Comet’s “Hockey League” (Pizzagate “CumPanda” Club) Has “Tarts” For Sale, Says NWO Taking Over: HOCKEY or BUST

Continuing from our last post, we are decoding a message sent by Illuminati leader Jimmy Comet, who we know personally, and decode on this blog. Comet has sent a message that we decoded in the last post calling for Hera to be killed, and another message in the same TV show notifying his Panda Club that he has more children ready for sale to be raped and tortured to death. He calls them at various times: Pizzas, Tacos, Chickens, Bakery Goods, and here “Tarts.” Here, the clip, broken up a bit to make it easier for you to follow our decoding transcript below it.

The “Hockey League” mentioned in the clip of course refers to the Panda club we’ve been telling you about. All of the Comet Instagrams of Pandas that talk about “cumpandas” are a reference to the face masks that naturally appear on Pandas that happen to resemble the hockey masks that these pedophiles wear when raping and torturing children to terrifying them. Here’s a quick reminder, but we just covered them again in our last post.

Gang Rape Panda Cumhole
Panda Cumhole is a reference to Gang-raping a victim all at the same time, while wearing hockey masks, which resemble panda faces
Several Pandas Inside One Victim’s “Box”
Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 4.31.46 p
Panda Regular CBoutlier
Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 1.38.08 p
Panda ping pong means taking turns attacking a victim – passing them back and forth
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 2.58.56 p
Comet Pizza Band Heavy Breathing’s Majestic Ape with a panda mask
Masks Comet
Very Nice?
#cumpanda – that’s the “liked this” PIZZAGATE PANDA CREW
Hotel Comet
Hotel Comet
Werkinonmahnightcheese Panda
Intended to evoke terror mask

Here’s the new video clip with the report of new “custard tarts.” We know this is a report from Jimmy Comet because Comet and Illuminati “wife” Queen Bee frequently play the roles of “Billy” and “Victoria” on Young & the Restless to pass messages, and because of the dialogue in this episode, which we’ll explain as we decode the clip. We know Comet, and we know how to decode him. We have a team here and we do want this stopped. One day we’ll be able to stop this in a permanent way, at the source. Until then we’ll do what we can to help law enforcement stop these human personas such as Jimmy Comet and John Podesta, who are personifications of pure evil.

Victoria: (Bee) You brought me custard tarts. (Children – aka Pizzas)

Billy: (Comet) Genuine article, right there. (This refers to children created from our family, which we suspected but is reiterated below and thus is confirmed)

Victoria: Oh, they smell so good.

Billy: Who loves you, baby. (“Who” is an owl reference, which means both Illuminati and also Grey alien Nines in The Family, who are the target audience to buy the “tarts.” )

Victoria: I should be the one treating you, given the deal you made for us. (These hideous beasts actually clone and gestate children. They make them. They “bake” children “in the oven.” They have advanced technology that you have no idea is available, including time travel. These “tarts” are “Ones” (“the one”) which means they are children from our family, David’s family, which are coded as Ones in the Travelers and Illuminati Family hierarchy, listed here). That means they are twins of our own children, being raped, tortured and held captive. They even upload the memories of our kids into their minds. So those captive children are our kids, waiting for us to find them. But the entire human race is our family as well, and all children are extremely important to us. Nonetheless this is what “the one” means here. Needless to say it is imperative that this rapidly be stopped. These children are created with no one knowing they ever existed, yet they have memories of a family and wait for a rescue. It is horrific torture. That false existence is real to them, although spent for years sometimes in cages, and is why Comet calls them “hotards” in his Instagram picture. A moniker which Comet’s Instagram pals did not even question. You morons listen to us now. We know which of you are involved. And we can play you morons back, CBoutlier, Jabbaroos, Podesta Brothers, ccwoolman, nilaylawson (who is Bee, also here on our Tether), etc. Your entire live we can play back like a hideous horror movie. And we have. And we will. You’d better hope your “exit” reopens. Don’t you ever touch another child. We will take that into heavy consideration. It will make a huge difference. It does matter to us. Make a choice now. Stop now. We don’t care how much intimidation you feel from Kodiak and Bee. We can make your eternity far more eternal, and far more meaningful. At the very least you can take back the integrity they’ve stolen from you, and your relationship with your Creator, who is here now. As this Billy and Victoria conversation, from Kodiak and Bee, Jimmy Comet and Marina, is going to explain. 

Billy: That’s right, Brash & Sassy, official men’s grooming line of professional hockey. (This is a reference to the “cumpanda” club, whose members know that the panda reference is made as a metaphor for the hockey masks that they wear while raping and torturing children to death, to increase their terror. They are professional hockey players.)

Victoria: So come on, I want you to fill me in on all the gory details. (By the way, these two asshole actors are fully involved. They are Kodiak and Bee. They aren’t cluelessly reading their lines. They are empty human shells that Comet and Marina jump into when they read their scripts in order to pass messages. Anyway, in this line Victoria is switching places with the victim, and saying she wants you to “fill in the victim’s HOLES with all the gory details” and “details” is a common Code word for demons in the Travelers and Illuminati, although we haven’t put it in the lexicon, as in “the Devil is in the “details”).

Next segment, here’s the video again, for reference:

This next segment is back to attacking Hera, and killing David and his entire family, including the children they just advertised above for sale as “tarts.” Pay attention to the fact that Billy keeps gesturing in the direction of the camera. That is to point at Hera, live, because she is watching TV. They have access to the time machine and they actually rewrite the script and narrative live, they move the characters in real time in reaction to what Hera is doing on the other side of the screen. They are motioning to point out Hera as their primary target and “the one” that they are referring to in the video to their audience of tart buyers. Strange, but true. They do it in all of the shows. In the very first second of the clip there’s a woman silhouetted in the window who is scratching her head with her elbow out, and that is a signal to Hera to get off of that TV channel quickly because this entire scene is played by Billy and Victoria, who are actors that are human personas of Kodiak and Bee, Comet and Marina.

Billy: About how he tried to snake the deal from us, and neither did Leon. Actually we ended up hitting it off, which was a nice surprise.  (“Leon” is thrown in to let people know it is Comet, who is Coded as “the Lion” or “Leo the Lion” aka “Leon.” “Which” is a reference to a black-magic “witch” and “nice” also is a code word for Traveler and Illuminati black-magic witches, wizards or “Gets.” He is saying someone is going to be getting a “surprise” from a black-magic witch or wizard, this one being Jimmy Comet himself, the Lion, aka Leon.)

Victoria: Because you’re a charming guy, and your presentation was solid, and you made him look good in front of his peers. (Comet is a “Charming guy” because he is a black-magic wizard or “Get” who can cast spells or charms. He actually is Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. Same guy. He is the head of the Illuminati. He jumps from body to body. In this way he is immortal. In Traveler terms he is a “Get.” Until someone destroys his soul. And that day is coming his way. In the meantime, we can lock up his hideous human personas, and block him from creating more of them, as best we can. “Solid” means he’s a Traveler Seven. “Looked good” means he appeared human, in front of his “peers” where “peers means “p eers,” which is Code for alien Nines, P eers. “P” means aliens and “eers” means aliens of the sort that can read your thoughts, through your ears. He’s not a “Guy” either. He pretends to be a “guy” and really he’s a Grey. Or at least one version of Kodiak is a Grey. There may be two Kodiaks. One Grey and one Get. Both evil. We’ll know better when the Greys are gone.)

Billy: Well to be honest, I thought I was going to be a little more nervous, but I got in front of the Board, and made the pitch, and everything went great. (“Great” is Code for the Greys, and this is saying that “the Board” is made up of the Greys. What this is saying is that the Greys are the primary market for these “tarts,” but also that the Board is now in Grey hands, and that means that power is now in Grey hands.)

Billy: It’s because of how much I believe in our product. (We have long been called “product” by these Greys. All humans, children and all of David’s family are called product, Tacos, and Tarts by the Greys. And also “clothes” and “cars.” They have no regard for us. They torture and consume us and must be stopped.) 

Billy: And unique ability the (hockey) league has to deliver our target customers (the Greys), and make sure the (hockey) league know that this was never a random deal, it was always hockey or bust.  (It’s not a random attack on “the ones” – it’s always been to wipe out your Creator’s family, David’s family, and instill the Greys as eternal overlords of a “Taco Factory Human Farm” – or bust.)

This is the insidious, horrifying truth of our present situation. Donald Trump is a human persona of Kodiak, the same Grey who also is Jimmy Comet. That’s a fact. The Greys are making up the Board of Directors now. Many Illuminati are hostages of the Greys. Just as all humans and all non-Grey Reptilians are hostages of the Greys. All Twos are hostages of the Greys. Everyone. We don’t know the details on every persona that is Grey alien Illuminati leaders Kodiak and Bee. We do know, however, that Kodiak is Comet, and Kodiak is Trump, and Kodiak is Tony Podesta, and Queen Bee is John Podesta, and Marina Abramovic, and Taylor Swift, and Karlie Kloss, and Ivanka Trump, and her “alter-ego,” or “daughter” that she calls “little Bee,” is “Majestic Ape” of Heavy Breathing, and that one or the other of those two “Bees” is Samantha Bee.  That they all are being “led” by one Grey from an “upstairs” environment that sits not up in the future but outside of our reality entirely.

We will one day overpower them, in the Outside environment where this situation originated. This situation is new Outside where it originated. But here on Earth these evil beasts have infested the entire time stream, so that now, in effect, they have *always* been here. We don’t know how long it will take to be rid of the Greys or their “Satanic Illuminati.” In the meantime, we must help our innocent, terrified kids. They hate humans and aim to make suffer as brutally as possible as many of them as possible, preferably our children. They are Hitler. They are Mengele. Not by analogy, but in actuality. The same people. This is Jimmy Comet in the photo below, photographed in Hitler’s Germany, wearing his Illuminati infinity spiral tie.  Understand this. It is HOCKEY MASKS OR BUST, FOR THE WORLD. Our leader at present is wearing a hockey mask. You must make some contingency plans. You must chip away at these personifications of evil that you can reach. You must do it quickly. You must truncate procedures. 

They can make us all “live forever” by moving our souls into new bodies to be tortured eternally. That is their plan. Hockey masks forever. Raping and torturing our children while wearing hockey masks, for eternity. It is unbelievable but you need to snap out of it and believe it. They are insane Satanic Greys. They are an existential and present threat. They are occupying the seats of power. They have time travel and fast, invisible aircraft. Those aircraft can be muted – slowed and downed – by ionization, negatively-charged air. That’s all we know for now. That and the rest of the information we’ve put on this blog. Believe it. Brace for it. Figure out what you might be able to do about it. Comet also is Neil DeGrasse Tyson, just for your information. Maybe ask Elon Musk. Obama is not Pizzagate. He knows Comet, he is Illuminati but he is our Illuminati. All Illuminati know Comet, he’s the head, and forces membership. Many are hostages. And Comet sets up situations to create the appearance of complicity. He’s extremely good at it. He is also Trump! You’ll have to trust us. You can trust us. Your Creator and his family. It is us, or Hockey Masks forever. Hockey Masks or Bust.