That’s Jimmy Comet in World War II, TIME TRAVELING. Graphic New Comet “Panda Club” Threats To Rape, Torture & Kill Hera.

That’s Alefantis, head of the Illuminati, back in Hitler’s Germany. Time-traveling. (He’s even sporting the Illuminati “infinity spiral” tie.) Thanks to the FBI for reading our messages. We appreciate your attention because your perusals do seem to scare off these cowardly pedophiles. They haven’t killed Hera yet, anyway.

This video below aired on “Illuminati Eye on CBS” network show Young & the Restless last week and it ties into our report on the meaning of Jimmy Comet’s “panda love” – which is gang raping a victim simultaneously while wearing hockey masks. We’ve explained ad nauseam that we know firsthand that Alefantis is the head of the Illuminati, and we know that because our family has known him for hundreds of years and at present he is holding our family hostage. He is a vicious and vile “immortal” entity and “James Alefantis” is but one of his numerous “human personas.” He’s “immortal” because he can jump from human body to body, occupying several at the same time. We identify many of them on this blog. Sounds nuts, and it is nuts, but also it is true.

Comet responded to our Panda Love blog report last week, tweeted also to the FBI, with this script placed in CBS’s Young & the Restless, which we have in a video broken up a bit so that we can more easily transcribe and decode it for you.

But first a quick review of Comet’s Panda Love Instagrams and what those mean. Basically what he and his sick pals do, which we also know unfortunately first hand, is they take a victim and cut them open, for example, giving a female an episiotomy, and then several men gang-rape the victim’s “hole” at the same time. That is what these Instagrams of Comet’s refer to below. They do this while wearing hockey masks, which is what the pandas’ faces represent – hockey masks. The tire represents a boy or girl’s “hole,” as does the “box.” A “panda” playing “ping pong” is taking turns gang-raping a child. “Ping-ponging” is a child-rape term common in pedophile circles. We know for a fact that Comet and his friends identified below do this to children until they die of their wounds.

Gang Rape Panda Cumhole
Panda Cumhole is a reference to Gang-raping a victim while wearing hockey masks
Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 4.31.46 p
Panda Regular CBoutlier
Several Pandas Inside One “Box”
Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 1.38.08 p
Panda Ping Pong in Pedophile Circles Means to Pass a Victim Back and Forth
Masks Comet
Very Nice?
Hotel Comet
Hotel Comet
Werkinonmahnightcheese Panda
Intended to Evoke a Terror Mask
Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.14.21 a
Like old discarded corpses says Panda regular Christopher Boutlier
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 2.58.56 p
Comet Pizza Band Heavy Breathing’s Majestic Ape With a Panda Mask
#cumpanda says Jimmy Comet, note his pals who “like this” – those pals ARE PIZZAGATE

Anyway, here’s Jimmy Comet, head of the Illuminati, taking out his weekly hit on Hera, but this one is directly in response to our Panda post. Here’s the video and we’ll decode it word for word below the clip:

Michael: So you think Gloria’s going to sabotage the wedding. 

– Meaning: “So” – is code for “authorities are watching.”  “Think” usually is code for Traveler Sevens.” “Gloria” is these two characters’ mother and for the purposes of this discussion means Hera and her family. The entire sentence means that Hera and her family are trying to sabotage “the wedding.” It may also mean that the Traveler Sevens and other humans are also helping us to sabotage the wedding. We hope so. There’s much at stake. “The wedding” we have explained many times is the planned rape, torture and murder of Hera, which is code-named as Hera’s “Wedding Day” and is bragged about in many TV shows and songs. Pedophiles Bee and Kodiak (that’s James Alefantis and Marina Abramovic to you all) brag about it here, and here, and numerous other places. The Simpson’s warns the Sevens and other Family not to participate, which we noted here, because harming Hera is playing with dynamite, as Hera’s husband is the actual father of all of the other numbers in the Family. We owe everything to him. Everything that is good or beautiful in this world we owe to him, while everything that is evil we owe to Kodiak and Bee. To harm David’s family is to harm David. Our Father. David is doing everything he can to help us to move these evil child-raping murders out of our existence entirely. Do not attack his family.

We are the Parents. And the Illuminati. And the Others. And the Klingons. And the Twos. And the Reptilians. And the Sixes, Threes, and Sevens. And together with David and Hera, and their children who many of you know: Paul, Tom, Denis, Michael, James, Steve, and Holly, we are doing everything we can to sabotage “The Wedding.”

back to the video:

Kevin: Well, you know how she feels about Chloe. Plus, she’s Gloria. She could make a scene, pull the fire alarm. 

Meaning: This is a warning that Hera is capable of making a scene or making a lot of noise if someone attempts to attack her, unlike most victims, who can be paralyzed using advanced technology. Hera has control capabilities through her mind and can throw your soul out of your body, she can spin herself or you, she can move you wherever she wants, with her mind. If you know her family, who are the original family, then you know they all have similar capabilities. If you paralyze any of them, she can unfreeze them, with her mind. There is an “Army” of supporters of David. He is our Creator. We won’t lose him or his wife to an attack by Jimmy Comet. So Hera can pull the fire alarm. And the Illuminati, Traveler, Parents, Neighbors, Others, Klingons, Twos, Three, Sevens, Sixes, Kids, Kings, and everyone else will respond in her aid.

Kevin: “Kidnap me before the ceremony.” – That is an order by Comet for someone to try and abduct Hera so that she can have her “wedding day” which means so they can play “panda ping pong” with your Creator’s wife. That is how Satanic and evil Jimmy Comet is.

Michael: “Listen to me.” – that is always Code that it is Kodiak talking (Comet – head of the Illuminati talking) – “I promise – I will be on red alert. (Red is a color Code name for Kodiak). If there is even a hint of a problem I am on it. If I have to hog tie our mother (“mother” is a common Code term for Hera) and drag her from the premises I swear to you I will do it.” (The hand raised is meant to evoke the Illuminati hand sign of Baphomet pointing up) 

Kevin: “Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Or if it does, let’s hope she doesn’t give you the slip.” – They have every intention of raping and torturing Hera to death. The operative part of that sentence is only “let’s hope she doesn’t give you the slip.”

Michael: “Look, Gloria’s gonna behave, she knows she has to keep her personal feelings to herself at least for today, so, knock it off with the worry, when you leave that estate today, you are gonna be a very married man.” 

Meaning: This is telling his captains to put their personal feelings aside and to do as they are told, even if they are worried about the feds watching. Comet then switches subjects back to Hera in the second part of the sentence and says that she is going to be a very married victim. Meaning she will be very viciously raped and tortured to death. He does come onto our Tether every day and threaten Hera with how viciously he intends to attack her, so we have no doubt that he is trying hard to find some way to move her to an isolated location to attack and murder her. He plans to rape and torture her for weeks and kill her slowly, keeping her literally on ice. Because he has access to time travel, we don’t know the best way to guarantee her safety. Comet is a vicious lunatic and we have no doubt he’s never been consistently challenged before by an intended “victim.” He’s always had this “plan” for Hera when he abducted her here in the first place. So from her perspective she has nothing to lose. He already keeps some victims at near death for years while raping and torturing them.

There’s a second related part to this video that we are going to cover in a second post. It is about “Custard Tarts” available for consumption, and “Gory Details” from a “Charmer,” who is a code-term for a black-magic demon (Comet). All of which is Code Talk by Kodiak about new child rape and torture victims he and his disgusting “wife” Bee are making available for sale to the hockey league,” in seriousness, his words. That is in the same Y&R episode and we’ll post that tonight as soon as we can. We’ll also post that as @FBI. Thanks.