Complicity: Ivanka's a Pizzagate Pig With Better Lipstick, Although You Don't Want to Believe It

It is shocking but you really must come to understand that two Grey aliens rule the entire “Earth” and hold everyone else here hostage. They are Kodiak and Queen Bee. Those two evil beings occupy thousands of “human personas” including the child-torturing Jimmy Comet and John Podesta, etc., and also Donald and Ivanka Trump. They really do. They are Illuminati, and they are Satanic. These two are the Founders of the Church of Satan, Anton and Zeena LaVey.

Here’s yet another video of Queen Bee in her Ivanka persona, flashing reptilian eyes. Read our blog to see her doing it at Sandy Hook, or to hear them talking in Code about torturing and killing children for fun during Noah Pozner’s vigil at Sandy Hook, or at numerous other events. When they are not raping and killing children, they are talking in Code about it. The exception being as their personas of Donald and Ivanka Trump. Those personas, at least at present, are not talking about killing and consuming humans. But we do know Kodiak and Bee and talk to them daily, and we do know that they are Donald and Ivanka. Here’s the video, one of many, of Ivanka flashing Reptilian eyes. For reference, your pupils are round and stay that way. And here’s a good post to better understand who Ivanka really is.


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