One of Pizzagate Leader Jimmy Comet's Illuminati Code Names is "China" & Earth is "China's Grove" – Doobie Bros Decoded

One of Illuminati leader Jimmy Comet, aka Kodiak’s Code names is “China.”  This Earth is called “China Grove.” The image above is a radar image of Hurricane Matthew. There are no coincidences here in “China’s Grove.” Illuminati people from the “upstairs” or “Future Earth” write many of the tunes we’ve been singing along to for all of our lives. We’ve decoded a lot of tunes here, just click the lyrics category tag to see more. They are interesting and easy to decode for us because we have the sources, the Illuminati who write the songs, here with us on “the Tether.”  The Tether is like a video conference call that is always on, 24/7, inside the minds of the people on the call. It is advanced technology, not collective or individual insanity. Anyway, we are trapped on this conference call, so we make use of it to decode all sorts of things. We like decoding songs because some are overt and simple for us to decode and for you to follow. We also needed a mental health break from Pizzagate and this other hideous Grey occupation situation, but this song turns out to be just as hideous as everything else going on at present. We are truly sorry that this is happening. We are doing everything we can to prevent an attack.

China Grove by the Doobie Brothers (decoded in parentheses)

When the sun comes up on a sleepy little town (Every time a new time loop is opened the Illuminati call that a “sunrise”)  
Down around San Antone (the Illuminati live about 200 years up in the future and descend down to Earth to visit, some of them prey on humans here and other beings. They call Earth “downstairs” or “the South”… The “Marshall” here is Illuminati leader Kodiak, and Texas is one of his Code words. So “down” is Earth and “around San Antone” is just saying down here to Earth or Kodiak’s domain. Kodiak’s domain is Code-worded as “China”)
And the folks are risin’ for another day (We are in a time window in the past here and the Illuminati are the ones opening them. When they created a new “sunrise” by opening a new time window, we are all there, living our lives. We are twins of each other but if they open two identical windows, for example, at that moment our twin lives would begin diverging)
Round about their homes 

The people of the town are strange (we on Earth are strangers to the people Upstairs where the Illuminati actually live. “Stranger” is a Traveler term too for someone who is not a Traveler, but all the Illuminati members also are Travelers)
And they’re proud of where they came (Travelers reference, there are millions of Travelers. There are more Travelers than Strangers by far, in this time loop)
Well, you’re talkin’ bout China Grove (Kodiak’s domain, this time loop. Kodiak is Pan)
Oh, China Grove

Well, the Preacher and the Teacher (Kodiak is “the Preacher” and Illuminati wife Bee is “the Teacher” – we decode David’s Jethro Tull’s song about her called “The Teacher” at this link.)
Lord, they’re a caution
They are the talk of the town
When the Gossip gets to flyin’ (“the Gossip” refers to the “Gets” or “Wizards” in the Travelers. They actually fly)
And they ain’t lyin’ (“ain’t” is a negative word which in the right context means a non-human, and “lyin'” and “liars” also means non-human. In this context they are taking about the Gets. “The Gossip” flies and are non-human beings)
When the sun goes fallin’ down (Bee has the Greys blow up every time loop with an “alien attack” by her invitation. We are standing up and trying to keep this time loop open. If we fail, usually she blows up the loop and then reopens a window to this past of this time loop, and there we all are, with no idea that we’ve been attacked, or will be again. This exact loop has been open for about 50 years, we are told. So you see that we have older relatives here who have noticed no break in continuity of their lives. Illuminati can open loops going back 7 years, any earlier and the us back there is a different us for some reason – things are too different – not sure why)

They say that the Father’s insane (Kodiak, and he is insane, he’s vicious. He’s Jimmy Comet among several other of his human personas such as Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, hence the term “the Father” or “the Preacher”)
And dear missus Perkins a Game (that’s Kodiak’s wife Bee. She’s the Illuminati Card Game controller. She is constantly playing games with all the people in the loops. Her Games include things like the Sandy Hook scam, the “Game of Love” where Hera is raped and tortured to death, and the “Crucifixion of Hera” where she has the Travelers kill Hera at the Gathering and then throw her soul into a cloned body and has the Travelers nail her to a cross and rape her to death with knives, cutting her into pieces and cauterizing the wounds as they go to keep her alive longer.  She’s Marina Abramovic, among many other human personas, including Satanic Priestess Zeena LaVey.  They call her “Dear” Mrs Perkins because Bea calls everyone “Dear.” Her song by Rush called “Fly By Night” (“goodbye my dear”) also is about blowing up the time loops. Rush is a Satanic Illuminati band. Bee writes most of their lyrics, if not all.)
Were talkin’ bout the China Grove
Oh, China Grove (this Earth, in this time loop, is “China’s” (Kodiak’s) Grove, we are the crops here. He calls us “Tacos” and obviously also “Pizzas” and Kodiak also is called “the Chef” because he raises the crops of humans to be tortured and consumed by the Greys and many Reptilians too)

But every Day theres a new thing comin’ (each time loop diverges from the point of origin and so many things are similar but many things are very different. Each time a time loop is opened it is called a “Day”)
The Ways of an oriental view (“Ways” is a Code word for evil Witches, same as “Gets” – but the writers of this song say they are referring to the Greys. Many Greys are Traveler Nines, but they are assumed to be witches. They are Greys.)
The Sheriff and his buddies (Kodiak is the Sheriff and he’s a Grey. His buddies also are Greys, and some are “Gets” who can be humans or Greys)
With their samurai swords (Bee is depicted in the movie Kill Bill. Hera is Beatrix (Uma’s character) and Bee is every one of the females on her “hit list” – all of them, which reflects the fact that Bee has numerous human personas. We’ll decode those movies soon.)
You can even hear the music at night (Hera is Code-worded as “the Music” and after her body is murdered it is called Sundown, because she also is Code-worded as the Sun (these time loops are created specifically by Bee and Kodiak for the purpose of raping, torturing and murdering Hera and David, and their family. That’s unfortunately the point of these time loops. Everything else they are doing here like Pizzagate is just evil occupations while they lie in wait for the main event, killing David and his family. After their bodies are murdered, their souls are tortured. The Greys call that “music” (see their Rush song 2112 and especially the poem at the end of it about their souls “making music.” So this line of the song means that after Hera’s “sun goes down” Bee and Kodiak torture her soul – and the souls of her family too. After that they attack everyone here and use sound guns to blow out people’s eardrums (see their YES song Roundabout), which they also call “music,” before blowing up the entire Earth surface with laser weapons from the sky)

And though it’s a part of the Lone Star State (although it is Kodiak’s domain)
People don’t seem to care (the Greys and Reptilians attack everyone, no one is spared, even the Reptilians here who help attack the humans)
They just keep on lookin’ to the east (the Greys attack from the sky)

Talkin’ bout the China Grove (That’s our time loop. Any time loop where Hera is present it is the main focus. But Kodiak is the Sheriff of all of the time loops)
Oh, China Grove

That is unfortunately the true story of this Earth. We will not allow this to continue. We are closing new time loops as soon as we detect them. If this time loop is attacked, or Hera is attacked, we will close this loop by closing the window to this time loop. We also will close the “upstairs” environment, and every environment where the Greys are found. All the way up. This will not continue. Killing the many, many Greys and hostile Reptilians (not all are, we believe), is impossible without also killing every other living thing. Therefore have told the Greys that we will help them move to another environment. That is where things currently stand. The Greys won’t leave. And if they attack we will have to close this window and all of the windows in this “onion” set up. Earth is at the center. The Greys are stratified all the way up. We will seal off the entire onion and that will be the end of the Greys, but possibly also many humans, Others, Neighbors, Twos and other beings, our family. Therefore we are doing everything we can to persuade the Greys to move out.

This is their latest response. Kodiak is Anthony Bourdain, and Jimmy Comet Alefantis (also Damon Baehrel and Guy Fieri). This quote is from Anthony Bourdain’s latest article which came out yesterday in Thrillist. It directs his Grey army to “get the guns” and “peel back the layers of the onion.”

BourdainGetAGunQuoteWhat Anthony is “saying” is to pay attention to his subtext for a hidden meaning. Kodiak also is Lionel Richie (odd but true, he is not the “nice man” he appears to be). His song “Three Times a Lady” is about Hera dying again and again. We now realize that the “Three” number is important. Kodiak and Bee apparently will rape and torture Hera to death and then move her soul to a cloned body three times before finally torturing her soul and destroying it, in each time loop. Horrific and they brag about it in songs that we all sing along to on the radio. Cat Stevens’s “Moonshadow” – that’s also Kodiak, “if I ever lose my legs, I won’t moan and I won’t beg” – because the Greys paralyze the victim and their vocal cords. Kodiak calls for Hera to be killed in nearly every one of his appearances on TV and in news stories and articles, in his various human personas.

We know what Bourdain is saying, above, to his followers. We aren’t fans of firearms, but we have heard Bee before warn her Reptilians and Greys to “wear Kevlar clothes” and therefore it might be helpful to have a gun. You would have to aim for the head. They have advanced technology, including time travel, so it is reasonable to assume they have actual Kevlar clothing. These attackers on the ground call humans “Tacos” and “Pizzas.” Another persona of Kodiak’s is Anderson Cooper, and in this post he is bragging about being the “Taco Factory Manager and astronaut” because this is his domain, and he is a Grey alien. We are so sorry that we cannot eliminate the Greys from this environment for you.

Here’s another Bourdain quote from the same article. It is “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” but don’t be fooled that Bourdain is objecting. He isn’t. He brags about the “alien attack” planned for this time loop in his persona of Dr. Carver of Sandy Hook, in that famous press conference where Carver giggles and speaks cryptically, which we decode. Here’s Bourdain (Kodiak) seeming to disavow blowing out the time loop. Do not be fooled. See both of our Dr. Carver posts.




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