@FBI Here's Verifiable, Admissible Proof Jimmy Comet is a Menace – The Pizzagate Pegasus Videos

I appreciate having your attention, and I’d like to direct it to this very compelling video of a You Tuber whose entire family was threatened with death by James Alefantis if he did not take down his “Pegasus video” (shown below). We know Jimmy Comet and have no doubt that this You Tuber is telling the truth. In fact, this guy has no idea how stupid he is for then also subsequently posting his exchange with Alefantis up on You Tube following the threats. He thinks his family is only threatened with death. If you see our post here, fella, Jimmy Comet was not remarking on your “cute girlfriend” because he planned to just “kill” her. See our post on his “panda love” references and figure that out.

Here’s the Alefantis videos, and under that is the Pegasus video, which frankly we were told not to watch ourselves because Comet threatened to torture our children more than he already tortures them. Comet is head of the Illuminati and can jump out of his human body to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. Hopefully someone at the FBI can figure out what is so damn important about the Pegasus video that Comet feels the need to go threatening some clueless “hobbyist” on You Tube/Facebook/Voat known as “PizzagateGear.” We already know why he attacks our family, and there’s unfortunately nothing the FBI can do about determined Illuminati leaders who attack us in their immortal disembodied forms. They can, however, go after their human personas, such as this dickhead James Alefantis who leaves a trail of serial killer evidence a mile long and wide, as does his other persona, Damon “dickhead” BaehrelEditor’s Note: One day we will be rid of these “immortal,” body-jumping Illuminati, and these serial-killing pedophiles will suffer a mass mysterious “heart attack.” Until that day, let’s try to lock up as many of their human “personas” as we can. 

What you should keep in mind in watching this video is that Ryan O’Neal contacted Alefantis on Facebook messenger app here on his phone, yet Alefantis instantaneously got access to all of these photos of O’Neal’s family and his girlfriend and put them up in the conversation. O’Neal did not act as though Alefantis got access to them through his facebook account. Maybe he did. But we know that Alefantis has access to everyone – all the time – literally everyone – he has more access than the NSA. Alefantis is not locked into a human body. He can jump out and jump into O’Neal’s body in a split second, anywhere in the world, for example. And control him. If he were driving, he could force him to drive off the side of mountain, give him a stroke, whatever he wanted. Crazy, but true. Once people are aware that they can do this, you are much more able to fight them off. That’s why we fight so hard to tell you what’s going on, even though we sound crazy doing it. We care about you. And you can fight.