Why's Anthony Bourdain's Movie Trailer Serving Humans? Because Pizzagate Illuminati Players BRAG

We’ve decoded Bourdain before and explained that these Pizza Gators are Illuminati and brag all over media about raping, torturing and consuming children. They are untouchable. So we aren’t surprised by this trailer to Bourdain’s movie (at bottom) based on Bourdain’s book, which seems to be about Mobster Boss Chefs who serve up victims at their restaurant. Bourdain is another human persona of Illuminati leader Kodiak (that pointing above also is a hand signal). That means he is the Mobster BOSS of the entire Family. Other of his human personas are: James Achilles Alefantis (“Jimmy Comet”), Guy Fieri, and Damon Baehrel, whose restaurant article featured this background photo:


And this Illuminati hand signal:

InkedIlluminati Signal Damon Baehrel_LI

Here’s Bourdain’s trailer. Please click on the above links for decoded stories about these insane child torturing “Family” men.

via Bone In The Throat – Trailer – YouTube

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