Pizzagate: LOOK AT THE FIRE – Jimmy Comet’s Photo of an Illuminati Time Portal at Mt Vernon. Also a WW2 Photo of Comet in Nazi Germany.

Look in the fireplace. This is VERY INTERESTING and truly newsworthy. This image is one from Jimmy Comet’s Instagrams and shows a tour of George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate. This is a real photo. We’ve been telling you based on our firsthand knowledge that James Alefantis is head of the Illuminati, which is why he’s the most powerful Pizza maker in the history of the world. Anyway, what you are looking at is a time portal, and how we know that is because what is shown in the fireplace in Comet’s photo is the face of a lion, which is one of Jimmy Comet’s Illuminati leader symbols. He’s Pan, which we’ve covered here. And he’s a Gryphon, which we’ve covered here. He’s generally the Lion, and also the Bear, which is why he calls himself “Kodiak.” His Code names also include, “Alaska,” “Texas,” “Denver” and “Colorado,” and also “China.” He chooses his own “birth names” and often references mythology or space in nicknames or birth names, hence James “Achilles” Alefantis, and “Texas Shrugged” on You Tube references “Atlas Shrugged,” Jimmy “Comet” references outer space. Most of his personas do this and we outline them on the blog as we identify them. He has numerous human personas.

Here’s the image with the fireplace larger, although the light in the hallway also is significant.


What does this mean? It means that there is an Illuminati time portal in the fireplace at Mount Vernon, just like in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (an Illuminati book). That is why Jimmy Comet or one of his friends posted that picture with that bright light in a hallway. The fireplace is The Lion’s Passageway. Illuminati leader Comet’s (“the Lion’s”) passageway. Because everyone is heading downstairs towards the light in the photo, it may mean that it is a one-way passage to our time loop only, with no means there for getting back out. The “time loops,” including the one that we live in and call “Earth” are Comet’s domain, and are literally called “China’s Grove,” where Comet is Code named “China,” as we explained in decoding the Doobie Brothers song for you, in this post.

For more info on Comet and his passageways, just read the blog, we talk about who Comet really is in nearly every post. This is truly an interesting discovery since it is publicly accessible, unlike his Hearst Castle portal which limits access, or his Buck’s Camping, Comet Pizza (possibly also Besta Pizza), Pegasus TheaterPolitics & Prose, and Damon Baehrel portals, all of which are blocked from the public.

And here’s the image from the official Mount Vernon website, which is much less obvious.


Here’s a couple more Illuminati references in pictures from the official Mount Vernon website, via Room by Room · George Washington’s Mount Vernon.


By the way, here’s a photo we got from a video of Nazi Germany of “August Landmesser” that has nothing to do with Pizzagate at all (left), next to a photo of Jimmy Comet from GQ, and another photo of Comet at the head of the table at Buck’s Fishing and Camping including the lanterns at Hearst Castle, which is another time portal and is actually the real Hotel California (we get our info live from the Illuminati on our Tether, who wrote that song):

Landmesser could be a Comet clone, or since Comet is Kodiak, the head of the Illuminati, he could have just gone back in time directly, and adopted the name August Landmesser while there. More on him at:

Incidentally, Comet’s “Illuminati eternal wife” Queen Bee also is on our Tether and while we were playing around with Jimmy’s Nazi Germany photo she threw up one of her time traveling photos on Instagram for one of her favorite human personas, Taylor Swift, she’s also Karlie Kloss and Zeena LaVey, although all three are clones, (covered all over this blog), and that photo is of Taylor’s “grandmother.” (Bee just said, “tee hee” on the Tether.) Click on the photos to make them pop up individually. Comet has clones too. So far we have identified Mark Strassmann on CBS News, also a human persona of James Alefantis. Crazy but they do this all the time and you can see it with your own eyes. It is just advanced technology not available to the public.

Here’s the original You Tube video where we got this photo of Mount Vernon at 5:21: