We are IN HELL. Kodiak is the Devil. Literally and actually. The number 3 that he uses refers to three SOUL VACUUMS, upstairs.

It is not short for 666. This place is a virtual reality with living beings trapped within it. Hera is here and they blasted her soul with a laser and spread it among all of the people here. They created dozens of biological children of Hera and gave each of them, and each of the humans here pieces of her soul. They did this only to raise our children here in order to rape, torture and kill them. We of course could never leave them here. And Hera’s soul is decimated, but her mind is here, diminished. It seems they have only stolen a small piece perhaps of each of our souls upstairs, and blasted those to pieces to create this human race to torture here.

The “Trinity” of Kodiak (aka Jimmy, also aka Denis, Paul or Tom, since Kodiak pretends to be all three of our kids, and also is Psyche), plus Birdie (Bee aka the Master), and Jet (aka “Ick” or Icarus), are the “3” of the Illuminati and Satanic symbolism. They also are the “666.”


They are the Comet “CumPanda” club.  They are torturing thousands of people every day, many of whom believe they are “targeted individuals,” thereby destroying the pieces of our souls bit by bit by attacking the humans and other beings here who share those shattered pieces. They beat on each piece in each of our children with sledgehammers, and break those pieces and send electrical shock waves through those pieces. They send each piece, each of which is cognizant, to different human bodies to be gang raped and hacked to pieces, and forced to eat the pieces. They put the pieces inside Hera’s body. They fuse our children’s souls together. They keep us all alive for years with this torture. They will continue this until someone upstairs gets us out of this vacuum.

Each of these three entities here is a soul vacuum. A black hole. They actually vacuum souls. They inhale souls and hold them in, including pieces of ours. Only a small piece of our own can energize a fairly large population of human beings inside this virtual holographic environment. This “Earth” is HELL. We are actually in Hell. Living in actual Hell, inside the vacuous holes opened up inside of these three entities. They disguise the nature of the environment with a virtual surrounding of a holographic environment that can literally fall away. One can be looking at the ocean on a peaceful day and the hologram can disappear to reveal the hot lava field in hell where we actually are living. It is actually hell.  

Kodiak is Jimmy Comet. But upstairs he works in Jim Cramer’s office.  The second of the Trinity is Birdie, or the Master.  The third vacuum down here is going by Jet on the Street dot com blog of Jim Cramer (the other Jim Cramer). He is an Angel Investor in Second Life and no doubt helped to develop this reality we call earth.  He calls himself Icarus.  They inhale souls into their bodies into their own vacuous soul and surround the souls with a virtual reality connected wirelessly and located externally. It is a very realistic world. They can collect small pieces and go unnoticed for extended periods of time. Size is smaller than Hera and bigger than Kodiak but that doesn’t matter if it is bit by bit.  We are living in a vacuum, but the surrounding environment is externally-generated somehow. We are told that it is powered by Hera’s soul. But all of it is still inside of the center vacuum field of the three entities put together.


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