10 You Tube "Unexplained Mysteries in The Sky" – Explained

We explain what is going on and yet people do not seem to catch on that we are speaking from first hand knowledge, and we are giving you the facts. We can explain these “unexplained mysteries” but you will have to do the work yourselves to verify what we say to your own satisfaction. You’ll have to take the time to read our blog, if you want to understand all of the moving parts of our current situation.

We continue to be boggled that so many people see this footage and yet fail to absorb the inescapable conclusion that our reality is an advanced simulated system. The black rings in the video below were written in the clouds and then erased right in plain view. They can write on the sky and erase drawings in the clouds, and of the clouds, because this sky is a ceiling. It is similar to the overhead projectors we all grew up with in school. There is no space. The city in the clouds appeared as a result of the Greys moving an adjacent time loop too close to our own, probably to facilitate the transfer of humans and others from one time loop to another. This is a Grey Grid that we currently live in and we are doing everything we can to move them out of here. These Greys are Pizzagate. They attack and consume humans, preferably children, according to their own words.

It is imperative that people wake up to what is going on around them as this situation has reached its boiling point due to the relentless pursuit of pizzagate prosecutions by thousands of ordinary citizens. We will never stop working to end child and adult trafficking. But we must also realize who our enemy is. Their names are Kodiak and Bee, and they are the Grey aliens who occupy thousands of “human suits” or personas, including Jimmy Comet and Marina Abramovic. They are non-human people who can write on the sky and travel through time. It’s not “magic” – it’s technology. If we want to save these Pizzagate victims, and humanity itself, we all must wake up to what is undeniably occurring all around us.



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