InfoWars Video: Reptilians Trump & Comet Pumped by Alex Jones, Their Illuminati "Agent In Place" (#Pizzagate)

The Illuminati Card Game is a real Game that members play. There are numerous Earth time loops or “versions of Earth,” the main difference being the order in which the Illuminati Cards are dealt from the deck and played by the members. Alex Jones stumping for Trump, who we’ve known for years is a “human persona” of Illuminati head Kodiak, was a mystery to us. Kodiak’s other human personas include James Alefantis. Alex is involved with the Illuminati so how could he not know that?

The mystery of Alex’s support for Trump but disdain for Jimmy Comet was solved when Alex abruptly apologized to Comet for unfairly targeting him, just as Trump declared Alex Jones “the Real News.” Give us a break! You’d have to be blind and hypnotized not to see that the Podestas, and Jimmy Comet and his Heavy Breathing pals, not only are pedophiles but also are the procurers of children to sell as “Pizzas” to other pedophiles. Thus Alex dropping Jimmy Comet from his list of suspects strongly suggested that Alex is this time loop’s “Agent in Place.”

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The Agent in Place Illuminating playing card is played by having a sleeper secret supporter in place representing the opposition for a long period of time. At the right moment, the Agent in Place card is played to turn the tide on a particular storyline. Just in case we had any lingering doubts, we no longer do after seeing this video below of Alex Jones pumping the clearly Reptilian Donald Trump for President of “the Free World.”

The Illuminati are Satanic and for that and other reasons pose an existential threat to the entire Earth population, including the humans, Twos and Others here, and even other Reptilians, who do not enjoy raping, torturing and consuming children and adults. Trump is Jimmy Comet. They both are “human personas” of the same Illuminati leader called Kodiak. And Alex is his Agent in Place.

As we’ve talked about in many posts, there are numerous time loops or alternative versions of Earth running at the same time. The Illuminati is led by Grey aliens and they open windows to our past to create time loops, they then play a Card Game placing bets on how things will turn out in different scenarios. The cards are all the same, it is the order in which they are played that makes the time loops different. In this loop Kodiak has played the Agent in Place card, mobilizing his sleeper agent Alex Jones to take the Pizzagate heat off of his Jimmy Comet human persona. Alex also was instrumental in getting Kodiak’s Trump persona elected President.

This video below was touted by Alex Jones as proof that Trump should be elected President, and of course he was. What is more interesting about the video, however, is that it unmistakably shows Trump’s eyes shifting from those of a human with round pupils to a Reptilian’s with lizard slits.

Here’s Alex Jones’s Trump pump, in slow motion to show his eyes flashing Reptilian. Trump is not our answer to Pizzagate. He is Jimmy Comet himself. He is John Podesta and Tony Podesta. His Illuminati wife Queen Bee is Mary Podesta, and Marina Abramovic, and oddly enough Taylor Swift, who is a clone of Satanic Priestess Zeena LaVeyKodiak is Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. His human persona of James Alefantis also has a clone, Mark Strassmann of CBS News. These Satanic Illuminati leaders are Grey aliens who simultaneously occupy thousands of human personas, all of whom prey upon the human race and the other beings such as the Alien Twos here, to varying degrees. They are insane. They are friends with themselves! You cannot apply human sensibilities to these people. Their entire existences are spent either attacking and consuming humans, or talking in Coded speech about attacking and consuming humans. It’s what they are all about. Trump is one of them. The Leader in fact. And Alex Jones is his Illuminati “Trump card” – the “Agent in Place.”

Original video from InfoWars Channel:

via New Video Surfaces Showing What Donald Trump Really Believes – YouTube

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