UPDATED Pizzagate: Recording Terrorizing a Child IS John Podesta; and Jimmy Comet’s “PandaLove” is Code for GANG RAPE Wearing Hockey Masks.

This video below absolutely contains the voice of John Podesta during a Heavy Breathing show. We know this for fact, but also the boy in the video screams his name – “John.” This video is very disturbing and we only want to additionally explain what Podesta means when he says: “He’s just a kid who’s four, every day I grow some more.”  What this means is that this child is four and likely has been living in this cage for his entire life. John Podesta is an Illuminati Pizzagator, and probably is another human persona of Kodiak, the leader of the entire Illuminati who also is Jimmy Comet. Kodiak has thousands of human personas, many of whom rape and torture children, women and men. Most serial killers are human personas of either Kodiak or his Illuminati wife “Queen Bee.”  We know that Jimmy Comet is Kodiak, and Jimmy Comet himself told us in Code that he has Pizza Ovens that clone and gestate human children to be raised in cages and raped and tortured until they die. He brags about the same situation through another human persona of his, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, here talking in Code about being the Taco Factory Manager. Since John Podesta is claiming to be the one who makes more children to be tortured, it’s highly likely that Podesta is another human persona of Kodiak’s.

Additionally, we’ve been explaining for months that to the Illuminati a “Day” is Code for one of Hera’s lifespans in a time loop. Each time loop is created and ends with the birth and death of Hera in a new body. They are murdering her over and over again in these time loops. Earth is in a time loop too. The loops are created by the Illuminati opening windows into the past, which duplicates the population. Everyone here is the same, or more accurately they are twins of you, as from the moment of new time loop’s creation you and your new “twin’s” lives will diverge. Hera however is not twinned. Her soul is thrown into a different body in each time loop. In the last time loop it was in Gwyneth Paltrow’s current body, which is why the Comet house band Heavy Breathing flashes images of Paltrow in their videos, and why Bee posts references to “Lady Gwen” in her Coded messages about Hera. To “call it a Day” in Illuminati code is to begin the final attack on Hera where she is killed, followed by blowing up the entire Earth time loop with a “surprise” invited alien attack by the Reptilians on the ground, followed by an air attack by the Greys to wipe out everyone, including the Reptilians who attacked the humans on the ground. Here’s two Pizzagator’s Coded messages about blowing up this time loop:

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.14.21 a
We on Earth are “dying” and so headed to the “discount bin.” These Greys will blow up our time loop as the Pizzagate Kings “discard their corpses” (and the Earth’s population) to move on to another time loop.
When Humpty falls off the wall there is no putting him back together again, so it is time to close out this time loop with an alien attack.
End of the World cboutlier
Time for Earth to be blown up in an alien attack.
Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.16.43 a
“Annual” tradition is Code for a tradition done in every time loop. This tradition is closing out “China Grove” (we decoded for you two days ago, Jimmy Comet is “China” in Illuminati Code, and Earth is “China’s Grove”) with a “Star Wars” alien attack. Hence “Star Wars + Chinese Food” and humans are Chinese food.

So what Podesta is saying in the video is that he will grow new children to rape and torture to death by opening up new time loop, starting a “new Day” as those people spring to life. “He’s just a kid who’s four, every day I grow some more.”

We implore you in law enforcement to understand that these Pizzagate Illuminati Players are not human. They are eternal Grey aliens who can’t be killed, and they are eternal human Illuminati who as the human they occupy is killed, simply jump out and move on to another “human suit” or persona. What this means is that you will have to go after the human personas such as Jimmy Comet and the Podestas, and obviously the band Heavy Breathing. Very importantly, it also means that you cannot follow conventional “procedures” to deal with these people. These eternal people occupy every high-level government job. If you are going to help any of these children, who are being caged and tortured for years, you must forget about constitutional rights and jury trials, and even traditional methods of conducting investigations. Extra-terrestrials who rape and torture, and consume, humans don’t qualify for Constitutional protections. This is Bin Laden times one million. In fact these same Illuminati players occupy the Bush family and they set in motion the attacks on 9/11, as we explain in this post and several others. Who do you take your orders from when the President himself is rogue? We cannot do nothing. Watch this video. It is not okay to do nothing simply because there’s no protocol for this situation. Make one up. We must at least try to find some of these children. We are told by Illuminati members that they actually do keep caged children in the tunnels at Cern, and in Colorado and New Mexico, and maybe others. Check Damon Baehrel’s property in New York, he is another human persona of Kodiak’s who also talks about killing humans and feeding them to other humans who visit his restaurant. And look at this image from Baehrel’s restaurant interview below. The Illuminati make that happen, it is not a coincidence.


“He’s just a kid who’s four, every day I grow some more.” Every time loop that Jimmy the alien, hence the nickname “Comet,” opens gives new life to a new “Crop” of humans. That’s why Anderson Cooper (also Kodiak) calls himself the Taco Factory Manager, and Jimmy Comet (Kodiak) calls himself the Pizza Baker with “Three Ovens,” which refers to Traveler Family Threes.  They call humans “Tacos,” “Pizzas,” “Crops,” and also “Bamboo” because like bamboo humans can be quickly “grown” by opening a new time window to our past, and also because humans are (and Bamboo is) the primary food of Pandas:

Panda Eating Bamboo
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 2.58.56 p
Comet Pizza Band Heavy Breathing’s Lead “Artist” Majestic Ape
The parents of the “#Hotard” infant like this – #cumpanda
CBoutlier Illuminati Cheese Steak
A Cheese Steak is a Dead Girl Pizza; Secrets of the Universe is a Reference the the Illuminati’s Pizzagate Players Club. That’s CBoutlier’s idea of “Heaven” – notice also the sky looks much more like Hell, and that is because they are Satanic, and Hell is their “Heaven”
Gang Rape Panda Cumhole
Panda Cumhole is a reference to Gang-raping a victim while wearing hockey masks
Hotel Comet
Hotel Comet = Hotel California, which is Hearst Castle with ties to Comet’s Buck’s Fishing and Camping (read our post on it)

Werkinonmahnightcheese Panda

Pandas filling a “box” which is a slang term for female parts. This is a reference to gang rape. They give the victim an episiotomy and all rape the “hole” together. See our post called “Tortures of Choice” and others.

barbariansMasks Comet

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 1.38.08 p
Panda Ping Pong is what they call it when they rape a victim to death and then take turns beating on the victim’s SOUL which is the ping pong ball. We’ll cover this in a Heavy Breathing post soon.
Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 4.30.56 p
Illuminati Masks and Pandas (Hockey Masks)

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 4.31.46 p

Still frame from Comet Pizza’s frequent band Heavy Breathing’s “The Neutered Noel” video:

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.42.20 a

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 2.58.56 p
Lead Panda: Comet Pizza Band Heavy Breathing’s “Majestic Ape”

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.51.59 a

Thank’s to Christopher Stokes for this very important video evidence, via John podesta beating a little kid at a heavy breathing show #pizzagate – YouTube



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