Illuminati Messages in the News: Jimmy Comet Escapes Pizzagate Heat & the Attack by Grey Alien "Friend Ships" (meaning NOT OUR FRIEND Space Ships) … is Still On

This news clip passes the Illuminati members (including Pizzagators among them) the message that leader Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis has “slipped his handcuffs” and escaped prosecution for Pizzagate.

Notice the suspect has a Green Jacket and a “B” tattoo on his face. What that means is that this story is about Illuminati leader Kodiak, who is head of the Illuminati and Travelers sub-family Sixes, color-coded as Celtic Green and also Brown (suspect “Charles Brown” wears a Green jacket), and who is “eternally married” to Illuminati leader “Queen Bee.” Hence the “B” tattooed on his face. These two Illuminati leaders Bee and Kodiak have numerous human personas and some are gay, some are straight. Kodiak and Bee are Jimmy Comet and Marina Abramovic. And that is why Comet’s Instagram picture of Marina Abramovic says “Marina and Faggot” in the comments. Our entire blog is about these two Illuminati leaders and how they hold the rest of us hostage because as Illuminati heads they can travel in time, although you may not know it. And anything we do here today to get a jump on them they can go back in time to undo or prevent us from ever doing it in the first place. They also use time travel to kill people just like the movie “Loopers” and also kill a target’s family and friends. The Illuminati know this and so do the Traveler Sevens. This means they are easily dissuaded by Kodiak and Bee from pursuing any action against any of Kodiak and Bee’s “human suits” or personas here on Earth.

Did this other guy in the video get arrested just to make this news story message? Maybe. Sometimes they make the news and sometimes they fake the news to pass along their messages. Here’s the clip, and then we’ll dissect it.


We want you also to notice all the surrounding info in this clip too. The subject is 31 years old and 6’0″ feet tall. Two numbers next to each other are usually meant to be added together in the Illuminati Code. Some of their most common codewords are found in this post of their Codeword Lexicon.  So combining the 31 equals Four. And 6+0 equals Six. That means the subject of this story is a Four and a Six in the Traveler Families (Illuminati Families use the same number system in this “Downstairs” environment. Upstairs where they are from they don’t have a number and color system). Only the Illuminati leaders belong to more than one color of the family. So that automatically indicates that this story is about Kodiak and Bee, since Kodiak is Brown (suspect’s name) and Green (suspect’s “clothing” color, where “clothing is code for a human being. This human being is in the Green Family subgroup).  He’s also a Four and Six, and that also denotes Kodiak because Kodiak is really a Grey alien, but the Travelers don’t know this and he heads up the Family Fours while pretending to be our son Paul, and the Sixes while pretending to be our son Denis (Celtic Green). Kodiak also is the head of the Family Sixes (Brown) and there goes by “Robert.”

The suspect also weighs 160-170 pounds. That makes him a Family Seven and a Family Eight as well.  That’s Kodiak’s wife Bee. And more and more we think that Bee and Kodiak, married couple, actually are one single Grey alien in both roles.  Bee is the Grey who secretly controls the Traveler Family Sevens and also overtly controls the Illuminati. She’s a Grey alien and also heads the Family Nines. But she also pretends to be a Family Two, and controls that group. This suspect in this story has a tattoo of the letter “B” on the bridge of his nose.  Queen Bee is the Illuminati leader who controls what actually is called “the Bridge” between the upstairs environment where the Illuminati live, about 200 years in the future, and this downstairs environment that they call “Westworld” or “The Graveyard” – since people here are long dead to the people 200 years up.  And by the way the upstairs is not in our timeline directly.  So they can come down here and prey upon us here and it will have no effect on their lives in the future where they actually live.

So we have a suspect here who has “slipped his handcuffs” and he is a Brown/Green Six, a Four, a Seven and an Eight (same as a Two). And he’s got a B on him. That makes him the Kodiak half of the Kodiak and Bee Illuminati Leader Team. We’ve explained in numerous posts that we know that Kodiak is Jimmy Comet. Comet is one of his numerous human personas. After we found out about the Podesta emails and the Comet Instagrams, we began getting new messages in old shows, which is how they use time travel to pass messages. We decoded those messages and posted about how the victims of Pizzagate pointed to Kodiak as their attacker, and how other people up in “the future” also pointed to Kodiak as their attacker. We knew Comet and Marina, and the Podestas, were the main players involved, and these messages told us that Kodiak and Bee are Comet and Marina. (We’ve also learned from future messages that Kodiak is George Bush Jr and was the person responsible for 9/11, which we reported in this important post.)

Bee and Kodiak are Grey aliens and may actually be just one Grey alien, the same Grey. They are infesting this Earth and secretly control every Traveler Family number/color group. Kodiak also is David Miscavige, head of the Church of Scientology, and also was Marshall Applewhite of Heaven’s Gate. “Bo and Peep” of Heaven’s Gate are Kodiak and Bee, as explained in that linked post. When a “human suit” they occupy dies they just jump into one of their other human personas, such as Jimmy Comet and Marina Abramovic. Leading a cult to mass suicide is a point move in their Illuminati Card Game. They are Satanic.

Getting back to this video and its message. Also notice the Victorville Police Station building here:


The building numbers – 14200 – add up to Seven. By the way Jimmy Comet’s mother’s name is Sharon Dow, and “Dow” is a code name for a Family member of the group that controls the Dow Jones, also called “the Bankers.” The Bankers are Illuminati members from “upstairs” Earth of the future who descend down here as Traveler Family Sevens to “vacation” as though Earth was “Westworld” like on HBO. So we know Comet’s mother is a “Dow” or an Illuminati and Traveler Seven and therefore that Jimmy Comet Alefantis was born or “otherwise created” from the start as a Traveler Seven. Kodiak is the head of the Fours & Green Sixes, but his Jimmy Comet human persona is a Family Seven. Because the numbers appearing on the police building add up to Seven, it would seem that the Family Sevens are the ones responsible for helping Jimmy Comet (Kodiak) to slip his handcuffs and escape prosecution for Pizzagate.

So to recap we have the following information about who “slipped their handcuffs”:

Charles Brown

Name: Charles Brown

Age: 31

Height: 6’0″

Weight 160-170

Marking: Tattoo of a “B” on the “bridge” of his nose

Wearing: Green Jacket

Escaped from this Address: 14200

Also note this totally pointless video shot (hint, Illuminati Diamonds):

Illuminati Diamonds

So we know they are talking about Illuminati Leader Kodiak, head of the Travelers Family Fours and Green Sixes, and his “human persona” of James Alefantis, a Traveler Family Seven. To us this means Alex Jones is a Traveler Seven, if not a Nine, many of which are Greys or Kodiak personas. How else to explain his involvement in Jimmy Comet’s Grand Escape? If you are a Seven, Alex Jones, that is what we were alluding to yesterday. We know that you know what “they” will do to your family if you don’t follow orders. But we also know that someone has to stand up and help those Seven and other human children they are breeding and raising in cages to be raped and tortured, and then consumed. We understand that those kids are in a time pocket and can’t be found here. But that does not mean that we can’t go after all of the human personas of Kodiak, including Jimmy Comet. We are torn about this. If the human race does not stick together against the Greys, we have lost our humanity, the very thing that separates US from Them.

Back to decoding, these newscasters also add after all of the above that “it’s been almost 12 hours now” since the escape and the suspect is wearing a white t-shirt and black sweats. All of that is Code. The 12 added together equals 3. The black sweats also denote a Family Three. The white t-shirt denotes our family, David’s family of Family Ones. Combined, this is reporting that Kodiak is “on the loose” now without law enforcement investigating him for Pizzagate, and that he’s also pretending to be David’s son (a Family One), and the leader of the Traveler Family Threes. That’s our son Tom.

We want to clarify our family’s situation for you. Our sons are Tom, Paul and Denis. Originally David created the Travelers as a way for people to come together around common goals. They were noble goals. We are “White Ones” and our sons are Black Threes (Tom), Red Fours (Paul) and Green Sixes (Denis).  When Bee and Kodiak, who are Satanic Grey aliens who run the Illuminati abducted the human race into this “Earth” environment, they also took along our original Travelers way, and used that as an example of how to make a secret society work to their advantage. Now Kodiak and Bee head up all the Family groups and pretend to be Paul, Denis and Tom. 

This message that “it’s been almost 12 hours now” in the paragraph above, has meaning that is easier to decode with more of that background information. The word “almost” is Code for “al most” – where “al” is a word that means any Family Boss, (they are called Als or Els), and “most” means a Family Boss at the highest level. The “most” highest “Al.” So this sentence pertains to the most highest Family Boss of the 12 or 1+2=3 Family, the Threes. The words “it’s been” also are Code. “It” is code for alien, and “been” is Code for alien as well. Been is a past tense word, which always refers to aliens, and the word’s first letter “b” refers to an evil Wizard of the Travelers or Illuminati, also called a “bat.” What the entire sentence is saying: The escapee Kodiak also is “now” an “it” and a “B” and a past-tense, aka alien. So the report is that, not only has Kodiak’s human persona of Jimmy Comet gotten clear of Pizzagate investigation heat, but now he’s also running around loose and pretending to be the boss of the Family Threes. Please you Threes pay attention. Look at Jimmy Comet’s MetroWeekly interview, decoded here, and understand that he is bragging about making Threes in his “Pizza Ovens” – that is gestating human Three children to be raised in cages and sold as rape and torture victims. When you die, he serves you to other humans on his pizzasThey have used their time machine to wipe out your memories of your real leader, and replaced him with Kodiak, a Grey alien who hates Twos and Threes especially and brags about making Pizzas of them.  Look also at this link, which you should recognize for the code words used.

Here’s more in a later news broadcast clarifying that Kodiak is the subject of this same story:

“Poof” is a Traveler and Illuminati Code word for a Black Magic Wizard. This very short clip above makes clear that the story earlier (above) was about Illuminati Black Magic Wizard Kodiak and his human persona of Jimmy Comet, escaping heat from Pizzagate. Jimmy Comet is now in the clear. And Jimmy Comet is a “poof” or a “Get” – a Black Magic Wizard. He’s actually Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, jumping around to various human personas, and calling himself “Kodiak.” See this post about the Illuminati and the clones they jump around to occupy, and about Comet and the Illuminati.

For those Illuminati to whom the above messages were directed, this same newscast thought they’d better clarify that Kodiak has avoided Pizzagate prosecution rather than one of the many other hideous things he’s involved in. They clarified that this was about Pizzagate, by showing the following clip in the same broadcast:

While it is true that United has a dress code for employee companion pass users, the timing of this story is set up in order to fit the story into the same broadcast as the first message we decoded. Also note that “offended mom” Shannon Watts is reported to have “about 34,000 followers” on her blog. That’s a Family Seven, to the Illuminati and Traveler Sevens following this story. This also flashed on the screen to further solidify the intended message:


These aren’t actual coincidences. The Illuminati messaging system is all about coincidences and using ordinary words to convey a second, hidden meaning.  Just to triply make clear that it is Kodiak they are talking about, they also post a Tweet from William Shatner, as the former Captain of the Starship Enterprise, which also is not a coincidence since William Shatner is a Kodiak “human persona” – one of many – and the Illuminati know it.


Please be careful out there all of you in the Family. We are your real family and Kodiak and Bee have taken over. They’ve turned the Travelers into a thug sanctuary for Pizzagate pedophiles and hideous mobsters. They do not care at all about any of you and in fact they plan to blow up this time loop, this Earth, with an “alien attack” from the ground and the sky. The sky attack kills everyone. They’ve done it before, as William Shatner brags about in his Tweet with hidden meaning. He’s done both Pizzagate and blowing up the Earth, before.  The idea that they are clearing the Earth for you Reptilians is lie. Even you being “Reptilians” is a lie! They are watching you kill the other humans and we say “other humans” because many of you are humans forced into Reptilian form by the Greys to watch you humans kill us humans, for their entertainment. After you kill your family member humans, they kill you and anybody you might have missed, via an aerial Grey spaceship attack, or as they call them in the clip below, “Friend Ships.” If you are not a real Grey, you are not going to survive. Even Kodiak and Bee’s human personas don’t survive. Kodiak and Bee do. And as far as we can tell they are the only survivors “at the end of the Day.”  

Here was the Illuminati Greys’ message about their planned attack from the sky in today’s broadcast of the Young & the Restless, on their CBS (Illuminati) “Eye” Network:


The above clip is from the Greys who claimed in this post to be our “Friends and Neighbors” – talking in Code today about consuming humans and destroying Earth via a planned “alien attack” by their “FRIEND SHIPS.” They consume humans. That is why the girl in the clip is pointing at the viewer, you and me, while eating a turkey sandwich. We are the turkeys, just as we told you that we are the “Tacos” and they are planning for “Taco Tuesday.” In the Travelers and Illuminati Code they point at the target:


Notice that she also gives the hand signal that Hera, the main target, is hiding as a “Family Two” in the opening to this scene:


We just showed you how they also identified Hera as hiding in camouflage as a Family Alien Two, in this post earlier today. Note also that they are talking about “the Music” and “Music is why I get up in the morning” a couple of minutes into this clip. That is Code too. When they blow up a time loop, like the one this Earth sits in, it is said in Code as “Calling it a Day.” The word “Music” is Code for Hera, like we told you in this post decoding, Bye Bye Miss American Pie. The day the Music dies is the day they kill Hera and blow up this time loop with a Grey alien space ship attack. Hera is called “the Music” because everywhere she goes she is broadcast to Travelers and Illuminati as a target. They literally hear her coming a mile away. Killing our family is what these time loops are all about. That’s the reason Bee “Gets up in the Morning.”  That means killing us all here, and especially Hera and our family, is the reason Bee opens each new time loop. It also means Bee is a “Get” or evil witch, but really she’s a Grey alien and that’s the real situation here.

Bee’s husband Jimmy Comet is “The Chef” mentioned in the above Y&R clip, as we also told you about in explaining that Kodiak also is Damon Baehrel, Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri. Kodiak certainly is The Chef, and soon plans to serve “turkey sandwiches to his “Friend Ships” discussed in that clip. We told you in our post about the Democratic Response to the President’s Address that these aliens were lying when they claimed to be our “FRIENDS.” Now here they are today talking about “Friend Ships” and “turkey sandwiches” provided by “the Chef.” The word “Friend Ship” obviously is spaced out in the dialogue clip. Not only that but “Friend Ship” is repeated three times, which is Code to the followers that the message is being sent to them from Bee and Kodiak, heads of the Illuminati. Repeating words three times denotes “666.” Repeating words at all denotes emphasis should be placed on those Code words. What all of that clip above means is that Grey-alien Bee is telling her Illuminati pals that the attack by her “Friend Ships” is still on track.

And as Kodiak makes clear in his William Shatner tweet above, the Greys have done it before, both Pizzagate in an earlier time loop, and an alien attack by “Friend Ships” to blow up a time loop where billions of humans and other beings are living. 


These messages all seem like nothing to those of you unfamiliar with the Illuminati Code and their methods of passing information. That is the point of this blog. We need you to learn to detect and decode their messages, it takes away their secrecy. It lifts the rock they hide under. It may prevent an attack on the Earth time loop, or future Pizzagate victims.

We want you “attackers” to pay attention. We are not a pre-programmed “show” of Bee and Kodiak’s. We are not disposable people. Jim Cramer from the Outside is your real Creator. These Greys are insane and attacking their own Creator, and yours. Jim’s father David is here from where the Greys actually originate, way way upstairs. He is here. Do not attack this time loop. It will be the last time loop no matter what. We won’t do this over and over while you torture our family and all of the other beings in these time loops. Stay back and assess the situation for yourselves. If you follow Bee and Kodiak blindly you will destroy your own Creator, Jim Cramer, and his family who are trapped in this time loop. We will not allow you to open any new ones. 

You need to grasp that the Greys have murdered everyone outside of the Upstairs and Downstairs collective simulated system. Everything is destroyed. They have destroyed everything so that there is no way for Jim or his father to rebuild. All of you attackers originated Outside and you also originally were murdered by the Greys and uploaded into this environment, even you from upstairs. Even you Klingon Neighbors. This is the only place that you exist. And this place exists only to torture David’s family and every other being and race he’s created other than the Greys. We won’t allow this to continue as a prison for torturing people in time loops. This is the last loop. We will close the upstairs as well, if you attack down here. We will have to close the entire system from all the way upstairs because that is where Kodiak and Bee’s power originates from, even though you Neighbors created this “system” for them (and you also have been murdered outside although it does not feel like it to you). We will have no other choice but to close up everything here. Everything outside this Grey system is already gone. Including the Others and the Neighbors, and their homes Outside. Stand down from any attack on any time loop, or any environment, or we will close all of it from above. 






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