The Pizzagate CumPanda "Hockey (Mask) League" – Unmasked

That is an actual picture of what James Alefantis, Christopher Boutlier, Nilay Lawson, ccwoolman, jabbaroos, WerkinonMahNightCheese, John Podesta, Tony Podesta, Anthony Bourdain, Damon Baehrel, Guy Fieri, Majestic Ape and all of band Heavy Breathing, Bachelor Nick Viall, Corinne on the Bachelor, Satanic bands Yes and Rush, and more, actually look like under their “human clothes.” We’ve been telling you this for months and months, but also recently ran across this photo of the walls of Comet Pizza showing Jimmy Comet playing “ping pong” (which is code for gang rape, taking turns) with a Grey Alien, while he “spills his milk” if you get the sexual connotation.


They don’t look like the people you see below. They aren’t attractive Satanic people. They are Greys with human cloaks over them. Cloned empty human shells. You see the human outward shell, but they really look like that guy up above. And as we showed you from their own words in our last post, they fully intend to take over now as “team cumpanda” forever. That is literally what they are saying. Hockey mask (Panda face) league now and forever, or bust.



Cattle prods used on our children in cages
Kim Noble painting also depicting child’s souls rising from dead bodies



We must interrupt them any way we can.