “Do” of Ti and Do)? He’s Kodiak, the leader of the Grey aliens and also the Illuminati, whose other “human personas” include Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis. That’s Comet – get it? Outer space? Hale-Bopp Comet? The joke as always is on the humans who believe these human-hating monsters. Kodiak’s other cult leader “human personas” include L. Ron Hubbard and Jim Jones of Guyana.

So if Kodiak is “Bo,” who is “Peep” of the Heaven’s Gate dynamic duo who called themselves “Bo and Peep”? That would be Kodiak’s “eternal Illuminati wife” Queen Bee. Bee’s human personas include, among many others, Marina Abramovic. Hence Jimmy Comet’s Instagram photo labelled “Marina and Faggot”:


The lesson to be learned from Heaven’s Gate’s Bo and Peep only is – Stop listening to them. They don’t die. They are Greys who upon “death” jump into one of their many other “human suits” and party on. You on the other hand, stay dead.

The below image is from Heaven’s Gate’s website, where “Bo and Peep” claim that this is what “a member of the Kingdom of Heaven” looks like. It looks like a Grey who eats humans to us.

A Member of the Kingdom of Heaven
A Member of the Kingdom of Heaven

Where else have we seen that smile? (also notice the uncontrolled tongue and the odd way he slinks backward):


Do they look like children of Heaven to you? Or do they look like they are trying not to eat the camera man? Because that’s what they really are doing.

They get Illuminati Card Game points for founding a religious cult. Anytime you want to know who is behind a particular “Play” in the Card Game, just analyze the name of the “character.” Marshall Applewhite is Kodiak. This one is a little harder to deduce without experience, but certainly not impossible for any human to sort out. We told you in our Illuminati Thesaurus, that the Greys use the word “Martian” to denote any alien from anywhere. They are not from Mars (there is no Mars, which is why it keeps “disappearing” in NASA videos where they forget to throw it into the background).

Anyway, any name with “Mar” in it is attached potentially to a “Martian.” Marshall fits the bill. It means more than just Martian though. Kodiak is the Marshall of Earth, he’s our Grey prison warden. Marshall also means some other things. Mar is Martian, but “sh” means Illuminati, same as their signal of holding the fingers up to their mouths in the “shhhh” sign, and “al” means that he’s a “Traveler Boss” aka Family Boss thug called an “Al” or also called an “El.” So we know he’s a Traveler Boss and an alien, and Illuminati.

That leaves only Kodiak and Bee as potential suspects because those two are the only alien bosses of each number group in the Travelers, except the Threes and Ones. The Ones are us and we aren’t Martians. The Threes are led by our son Tom, and he’s not a Martian either. Given that Marshall is “Bo” and his counterpart is the female going by “Peep,” this leaves only Kodiak as Bo and Bee as Peep. We also know that Kodiak very often claims that his “human suits” are from Texas, as Applewhite did, or less frequently Colorado.

Here’s a photo of Bo and Peep together. Although Peep purported to be a Heavenly Being she still died of cancer more than a decade before “lift off” of the “flock” she was supposed to be shepherding (a transgression that probably got her fired).

Bo and Peep

The last name of Applewhite also has meaning. “Apple” and “white” both are references to David’s family, our family. We are color-coded “white” in the Travelers and Illuminati, and also depicted as apples by Kodiak and Bee, as in the “Apple of David’s eye.” Like in these still images of Bee as her Taylor Swift persona attacking the Apple, in her Satanic Blank Space video, decoded here:


That’s David’s (our) family she’s toying with, and all of our human family. Why is Kodiak running around as “Applewhite”? Because he pretends to be David. Kodiak and Bee hatched a plan to murder us in our home, which is outside of Earth, and fool the people living there into believing that they were us. They also are, obviously, fixated on us and our family, including our entire human family. Kodiak also especially likes to run around claiming to be David’s son. So he calls himself “Applewhite” here and even claims that as “Bo and Peep” they are from the “Kingdom of Heaven” just as he does as L. Ron Hubbard and Jim Jones, the prophets getting divine wisdom from God but who lead their followers to family and financial ruin.

Another thing we’ve pointed out both in the Illuminati Thesaurus and in numerous posts is how Kodiak & Bee, and all Greys, have zero regard for humans and in fact call them “suits” “clothes” or “vehicles.” They destroy them. They breed human children to be raped and tortured to death, and upon their death they consume them and their souls. They are also Jimmy Comet and Marina Abramovic! They are PizzaGate. Compare their calling humans “suits” “clothes” and “cars” to their bit about the human body in their Heaven’s Gate book linked on their website:

The Body

The body (the flesh and bones) is the temporary “suit of clothes,” a container, a “vehicle” for the “spirit.” If we make the analogy to a computer, then the body is the hard drive or hardware, and the spirit is the software – the informational mind. Another good analogy is to see the body/vehicle as a car and the spirit as the driver. The car’s design and capabilities are specific to the kind of car it is. But it still takes the “mind” behind the wheel to make the car function as it was designed. Most humans identify with the physical vehicle (body), while members of Our Father’s Kingdom identify with or as the soul. What you see in the mirror (the body) – is not “you.” The spirit is the real “you” and continues to live in the spirit world after the body dies, with your memories, programming, habits, and addictions.

End of quote. Compare the spirit or soul being “the informational mind” above to Bee’s hideous discussion as human persona Corinne on the Bachelor, talking in Code about eating human souls as “that corn with all the pellets of information,” in the video clip below and in this post. Human souls are gold. Nick the Bachelor is one of Bee’s husband Kodiak’s human personas. They eat human bodies and souls, they “need that corn” with its “pellets of information” (Taylor Swift also is consuming a human in the video images above):


The Greys are not from the Kingdom of Heaven and never were. They are not fallen angels. They themselves made up the concept of fallen angels. There are no fallen angels! They consume humans and their souls. They certainly never have gazed upon Heaven. Someday when the Greys are gone we’ll get into that, although the short truth is that many of the stories in the Bible were rewritten by Bo and Peep, the Greys, using their ability to travel in time. We want you to know that God did not send his son off to be tortured and sacrificed for your sins, or anyone else’s. That’s a Grey story. God does not have to prove himself or his love to any human. And no humans have to prove themselves to God. He can read you. Getting into the details of how the Bible has been changed is truly and accurately opening a can of worms. Grey worms. So we’ll have to get into that later. You have a Creator who loves the humans he created in his image. He also created the Twos, Eights, Threes, and all the other numbers, the Others, the Neighbors (Klingons) and nearly every other living thing. He can read you. There is no need to sacrifice anything or anyone to win his affection or approval. He certainly would not volunteer his child, or any of his children to make a point, including Jesus.

Here’s an example of how the Greys Bo and Peep, who rewrote the Bible, try to make it dove-tail into their Heaven’s Gate narrative and ongoing lies about being God’s direct descendants, taken from the Heaven’s Gate website:

Bo and Peep, on Jesus and the Bible:

“The sole task that was given to this member from the Kingdom of Heaven was to offer the way leading to membership into the Kingdom of Heaven to those who recognized Him for who He was and chose to follow Him. “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” meant – ‘since I am here, and I am from that Kingdom, if you leave everything of this world and follow me, I can take you into my Father’s Kingdom.’ Only those individuals who had received a “deposit” containing a soul’s beginning had the capacity to believe or recognize the Kingdom of Heaven’s Representative. They could get to His Father only through total reliance upon Him. He later sent His students out with the “Good news of the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” and His followers could then help gather the “flock” so that the “Shepherd” might teach others what was required of them to enter His Father’s House – His Father’s Kingdom – the Kingdom of Heaven – in the literal and physical Heavens – certainly not among humans on Earth. Leaving behind this world included: family, sensuality, selfish desires, your human mind, and even your human body if it be required of you – all mammalian ways, thinking, and behavior. Since He had been through this metamorphic transition Himself from human to Level Above Human – under the guidance of His Father – He was qualified to take others through that same discipline and transition. Remember, the One who incarnated in Jesus was sent for one purpose only, to say, ‘If you want to go to Heaven, I can take you through that gate – it requires everything of you.'”

Bo and Peep as God’s children:

“Our mission is exactly the same. I am in the same position to today’s society as was the One that was in Jesus then. My being here now is actually a continuation of that last task as was promised, to those who were students 2000 years ago. They are here again, continuing in their own overcoming, while offering the same transition to others. Our only purpose is to offer the discipline and “grafting” required of this transition into membership in My Father’s House. My Father, my Older Member, came with me this time for the first half of this task to assist in the task because of its present difficulty.

Looking to us, and desiring to be a part of my Father’s Kingdom, can offer to those with deposits that chance to connect with the Level Above Human, and begin that transition. Your separation from the world and reliance upon the Kingdom of Heaven through its Representatives can open to you the opportunity to become a new creature, one of the Next Evolutionary Level, rightfully belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven.”

End of quote.

The foregoing is the Grey construct of the Kingdom of Heaven, which we can assure you the Greys never have seen, and never will. Here’s Bo and Peep warning you that prior religious teachings were “Luciferian” – they’ve got many people here believing in “Luciferians”!  But those are the Greys. They argue both for and against on every issue. They are Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell. Both sides.

Here’s the quote from Heaven’s Gate on other religions: “That Luciferian programming has truly been effective, for we don’t even want to voice to you the statement in question. However, believe it or not, it is only for your sake – the sake of prospective recipients of the Kingdom of Heaven – that we must “tell the truth,” openly identify to you as Representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven, well aware of the “fallout” of that position. . . . We can’t blame you for “buying into” the “Luciferian” program. What else has been available during those periods when no Representative was present? Almost nothing – save some warnings in the Scriptures, i.e., Luke 20:34-36, Luke 21:23, Mark 12:25, and Mark 13:17-19. Check these out.”

End of quote.

The same Greys that are Heaven’s Gate also wrote this Bible, although it originally was based on a book from your real Creator. Please don’t rely on scripture.

According to Bo and Peep you must abandon your human body and your family and be lifted up in a vehicle following the Hale-Bopp comet. There is no Hale-Bopp comet. Therefore there is no “Heaven’s Gate.” These same Illuminati Greys who lie about the Bible, lie about Heaven’s Gate and also lie about the Earth being a “planet” within a “solar system.” That’s a lot to take in. You can start to see the truth simply by looking at these cloud paintings in the sky.  And here. They are not “magic.” The sky is a ceiling. You can also watch this clip where physicist James Gates reports his discovery that common computer code is found in the equations for string theory. That is because the real creators of the internet also created the strings of time we live in. For the same reason the “people” outside of Earth were able to pass down the equation for “the God particle,” Higgs-Boson, to the people on Earth about 15 years before it was “discovered.” The equation was passed down using a common mode of passing information from the future, in an episode of The Simpsons. That does not make Homer Simpson God just because his character passed that information down. (The Simpsons also passed along to us who was responsible for PizzaGate. With this blog we try to teach you to decode their messages.)  Earth is a very advanced simulated environment. One that the people outside of Earth call “Westworld” just like their TV show mocking Earth’s situation. We live here in a snow globe created by beings from the Outside universe, not God. The Greys have hijacked this environment. (If you Klingons can see this, they’ve also now killed you Outside, although you may remember coming in from there that is not your situation. That is an implanted memory. We who are from the Outside are sorry to tell you this. Marc also wants you to know that he does not want you to harm this time loop, or anyone. I’m sure they’ll explain when you get here but be careful because Bee and Kodiak can block and mimic them, and do.)

We want you to know that this is not where or why humans, or any of you, originally were created and this will not be the end of your story. (By the way we know Bee’s Code words but try not to speak them on this blog, we want no confusion.) We will move these Greys out of here but it is their environment and this will take time. Until that time, we want you to be aware that the Greys are creating a false reality and controlling your minds. They harm “targeted individuals” much more overtly, but they can and do remotely control every living thing inside of their Grey Grid, including humans, Twos and “Reptilians” who may think that they are from the same “family” as Bee and Kodiak. You are not. It is highly likely that many of you are humans forced into Reptilian, hybrid or Two forms so that the Greys can watch humans harming humans. Harming humans is their goal, and in fact Bee and Kodiak, and the Greys from “upstairs” and also their Moon base above, kill all of the Reptilians, hybrids and Twos along with the humans, with a Grey attack from the sky. We are trying to prevent such an attack. This will be the last time loop no matter what happens.

In the interim, know that all of you are being mind-controlled and remotely-controlled by Bee and Kodiak. Being mindful of that makes their methods much less effective. You can make yourselves aware of subtle hypnosis, and remind yourselves that the “inner voice” you may be used to hearing, isn’t in fact your own. If you find yourself enjoying things in your mind that go against your character, understand that this is very likely one of the Greys influencing pleasure centers in your mind. They can control your brain like a computer. Feelings and inclinations to harm others, or otherwise act contrary to your conscience, will pass if you focus and talk to someone around you until the feeling passes. Like a buddy system to guard your mind. If there is no one you can talk to about what your mind is urging, go to the mall or better the airport and walk around where there is noise, people, and security cameras.

Once you realize the cosmos are a false narrative created by the Greys, you can start using your superior minds to understand the parameters of your physical location, and look for ways to mitigate the harms these Greys inflict. These Greys are Pizzagate. Jimmy “Comet” is the same guy as this Hale-Bopp Comet false prophet Marshall Applewhite.

Please read our blog. Everything here is about Kodiak and Bee, the insane and ruthless Grey aliens occupying numerous “human personas” and preying upon all humans, Others, Neighbors (called Klingons in jest) and non-Grey Reptilians and Twos/Eights. All of you are hostages of the Greys. You need to come together to work together. Attacking each other only furthers the Grey agenda. And at the end of “the Day,” all of you, even upstairs, are killed by a Grey “alien attack” from the sky. Don’t join in that attack. You only are harming yourselves, and throwing your integrity in the trash. Your integrity is something you can recover no matter what the Greys have had you thinking about or doing in the past. You can also take it with you. Hold on to it. Handing it to the Greys as part of their “alien attack” or “hostage” bargains historically has not improved anyone’s outcome. They have murdered the creators of this environment, and they have murdered their own, and your own Creator’s family. To the Greys, nothing and no one is sacred. Cling to your integrity, and not the worthless promises of Bee and Kodiak.

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