Alien vs. Predator Painted in the Clouds.

What the above photo says, exactly, is: “Predator vs. Alien, whoever wins, the Kids lose (see the Satanic goat (i.e., kid) at center).” The Predator on the left represents the Reptilians, and the three-headed Alien on the right represents the Greys. It has three heads because that is Kodiak’s “number” in Traveler terms and also it is his shorthand for “666.”  Kodiak is Satan. His Greys are Satanic. Kodiak is “Bennie” and his Greys are “the Jets.”  Bennie and the Jets

I took these photos with my iPhone a couple of weeks ago while driving on the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles. This cloud painting is of the Predator vs. Alien movie poster. It’s a message to us about what is happening here on Earth, right now. The Satanic Goat in the center informs us that he is at the center of what’s happening. He’s the reason their here. See our decoding of The Simpsons eclipse episode yesterday, and the matching Satanic video for “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden, decoded here two days ago. Both of these posts explain what is happening and who is behind it, as does the entire blog, with examples where we decode their songs, movies and TV shows for you. We know these “people” and the Coded language they use to brag about killing us all.

Their message is, “whoever wins, humans lose.” 


Understand that this “alien attack” is happening in the very near future, and at the heart of this impending attack, is Satan. We know him as Kodiak, head of the Illuminati, Travelers, and Scientology, and he’s what this blog is about.


Alien vs Predator Heads Markup.jpg


Compare these with the movie poster of Alien v. Predator, especially notice the teeth in the cloud on the right below compared to the teeth in the poster on the left below:






Alien vs Predator Heads Markup


Alien vs Predator.JPG


Alien vs Predator.JPGIMG_6640.JPGThree aliens and a goat head.JPG

There are actually three alien heads on the right stacked on top of one another in this photo. Three is Kodiak’s (Satan’s) shorthand for “666” and it appears in his Soundgarden and Taylor Swift Videos, among many other places. The Greys are represented in this cloud painting. The are Satanic, and Kodiak is their leader.

Full image alien v predator copy



Black Hole Sun video clip:

Green Goo

The Simpsons still from eclipse episode 1999:

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 11.39.24 PM

Black Hole Sun clip (Soundgarden, one of Kodiak’s Satanic Bands):


The Wizard of Oz compared to image from video for Black Hole Sun:


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