Pizzagate House Band Heavy Breathing's Illuminati Message: Playing Musical Chairs with David's Family WILL END YOU FOREVER.

Halloween is cancelled.


The Heavy Breathing video below is an example of how the Illuminati throw current messages into old videos using the time machine. This video was posted on You Tube on Oct 23, 2011, but it contains information for the “upstairs” Illuminati people for this week’s developments (April 1, 2017).  It was posted by Pizzagator Jabbaroos, famous from JimmyComet’s Instagram feed, and it is the only thing he has posted. This means that Jabbaroos is an Illuminati Pizzagator with Time Machine access, which we already knew because we decoded some of his Instagram photos a couple of weeks ago on our blog, and all of those were about burning the evidence and preparing to leave this time loop we call “Earth.” The original posting date of 10-23-2011 can be decoded as 10 and 5, (adjacent numbers are added together), which both mean law enforcement is watching, (same as “dropping the dime” on someone aka “nickel and diming” someone), and 2011 can be read as either 2 and 1+1,  so 2 and 2, or added all together to equal 4.

While “222” is Code for a “Get” (black-magic wizard), and there are Gets flying around on the screen in the background of this and other Heavy Breathing videos, Kodiak is head of the Family Fours. So in this case, Jabbaroos is letting follower’s know that Kodiak is the one passing the messages, as head of the Illuminati and Traveler Family Fours.

The message in the information on the you tube page for the video, and Majestic Ape’s dialogue in the video itself, says that “playing Chairs” with Hera is out because the authorities (the “5 and dimes”) are watching, and also as the video at the bottom of the page explains, you could “meet your maker” if you do “play chairs,” because “those chairs are unstable.” Since you are Satanic, your “maker” is Satan in the video. There is a warning with the same message in this Simpson’s image which shows that playing the “Game of Love” with Hera, is playing with dynamite:

Hera “winning” the Game of Love

What is musical chairs? This stuff is very confusing to outsiders but the Illuminati and certain travelers and all Pizzagators know exactly what these messages are. They do this “rape, torture and murder show” all the time to many victims. It involves paralyzing the victim in a chair and cutting off their arms and legs, cauterizing the wounds as they go along, and gang-raping the victim’s torso until the victim dies, slowly.  That is the Illuminati Pizzagator coterie’s plan for Hera, as we’ve posted about numerous times.

You can read more about “playing musical chairs” with Hera and other Illuminati victims, in our decoding of Bohemian Rhapsody (as in “Bohemian Grove”), by Queen in that underlined link, and by clicking the “Game of Love” category tag to this post.

The gist of the message from Majestic Ape in the video below is: If you Illuminati and Travelers play musical chairs with Hera, it will be the last thing you do. The “chairs” are unstable and you will “meet your maker” (Satan, in this video), in a real and eternal way.

To you Satanic players:  You will meet your maker if you attack Hera. Your “maker” is her husband David. That is why in this video Bee, playing the role of the tranny “Majestic Ape,” says that you will meet Satan if you are in “chairs.” “Chairs are unstable and you’ll fall through the floor” and “meet Satan.” That is thinly veiled Code to the Satanic Illuminati and Travelers that you will meet your maker if you play chairs with Hera, instead you should head home “upstairs.” The message at the top of this page reiterates that “Halloween is cancelled this year.”

There will be no “Game of Love” played with my wife. I will not only kill you in this time loop, your existence will come to a rapid conclusion in every environment, and for all time, if you attempt to attack Hera. – David (from outside of both environments)

Before the video below is yet another image depicting the planned attack on Hera recently posted (in the last week) on Instagram by Nilay Lawson, Jimmy Comet’s pal and another “human persona” of Bee. Bee often has someone with no legs roll out in a wheelchair in front of Hera when she is out in public to threaten her so that she’ll return to her in-home confinement. She has been Bee and Kodiak’s (Marina and Comet’s) prisoner on an invisible electronic leash for ten years. Now they plan to cut off her arms and legs and rape her to death in front of her children. They actually plan to do this and because they are capable of moving her to an empty time loop to accomplish it, law enforcement is just as helpless as Hera is. But I am not helpless and can reach Hera in any environment, which is why Majestic Ape is warning you to stay away. And also why the above Instagram is telling you that Halloween is cancelled. This is your actual Creator’s family. God’s family. You may not believe it, but it is true. We are doing everything we can to help you. Help us by protecting Hera and David, and their family as best you can. That is what we are doing and that is why all of the Parents, the Traveler Parents and much of the Illuminati are now hostages along with Hera. We all stand together with David. 

Notice in Nilay Lawson’s painting that the guy on the right is wearing a Traveler’s Hat, and a brown jacket that symbolizes the Family Sixes, color-coded Brown. Kodiak is the leader of the Brown Sixes, and calls himself “Robert” as head of that group. The guy in the wheelchair with no legs represents Hera. Nilay Lawson is another human persona of Illuminati Leader “Queen Bee.” Her Illuminati husband is Kodiak, aka Jimmy Comet, and just two days ago Kodiak declared Hera “the winner” of their “Game of Love,” (we didn’t post that clip), which means he has declared the Illuminati’s lifelong attacks on Hera to be “Game Over,” which is meant to trigger a final attack which takes days to weeks but kills her, followed by blowing up the entire time loop. Since “Halloween is cancelled” because the authorities both Earthly and not are guarding Hera, Kodiak and Bee have declared that they will just skip right to the “alien attack” part of closing this time loop. This is the last time loop. If you close it or attack it we will close all of the environments, including the Upstairs and Outside environments, to be sure that this never happens again to anyone.


Hera “winning” the Game of Love

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