Pizzagater Queen Bee compared in two “human persona” videos – Comet Pizza’s Majestic Ape & SNL’s Melissa McCarthy (UPDATED 8/31/17: This SAME image above is depicted in Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun video, click through to see that image here)

UPDATE AUGUST 31, 2017: Since we originally posted this we’ve also found another reference by Kodiak to this same Queen Bee scene depicted in the above photo, this time in the video for Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun.” Chris Cornell was yet another human persona of Kodiak. See our very important and urgent post decoding that video here.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 5.22.08 PM

The other day we decoded a video of Comet Pizza band Heavy Breathing’s Indiegogo promo seeking funding for their Airtight album. Their lead “artist” is a woman named Amanda Kleinman who calls herself “Majestic Ape.” In decoding that video we figured out that she is another “human persona” of Illuminati leader “Queen Bee.” Queen Bee confirmed this. We also noticed in reviewing that video that her mannerisms reminded us of Melissa McCarthy’s parody of Sean Spicer on SNL. Queen Bee is on “the tether” with us (explained in that post) and confirmed that McCarthy is another of her “human personas.” So now we’ve gone back and looked at the Sean Spicer parodies. They turn out to be full of disgusting hidden references, just as we found with the Samantha Bee garbage we covered a couple of months ago.

We made a comparison video with Majestic Ape and “Sean Spicer” side by side. Please bear with it even though it is not apparent in the first few minutes that the two characters bear any resemblance. The coincidences add up as the video goes on. We also note the following Illuminati hand signs and signals:


Illuminati eye on Leslie’s shirt:

SNL Leslie Screen Shot AM

Travelers hat, signaling to the Travelers side of the Family below. There’s actually a whole lot of other info being passed in these Spicer skits but for reasons of our safety we’re going to skip decoding them on the blog for now. The Pizzagate stuff is enough.

SNL Traveler Hat


Here’s our  You Tube description of our new comparison video of Majestic Ape and Melissa McCarthy’s “Sean Spicer” parody:

This one is very hard to follow and we will reedit it to add narration as soon as we get a microphone. There are two “people” who head up the Illuminati. We know them. They are “Queen Bee” and “Kodiak.” They are “eternally husband and wife.” They can jump out of human bodies into new ones and have several going at once, which makes them immortal. They are the Rothschilds. They are the Windsors. They are Jimmy Comet and Marina Abramovic. They are Donald and Ivanka Trump. They call their many human bodies “clothes” or “human suits” – or “vehicles” – or “cars.” We are in constant communication with Bee and Kodiak on what is called “the Tether,” which is a conference call that takes place inside participants’ heads 24/7. We can get on and off the Tether when we want. Bee and Kodiak are on there and other Illuminati, the Traveler Parents, and our family. There are other Tethers that we aren’t on in all likelihood. The Tether technology is what Majestic Ape is talking about in this video where she says “there is no need to speak, I can send my thoughts directly to your brain.” Queen Bee is Majestic Ape, (hence the “Majestic” part) aka Amanda Kleinman. “Queen Bee” admitted to us the other day that she is Melissa McCarthy after we noticed that her Sean Spicer parody makes references to Pizzagate, includes a bunch of Illuminati hand signals, and also uses the same mannerisms as her Majestic Ape “human persona.” Majestic Ape is the lead “artist” in the Comet Pizza regular band “Heavy Breathing.”

The leaders of the Illuminati have numerous human “suits” that they jump around to, which is why they don’t give a crap about actual human beings. We are CLOTHES to them. Clothes for the soul. But only the Illuminati’s souls are actually saved past death at present because these two Satanic beasts are capturing them. Anyway, Majestic Ape is a woman named Amanda Kleinman, a completely different “human suit” than Melissa McCarthy, but both are Queen Bee. Bee has hundreds of human suits, maybe, we aren’t sure of the number.

We know these Illuminati people personally and verify our information with the Illuminati members on the Tether, including leaders Kodiak and Bee. We try to convey our information using objective evidence. This video is harder to follow but for those of you who know Bee, you’ll see the similarities now that we’ve pointed them out. She’s PIZZAGATE. And she is so evil that she is making fun of brutalizing children in her Sean Spicer skits. She does the same thing as Samantha Bee, another of Bee’s personas (Bee, Samantha Bee, get it?) She obviously can be very very funny. But she is so vicious and cruel. She hates humans and especially preys on children. Hideous.

Bee’s “eternal Illuminati husband” goes by Kodiak and he inhabits the “human suits” of both Jimmy Comet and John Podesta. And possibly also Tony Podesta. They are insane and friends with themselves. He’s got a litany of chef personas, all of them pedophile serial killers. He also was Ariel Castro. These two are the leaders of the Illuminati and they are horrific. Queen Bee also is the Queen of England, which is why we included this clip at the end of a boy attempting to escape captivity by jumping out a window naked at Buckingham Palace.

Please watch the video all the way through. As usual, the facts are true, we just struggle with the best way to convey them to you. They are intentionally obscured, it’s the Illuminati! We aren’t theorizing. Once you get used to seeing the patterns, you’ll start to notice them in many songs, TV shows and movies. You also need to get used to listening to dialogue for the words, while ignoring their current context and tone. They bury messages in TV shows and they are designed to blend in. It helps while learning to decode to type out the dialogue exactly and then you’ll see the words plainly without emphasis and their double meaning is much easier to spot. It also helps a lot to know these people and how they operate. And of course having the Tether available is enormously helpful to us since there are hundreds of years of experience combined here on our Tether for decoding Bee and Kodiak, and other Illuminati and Travelers messages.

Finally, bear in mind Bee and Kodiak are actually criminally insane, irrational, brutal, psychopathic, murderous pedophiles. The cast of SNL are not complicit, although to some extent some of them may be aware of Bee and Kodiak, because that show is an Illuminati message vehicle, and Bee and Kodiak are the leaders of the Illuminati. The SNL cast also has expressed concern for Pizzagate victims before and acknowledged our blog in other skits so we know they are privy to our Tether. Most of the Illuminati, and the Parents of the Traveler groups, presently are hostages of Kodiak and Bee. Kodiak and Bee are mimicking the various bosses while blocking them from communicating. Please don’t forget that. Don’t do anything detrimental to yourselves or anyone else. We are still working to resolve this situation. They do know that if they harm this time loop, it will be the last thing they do.


We at try to explain who the Traveler and Illuminati Families are, and explain some of their coded language that enables secret communication. The purpose of the blog is to show everyone what really is occurring here on Earth, who controls the government, who is attacking “targeted individuals,” and how these “people” use the Family Code of Silence not only to hide their manipulations of our government and our very lives, but also to intercept Family communications and direct Family members to harm each other. There is no “magic” here. It is all advanced technology. We try to explain this on our blog, and give you examples there of how these beings are harming the entire human race. Please see

Here’s another one: