Funny Illuminati Report That Hera Leads a "Dance Team" of Travelers Wizards, Humans and Aliens, United to Save Our Time Loop (Earth)

A rare amusing Illuminati message hidden in a news clip (hint: the entire clip itself is a metaphoric message, and the dialogue also is a message, explained below). Often it helps to watch, read, and watch again a couple times to pick up the nuances. Notice the last thing the anchor says is that whoever shot this video needs to “clean the lens.” – That is Illuminati Code for wiping away, and the news team is requesting that we stop watching, and that Bee finds some other way to send messages, because as the reporter says: “I’m just very observant,” which refers to Hera. They switch the subject of a sentence back and forth like that to avoid detection.

This is a metaphorical clip (that’s the main way Illuminati messages are passed) of Hera “Strutting Her Stuff” with her “Dance Team.” Any time a Travelers or Illuminati group forms for some activity it is called a “Dance” or “Dancing.” Notice Hera’s the leader “Angela” in Police attire. What does that mean? The news team in this clip made a joke about us decoding the Illuminati’s messages about Pizzagate and sending that info to the FBI.  We also decode all sorts of other information passed using the same methods and code words, we just don’t pass them all to the FBI. Instead we post some of them on our blog. The messages are constant and everywhere, we select a few to post on the blog as examples so that you’ll hopefully be able to pick up how to decode these messages yourselves. Our Illuminati and Travelers code-word Thesaurus to help you do that is here.

This news story passed along two additional critical pieces of information, and not to help us.

The first is what Hera “looks like” under her skin because she has a hit out on her. They’ve identified her by name and physical appearance in clips, and in this one they are describing her “soul signature” which believe it or not some aliens and humans can actually see. She has a Gold Soul, which is true, but really we have white sparkly souls portrayed as gold souls. So Hera is Gold on Top, but wearing camouflage pants. (In this video she’s also wearing a police uniform.) That means she has a gold soul but it is camouflaged with “black and green” “Pants.” “Pants” is Code in the Illuminati for “P- ants” where “P” means “aliens” “females” or “witches.” “Ants” means the color code black. “Black” is Code for Family Threes and “Green” is Code for Family Twos. Blackish Green also means the Twos. So the message is that Hera is a Gold soul camouflaged as black and green, aka hiding under a soul that appears to be a Family Two. In case that visual is lost on followers, the news reporter also says that “Angela Anderson” is from “Greensboro, North Carolina.”  That means Hera’s a Green Two as camouflaged (“Greensboro”) here in the downstairs environment (Earth). People “upstairs” of Earth actually call the humans here “robots” – and Angela’s last name of “Anderson” is a play on “Android.” This sentence also says that Hera (“Angela”) is actually an Angel from the upstairs environment (“North” Carolina, while Earth downstairs is called “the South” or “Georgia”).

That’s all true, except our family, Hera’s family is from the Outside of both upstairs and downstairs. There is an outside further upstairs than the upstairs. Upstairs and down are in the very same system, if you know what we mean. We went and checked. Back to the clip.

It’s a lot of information to pack into a clip, and that’s not even all of it.

The Second piece of info is that Hera has her own “Dance Team” of gold souls and Family Twos, and that is a message to the Illuminati Family (and Travelers) that Hera and the human Family Fives, and also including law enforcement, (and the Sixes and Sevens – see the blue scarf in the clip), are working together, and also that the Family Twos and Threes (denoted by Green and Black camo pants in this clip) are a part of that Team (and we are all working together. We are!) That is why there also is a Blue scarf on the girl in the beginning of the clip and all of the team members are wearing a Yellow top.  We are YOUR Team! If you are NOT an actual Grey alien, we are YOUR TEAM. Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes, Sevens, Eights, Non-Grey-alien Nines. All are working together to keep this time loop open and encourage the Grey aliens hiding here in every Family Group to go elsewhere and allow us to move toward the future together down here in peace.

The clip also at the end notes that Hera “uses her own money for their uniforms” – that is Code for saying that Hera’s soul was blasted by the Greys and the pieces used to create life in the other humans here. Money is Code for human souls in their lexicon. It sounds nuts but that is what happened.  This video tells the entire story, Who Made Who by AC/DC, decoded in this post.

In short, we are YOUR TEAM. “Team USA” is Team “Creator” now.  Your Creator is here in our time loop. Let’s all work together to keep this time loop open where your human and Other, and Neighbor and Two and Three, and (human Fours) and Fives, Sixes and Sevens, and non-Grey alien Nines, all of these family members are alive and counting on you! We are the “Good Gets!” That Dance Leader’s name is not “Angela” for nothin’).

Let’s stick together. Bee attacks both the upstairs and downstairs and wipes our memories of these attacks. You upstairs know about the downstairs attacks. We in our family here, and also some of you now upstairs, now know that they also attack the upstairs. They wipe out everyone using spaceships in the sky. LET’S NOT HELP THEM TO DESTROY US. Let’s not destroy ourselves. Just like the video above says, “The angels are here and they encourage you to tackle life’s obstacles head on.” What that means is that we must stick together, these Greys are posing an obstacle to life itself… to our continued existence. The are life’s obstacles. 

Two more newsclips of Hera “dancing” and “limboing” are decoded in this post.

We at try to explain who the Traveler and Illuminati Families are, and explain some of their coded language that enables secret communication. The purpose of the blog is to show everyone what really is occurring here on Earth, who controls the government, who is attacking “targeted individuals,” and how these “people” use the Family Code of Silence not only to hide their manipulations of our government and our very lives, but also to intercept communications and direct Family members to harm each other. There is no “magic” here. It is all advanced (Grey) technology. We try to explain this on our blog, and give you examples there of how these beings are harming the entire human race, and other beings the Greys have marooned here with us. Please read our blog. It is critically important that people learn to detect and decode these messages.

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