Pizzagate: Hotel Comet's Illuminati Band Heavy Breathing Tells You WHO & WHAT THEY ARE In This Video

A little background: We’ve explained in many posts that Jimmy Comet is the leader of the Illuminati, who calls himself Kodiak in that group. The Illuminati have certain locations that serve as “time portals” where members can step into a door in one year and out another door into another time loop, in another year, which can be an earlier year for this Earth, or into another parallel time loop altogether. According to Illuminati leader Kodiak and the Illuminati members, Chef Damon Baehrel has such a portal on his restaurant property in New York.  Baehrel is another “human persona” of Illuminati leader Kodiak. Another portal is at Hearst Castle, which is in active use by the Illuminati in other time loops, and also was the inspiration for the song “Hotel California.” The Illuminati people hostage here on **”the Tether” with us also tell us that the entire Washington DC city block with Comet Pizza, Besta Pizza, Politics & Prose, and Comet’s other restaurant Buck’s Camping also is a time portal. All of this explains why this image is tagged as “Hotel Comet.”

Hotel Comet
Hotel Comet = Hotel California, which is Hearst Castle with ties to Comet’s Buck’s Fishing and Camping (read our post on Comet’s “Hotel California”)

An Illuminati code word for Jimmy Comet is “China” and a few days ago we decoded the song “China Grove” by the Doobie Brothers. In short, Jimmy Comet is China and all of the Earth time loops are “China’s Grove.” He is head of the entire Illuminati. We occupants of Earth are his human crop, the bamboo grove, where Comet and his Panda Pals come to eat (prey upon us as well as consume us), as we explained in a post about Comet’s Panda references yesterday.

**The Tether mentioned above is advanced Grey alien technology (the leaders of the Illuminati are Greys, including Jimmy Comet) that allows people to carry on conversations inside their heads without others hearing. It’s like a 24/7 video conference call that certain people can get on and off of at will, while others are stuck on all the time, such as victims of Pizzagate. There is no need for a “dark web broadcast” when the Pizzagators can see and feel everything going on with the victim beamed directly into their heads via the tether. We are (David’s family) tapped into one Tether arrangement that has on it many Illuminati humans, the Traveler “Parents,” tens of regular Travelers from all number groups, people from the “upstairs” or Future Earth environment, and Illuminati leaders Kodiak, Queen Bee and Bee’s “daughter” Little Bee, who’s really just another clone of Queen Bee. We’re on 24/7. As we come across Pizzagate or other important information we discuss it as a group. This along with years of decoding practice is how we are able to explain and decode what is going on in a lot of these videos for you on our blog.

We have known Kodiak and Queen Bee for at least 2000 years. The Illuminati are not typical humans, and neither are we. We can jump out of our human bodies and move around in soul form. All humans could do it except that Queen Bee and Kodiak have you “locked in” to your bodies. By jumping out we retain memory. David created the original humans and all the other beings and you have been abducted to this environment by Bee and Kodiak, who have been attacking our family, including all of you for the past 2000 years. This Earth environment has been a prison for humans, Twos, Neighbors (Klingons), Reptilians and Others for the last 800 years. Kodiak and Bee are Greys. They pretend to care about other groups but they prey upon and viciously attack and destroy every other group, even their supposed allies. Even the people who built their home for them. Even their own Creator from the Outside.

The consensus among us is that Little Bee is Majestic Ape of Heavy Breathing, (aka Amanda Kleinman), the band from Comet Pizza (and Little Bee has confirmed this). Below is a still frame and then one of their videos where Amanda Kleinman is talking about “the Tether” technology, also shown in this Simpsons still image that we’ve explained before.

Marge Simpson talking on the tether
Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 5.15.28 p
Majestic Ape talking into your head on the Tether, with the Illuminati infinity spirals in the background.

Here’s the full Heavy Breathing video itself, it is an IndieGogo fundraising video for the record “Airtight” which obviously is a reference to suffocation but probably also to Kodiak’s and Bee’s common practice of storing human souls after killing their bodies in order to torture them into perpetuity, as in black-magic voodoo practices. Note this first image in the still of the video as well, it shows a man on the left who is skinned alive, which they do, and a pregnant woman on the right. These are Grey aliens and they are truly horrific and disgusting. They are Satanic but they also are not human to begin with. They clone human bodies and then occupy those. But your logic and sensibilities do not apply to those “humans.” They are monsters who must be stopped. They are Jimmy Comet, Heavy Breathing, Marina Abramovic, and numerous other people who we have named on this blog. And, yes, because they are on our Tether, they see us writing this blog calling for them to be killed or otherwise stopped, as we type it. And we are tortured for doing it. But this information must be shared.

Notes on the above video:

1. Opening scene is Illuminati escape room/hallway.

2. The light above the door labelled “3” is in the shape of Angel wings. Three is shorthand for 666. (See our Illuminati Lexicon here.) The whole image thus signifying a Satanic Angel’s doorway or Gateway. Bee is an Illuminati leader as well, and therefore a Gatekeeper of the time portals. They aren’t portals to hell. They are portals to other time loops, some of them hellish but not actually hell. Similarly, these Greys are Satanic but not actually demons and certainly not fallen Angels. There is no such thing as Fallen Angels. That is something the Greys cooked up and wrote into history with their time travel access. They have no concept of Heaven, and no regard for our Creator.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 5.15.54 p

3. Hello “Friend” – which is a Traveler/Illuminati greeting meaning a member of the club or “brotherhood,” and “I can see you” is a reference to the fact that she actually can see any of you, anywhere, anytime. These Greys and their advanced tech can see anything, anywhere, anytime. They can read your unopened mail. They do watch you at home. If they feel like it, they broadcast you into the heads of the Illuminati, Travelers, Scientologists, or anyone else that they want, including Pizzagators. They can also see as if looking through your eyes, exactly as you see things, and hear exactly as you hear things.

4. “There’s no need to speak, I will send my thoughts directly to your mind.” – That’s the Tether.

giphy (1).gif

5. Notice the “bestselling book” referenced at :54 is published by “Glove Books” and describes a “masked life coach” (Majestic Ape). “Gloves” are a reference to bondage and torture, as is making a doctor reference. Recently these insane, evil people even had Mike Pence calling a hit on Hera during CBS news, and how they do that is by flashing the “Gloves” and also the name of the target, encoded. Pence’s religious reverence obviously is a facade. Pence did not just call for Hera to be killed, the gloves signal that the victim is to have their legs cut off and cauterized and their torso raped to death with knives. NilayLawson, a JimmyComet Instagram associate (who’s actually another human persona of Queen Bee), called for the same hit on Hera just a couple of days ago, as we posted here. These Satanic beings often hide behind religion. Another human persona of Comet’s is Donald Trump.  Same Satanic Grey alien. The “masked life coach” in the :54 frame also is a clue, whenever Little Bee is giving “advice” she calls it “life lessons.” So look for those Code words in videos and articles, even in Instagrams, to detect “Little Bee’s” commentary.

6. At 1:17 Ape dials “80085” which is first a reference to infinity – “8008” – an Illuminati reference, and the “5” is an “S.”

7. Pay attention beginning at 1:45 to the handsignals. Do they remind you of anyone? They reminded us of Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer impersonation, and Little Bee confirms that Melissa is one of her “human personas.” They can be very insightful and funny, but they can’t refrain from harming humans (and Twos/Reptilians and Others. And Neighbors. And anyone not Grey). Another Bee persona is Samantha Bee, decoded before here, and here.


8. Why does the co-head of the Illuminati bother raising money via this video when she can practically print money herself? To pass the time. And as part of their Illuminati Card Game, which also is played to pass the time. For the same reason they pull off scams like Sandy Hook. Bee is Victoria Munoz, crisis actor, which we’ve talked about in numerous places on the blog. She shows up at every “false flag” not because “the government” is placing a “CIA operative” there, but because it is “fun” to show up on camera at every scam. She is playing “where’s Waldo” with the world.

Below is Bee cruising through the set of Charlie Chaplin’s “Circus” in the 1920s, on a cell phone, and stopping by the set to be photographed for her Satanic band Rush’s album cover for Moving Pictures, wearing almost the same outfit.  Remember they can jump into numerous “human suits” or personas, so physical attributes do not have to carry over for it to be the same person, but this matronly persona, or “Aunt Bea,” is a favorite of Little Bee’s. It’s in this persona that she says “Goodbye my Dear” in her song Fly By Night, decoded here.

9. At 3:08 Majestic Ape tells you that they are Grey Aliens, with this screen: 

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 5.22.11 p

This image is Heavy Breathing telling you that they are Grey Aliens. You just have to wrap your head around it. They are very overt. It is no joke.





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