(@FBI) Pizzagate: The Most Important Video of Comet Band "Heavy Breathing" (Satanic Illuminati)

This video slows down a video by Heavy Breathing, a band that frequently plays at Comet Pizza. The band is Satanic Illuminati, and Pizzagate Players, which we know from decoding their lead “artist” Majestic Ape’s monologues. We’ll decode more of her speeches soon. But this video needs no decoding. It is called the Neutered Noel. It’s horrific, please watch it through, especially the second half where the video images are slowed down for you. All we need to add for commentary is that all of the torture scenes depicted in this video are things that Comet and the Podestas, and the band Heavy Breathing, actually do to children, animals, and adults.

They are Satanic Grey aliens. That is what they are. They rape, torture and consume humans. It occupies nearly all of their thoughts. They have been preying on humans here for hundreds of years. You just don’t remember. Our hope is that we’ll get the word spread far and wide, and collectively remind each other. We have to stay awake and remember what is happening to us here, or it will continue to happen. The Greys have used the media and their ability to travel in time to make mocking news and sci-fi stories out of alien visitor lore. They see what we are doing in the present to combat them and they step back in our past to an earlier time and take action to counteract whatever we have done. We need to remember what they are doing, and stop them to the extent that we are able from inside of this Grid. Their Grid. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.11.03 a

More images of a woman’s breasts, in the above video they are stitched together rather than cut off as in these images by the same Illuminati Pizzagators, Marina Abramovic (left) and Taylor Swift (right) – both the same Grey alien called “Queen Bee”:

Here’s one still from the above video, and a painting from Pizzagate perpetrator Kim Noble:

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.36.04 a

Kim Noble painting also depicting child’s souls rising from dead bodies


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