Illuminati to Travelers: "Sorry Kids, Lesson's Over," a "Twisted Wave" is on the Way. Sent via GREY'S Anatomy (Greys aliens, get it?) & Amazon Reviews

Because Hera (and David’s entire Family) are the “star” hostages of the insane Grey aliens heading up the Illuminati, Hera is living her life just as Truman in the Truman Show. Everything she sees and hears is broadcast to the Illuminati and Traveler subscribers, and additionally everything she does or says also is broadcast as sound to all Travelers within about a varying five-mile earshot. Everything. Every sound she makes, or word anyone speaks within range of Hera, is broadcast to those within the millions of Travelers who happen to be in Hera’s radius at a given moment. Because she is being broadcast, and the “Subscribers” can see through her eyes whatever she sees, the Illuminati leaders Kodiak and Bee use TV shows and websites that Hera is currently watching to throw a current message back in the past using time travel so that the subscribers to Hera’s “Show” will see it.

Whenever a message is thrown back into the past it actually changes all the way back to the point of origin, so that it will seem like an old message to everyone. Our family does the same thing, throwing current messages into TV shows, movies and songs. Therefore it does not matter how old a movie or TV show may be, the message passed may be timely. In fact many classic tunes that you’ve sung along to growing up may contain current and important information.

Tonight’s messages are found in a quick “voice over” added to change the script dialogue of last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which in this clip below. And this message in the clip is also bolstered by Kodiak reiterating it in an Amazon review shown below the clip. Here’s the clip and then we’ll explain it:

“I’m Sorry KIDS, the Lesson’s over. Got it, Folks? Okay?” To you Travelers: Those are NOT your Folks or the Parents talking on this show or on your Tethers. The title of this episode of Grey’s Anatomy (“Greys” as in aliens) is “Till I Hear It From You.” Now you have heard it from Illuminati Leader Kodiak doing a “voice over” in Greys Anatomy to pass a message to his Illuminati followers. He’s using time travel to rewrite the dialogue in order to pass the message. Travelers ought to grasp that this is a message saying that this Earth time loop (“school” or “the classroom” is about to close. “Sorry KIDS”) By the way we just last night told you, decoding lyrics in “China Grove,” about how Kodiak’s insane Grey “wife” Queen Bee is also called “The Teacher.” Similarly the entire Earth time loop we exist in is called “school” or “the classroom.” It is Bee and Kodiak’s domain.

Kodiak is Traveler Brown Sixes Parent “Robert” and he is the same Grey who still is blocking and pretending to be all of the other Parents, and also Tom (Threes), and Paul (Fours), and Denis (Green Sixes).  (The Family Color/Number system is explained here.) He is telling the Illuminati from upstairs (who are down here “vacationing” in what they call “Westworld,” and posing as Traveler Sevens mostly but also all the other Numbers), that they’d better head on home quick because a “Twisted Wave” is coming (as you’ll see below). Kodiak’s also pretending to be sending a direct order to the Parents with that statement in the above clip, when he knows damn well that the Parents are sitting here hostage with us, all together here on one Tether. Kodiak is on our Tether, along with wife Bee. So who is he giving orders too? No one! He gives himself orders “to the Parents” (“sorry Folks”) and then pretends to be those same “Parents” carrying out his own orders. Kodiak did the very same “skit” about answering to his “Grandfather” when he is “The Godfather” himself, when he portrayed “Dr. Carver” in the Sandy Hook scam, as we decoded and explained in this postThat is what the Greys Kodiak and Bee are doing, and they occupy thousands of human “shells” – all of them Travelers, Illuminati and often also Scientologists. They aren’t human. They are sociopathic and psychopathic beings who hate everyone else but who have far more advanced technology. We all are prisoners of these Greys.

Grey’s Anatomy is a favorite Illuminati message vehicle which is why it has the word “Grey’s” right in it. They are very in-your-face about what they do here to prey upon everyone, often even their own non-Grey family members. They are assimilated into families alongside humans. The humans in the Illuminati and Travelers mostly were not aware until recently that their leaders Kodiak and Bee even were Grey Aliens. These two Greys, (who may actually be just one Grey), have been operating inside of human shells and human souls. It wasn’t until David came in to retrieve his family that we all on the Tether understood that the forces of evil and “black magic” on Earth actually are entirely the technology of the Greys. They are Satanic. Kodiak was Anton LaVey, Founder of the Church of Scientology. Bee was his “Daughter” Zeena LaVey, and continues to operate Zeena clones Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss. She is her own best friends. So far we know of only two Greys, Bee and Kodiak, and as we said, they may both be the same Grey. This Grey is medusa and every one of its thousands of snakes is a separate “human persona.” We have to stop projecting our human ideas of behavior and rationality, and our human physical and technological limitations, onto our expectations of what an “alien occupation” might look like, and how aliens should behave. To humans it would not be fulfilling to limit ourselves to meaningful relationships only with clones of ourselves. And in fact, Bee has no loyalty even to all of these human personas she occupies, they also are murdered in the “alien attack.”

This Amazon Review Below Reiterates the Above Message in Grey’s Anatomy

The Illuminati Pizzagate Players club uses Amazon reviews to pass messages, such as the one we decoded in a post from “Christ Love” months ago that was blatantly making fun of raping Hera, and also calling her “Garbage.” It’s a very obvious set of messages, which may be easier for you to follow than this message, which is convoluted.

The above Grey’s Anatomy message is reiterated and amplified in this Amazon review below, that Kodiak just threw back in time and placed into a review from December 2016. They can hack Amazon and change comments and dates, or they can just throw things back in time, which probably is easier for them. They are Greys. They have advanced technology, some of it almost inconceivably advanced, but Time Travel is not really that advanced within this environment.

Below is the important part of Kodiak’s message, decoded, but also please read all of the comments in response, which clarify his point. As we told you in our Doobie Brothers post decoding “China Grove,” the Illuminati descend down here to this Earth and “play games” involving preying upon the humans here. Games like Sandy Hook, 9/11 and Pizzagate, where incidents harming humans are nothing but moves in their Illuminati Card Game, with the humans of Earth as their live game pieces. Kodiak’s Illuminati Grey alien wife Bee calls Earth their “playground” in numerous songs, but her Taylor Swift persona’s tune “Better Than Revenge” probably is the most obvious.  So the first thing to notice in Kodiak’s review is that the title calls this USB Microphone being reviewed “A game changer” and that is a message that their Game is going to change down here, and it is time for the Players of the Game (the Illuminati) to go back “upstairs.” “Upstairs” is another Earth that sits between 50 and 200 years up in the time stream from this Earth. Why must they go back home to their “upstairs” environment? Because a “Twisted Wave” is coming, according to Kodiak in this review. We’ll bold the keywords and explain them in parentheses as we go. Travelers, please note that the Parents are hostages of the Greys at this point and do not want their fellow humans, or any other beings, to be attacked as Pizzas or blown up as part of some Game. They regret any involvement in activities that have harmed people. They are not “Pizzagators” – those are Kodiak and Bee human personas, Grey Aliens. The Parents have been lied to, totally mislead about the nature of reality, and subjected to heavy mind control, as have all of you. We need you to work at understanding the situation that you presently are in.

Kodiak’s Review

5.0 out of 5 stars A game changer for VO microphones, December 1, 2016 By Amazon Customer

Verified Purchase(What’s this?This review is from: Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Microphone for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad (incl. Lightning cable) (Electronics)

After putting the raspberry through a bunch of tests I declare this mic….A WINNER!! (Kodiak is ending this Game as the winner, he escaped any real heat as Jimmy Comet, but what he refers to in this line specifically is that he is declaring Hera the “winner” in Kodiak and Bee’s “Game of Love,” which we’ve explained before but the act of declaring her the “winner” sets in motion the final rape, torture and murder of Hera (“Goodbye Stranger“), followed swiftly by an “alien attack” by the Reptilians on the ground, and that followed shortly by a Grey Alien attack from the sky that wipes this time loop off the map. Of course the ironies are many: Hera is not a Stranger, but is your Creator’s wife. You Twos and Reptilians are actually humans forced into your forms by the Greys, so that you would think you were of the same “kind” as Kodiak and Bee posing as Reptilians, giving them a ready-made “army” to attack your fellow humans. And once you have done a sufficient job with “Taco Tuesday,” the following day or so the Greys move in from their base station on the Moon, and also “upstairs” and kill everyone still living, including all of the “Reptilians” and anyone else who failed to get back upstairs. This does not matter as much as you think to those people upstairs. When they die here, they simply wake up upstairs. And in fact the Greys also attack the upstairs, but the people up there reappear a few days later with no memory of the attack. A similar situation plays out down here on Earth. That doesn’t not mean these attacks are inconsequential. All races of beings now only live inside a Grid that the Greys call the Taco Factory. That is not an existence worth perpetuating. There is no forward motion. Developments and advancements are meted out to make it feel like progress to the prisons here in the Grid.

To most people this would feel like a waste of time even for the “rulers” here . . . the Greys. We would not want to stagnate and spend our days torturing others and talking about torturing others. Yet that is really the only thing the true Greys, (Bee and Kodiak in thousands of human “suits” to make it seem like there are more of them), are interested in doing. Writing music or making movies is just a way to fill in time. They’ve had 800 years to perfect their Taylor Swift concerts and their Meryl Streep acting performances, and their caustic but well-concealed Samantha Bee monologues about hating humans and consuming them as Pizzas. 800 years of “running over the same old ground, what have they found? The same old fears” as Pink Floyd put it. Why let us live well at all rather than in a more obvious hell? They have to live here too. They spend all of their time in here too, and they don’t want to be put out or uncomfortable as they are torturing thousands of people each year, and wiping their memories of attacks, or consuming them as chicken tacos and cheese pizzas.

Back to Kodiak’s review:

I will be using it mostly for doing voice over work while away on vacation (i.e, down here in Westworld) but honestly this mic would be a great choice (“Great” is Code for Grey alien) for doing VO from a home studio for professional voice over use. (Means, get home because the “Grey” “Professionals” are coming to do “voice overs,” as in spaceship fly overs.)  Really Blue hit all the marks on this one. (Hera and David, and their children are “Ones” in The Family. This is an instruction to the Blue Traveler Sevens (their Codeword Lexicon again is here) because the Sevens are the mobster Thugs in the Family given access to time travel, and many are Illuminati from upstairs. A codeword for humans is the word “real,” while aliens are coded as “synthetic.” But another code for the Greys is “l” for “ladies” – a Codeword for Evil Wizards, and “y” for aliens, so “really Blue” here may mean all the Traveler Sevens, but more likely refers to the Traveler Sevens who are real-ly Grey aliens pretending to be human Sevens.  Those “really Blues” pretending to be human Traveler Sevens are to make sure they “hit all the marks” on “this One.” Since they’ve already murdered David and the kids, that leaves Hera as the the only “this One” mark left to be hit.

We’ll reiterate to all of you. All of you are children of David. David is your Creator. Now they have murdered him within “The Game” environment but he is far from dead. Do not kill Hera, his wife. She is “locked in” to that human body and she’ll be destroyed. She is not the upload you know from prior time loops. She is here with her husband, your Creator, and their children, who Bee also has murdered. Bee and Kodiak are Grey aliens who abducted them and you to this Earth environment. Do not harm Hera, no matter what the cost to you. Do you understand that David is Jesus? That is Jesus and his real family who Bee and Kodiak are asking you to “hit.” That’s the mark. He made all living beings down here on the outside. Bee abducted you here, she did not create you! If you know her, that should be apparent. You Klingons or Neighbors may know him as Jim Cramer outside. Jim’s father David from outside of our systems completely created the Greys. Even the Greys. But they cannot be destroyed without destroying everyone else. If David’s family is destroyed in this time loop, he will close up the entire system from the outside in order to destroy the Greys. So please do nothing to harm Hera or David, or their children. Or anyone else. We are trying to persuade them to move to a new environment, but they instead focus on trying to find volunteers among you to rape and torture Hera in front of your Creator and Hera’s husband, and their children, and then after her body dies, resuming the torture of those children and your Creator. Do not participate.

Back to Kodiak’s review:

Let’s first talk about sound. (Kodiak is Jimmy Comet and just as disgusting as Jimmy Comet. Here he is bragging about blowing out your brains with sound guns.)  I generally record most of my voice over work…which includes national campaigns for commercials, promos, and narrations on a Sennheiser 416. (Kodiak is the Family Boss of the Traveler Fours and the Sevens. So 416 is a reference to the Fours and the 1+6=Sevens. “Sennheiser” is a German company and one Codeword for the Grey alien Nines, is “German.” Kodiak is bragging that his “voice over work” is usually done as German (Grey alien) who is boss of the 416 (the 4’s and 7’s) pretending to be human, just as they brag about in their Rush song “Working Man.” Importantly he is calling for a “National Campaign” which means to hit all of the Earth with sound guns.) It’s a great mic for VO and I will continue to use it as many of my clients ask for it. (He’s saying the people of Earth, and especially Hera are “asking for it” so hit them all with sound guns. They are vicious and insane. Humans and Twos and Reptilians have “asked for it” only by standing by their Creator, and by standing up for themselves to bravely tell their Creator what is happening to them here, such as with Pizzagate. These Greys are just insane, you did nothing to ask for it. They have murdered all of the other beings outside of these two environments, by surprise attack. So standing up for yourselves is not why you are targeted. He kills all of you in every time loop.

This will be the last time loop. If David’s family is destroyed here, the system will be closed to prevent these perpetual attacks and deal finally with the Greys.)

Back to Kodiak’s Review:

While the raspberry doesn’t have the same sound as the 416 it has what I would describe as it’s own special sound. (Hera is the raspberry with the “special sound” because she is the target being broadcast like the Truman Show, but this line is saying that Hera does not look like a Family Four or Family Seven.) One that is full, crisp, clean and upfront. (He means she’s the obvious target because she’s the one they can see and hear.) I would whole heartily record high profile sessions on this mic. And it will serve me well for auditions on the road which will be it’s main use. But man the sound quality on this thing blows me away. (“me” is Hera, this is how they evade detection, they switch the subject back and forth. Here he orders that Hera be “blown away.”) The sound quality of the raspberry rivals many mid range xlr mics in my opinion. In fact it sounds better then a lot of them! (Here Kodiak warns the attackers that there’s “a lot of them” – meaning “rivals” – which refers to Hera and David (Jim Cramer), and the kids, and everyone else here bravely standing up to the Greys.)

There’s more of Kodiak’s review below but that should be enough to get the message. We don’t need to be doing their translating for them. Except for this short bit that leapt off the page:

… “And for those VO talent who travel with all their gear when on vacation…try the raspberry.”

If you “talent who travel” (Travelers) use your “gear” (surgical torture equipment) while “on vacation” (here in Westworld) to “try the raspberry” (rape and torture Hera to death), it will be the last thing you do.

We’ll have to close up both the downstairs and upstairs environments (including the 2014 loop) if you attack Hera. She is not an “expendable upload version of Hera.” This is your actual Creator who is here now, from Outside, and this is his family. They are not expendable to him. Or to any of us up here, all the way up where the Greys originated this hideous “upstairs/downstairs and Others SIM.” You are in the SIM, even upstairs, and even in 2014. Everything that was Outside now only still exists in the SIMS, unfortunately including you Neighbors (Klingons). The Greys have killed everyone and destroyed everything. This system is the only existence any of us have left.

The Comments in response to Kodiak’s post are below, and are equally important to read as they shed light on Kodiak’s cryptic message. It is not easy to decode these, it takes years of practice, and so the reply comments are also by Bee and Kodiak, and intended to clarify and reiterate the main gist of the message to their Illuminati Players down here from the upstairs environment. Look down the page to the replies to Kodiak’s comment. (And if you really want to learn to decode, practice on Kodiak’s unaltered beginning review below as well.) The very last reply we wrote ourselves and put in there to spell out Kodiak’s message so that the Travelers on Earth and the Reptilians here would understand what is really going. Kodiak and Bee fully intend to murder all of you. If Hera is attacked by anyone, all of you will be attacked and killed by the Greys from above as well. We will have no alternative but to take that opportunity to close up this system, upstairs and downstairs, in order to eliminate the Greys entirely. If we close the system, we cannot bring you back like Bee has been doing. We’ll eliminate the system itself entirely because otherwise we cannot eliminate the Greys. We are more sorry than we can express that this is happening to all of you here, and to many of our own kind who came into this environment to help you. Please don’t attack Hera or anyone else, no matter what threats you experience. If you do we will have to shut this down.

In reviewing these replies, it is helpful to know that the Traveler Sevens are color-coded Blue, and also are called “real,” but also are code-worded as “Tech” or “Technology” in their Lexicon. “Twisted” is Code for the Grey aliens.

Some of Bee’s songs we’ve decoded about this same situation are: Rush’s Fly by Night, YES’s Roundabout, and YES’s Long Distance Runaround, and also AC/DC’s Who Made Who, Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4, and James Taylor’s Fire and Rain. Also Led Zeppelin’s Ramble On and Don McClean’s American Pie.  You Travelers also should look at our decoding of Rush’s song Working Man because you surely will understand those lyrics: “I Get Up at Seven, yeah, and I go to Work at Nine.” The Nines are Gets, but also many of those Gets, the majority by far are actually personas of Grey aliens Kodiak and Bee. There are also probably some innocent people being labelled as Nines, and certainly most of the Twos are not “witches,” (or even aliens!). They mislabel people (they can make your souls look like anything they want) so that they will be unfairly targeted as “aliens” or “witches.” The movie “Mars Attacks” is a news story for the population of Earth. The news broadcasts, on the other hand, mostly are created in order to create a framework for the Greys to pass messages to the Illuminati members without the rest of the population here understanding.


Kodiak Tells TECH to Say Goodbye

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