Who needs GPS when angels are my copilot? How I get my driving directions

Every time I (Hera) run errands around town I get “guidance” in the sky in the form of cloud paintings. And also on the ground in the form of humans signaling and animals (!!!) signaling me which route to take, etc. Today I was notified that I had an (interdimensional and thus hard to see) Illuminati “witch” in my car! I knew that particular “witch” and wasn’t concerned but I did appreciate all of the signals to get off the freeway and get out of my car. It is funny. It is a bit like the whole world stopping to signal you that you have an entire hive of bees in your car! With the same consequences. So I do appreciate it. Anyway. That’s the picture. It features an evil “angel” or what they call a “Get” or “wizard” on the left, and “X” in the middle, another “Get” on the right, and in case I couldn’t make all that out, a giant “W”! LOL.

For some other of their messages click here, and for other of their awesome cloud paintings, click here and here. For who “they” are and why they send me messages, please read the blog. It’s their blog! They are talking to you too. Thanks.

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