The Simpsons’ 1999 Eclipse “End of Days” Episode Reiterates Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun “The End is Nigh” Message, And Like Taylor Swift’s Video, Shows Satan Taking His Throne

We know the Illuminati leaders Kodiak and Bee, and their human helpers Nymph, and the Parents of the Traveler groups, and we explain on this blog that the Illuminati leaders who rule this Earth occupy numerous human bodies at once. We know that Greys, Reptilians, and “Family Twos” also are everywhere, occupying cloned but soulless human bodies that they call “suits” or “human cars” or “clothes,” and that there are Greys moving through the skies faster than the naked eye can see, and also move in cloaked form. We know that all of these people move inter-dimensionally and can be and likely are in your home although you cannot see them. We also know many of the Code words they use to identify themselves and communicate with each other (see our Thesaurus).  Therefore we are uniquely equipped to decode their songs, TV shows and movies bragging about preying on the human race. 

Yesterday we posted the decoding of Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun song and video, and explained that lead singer Chris Cornell is yet another human persona of Kodiak, head of the Travelers Family and all sub-groups, as well as the Illuminati. He’s also Satan, and if you watch his Black Hole Sun video and this Simpson’s clip, and read what they mean as decoded, you’ll understand that “Satan” is a name he gave himself, and created. So we won’t argue with it. He’s Satan and more importantly, he and his Greys are planning to wipe out humanity in the very near future, according to what they tell me firsthand every single day, but also according to those two videos. We explain who the Illuminati and Travelers are all over this blog. The Illuminati control Earth, and most of them are Greys. You’ll have to read the blog to get up to speed as to how we know these people, but we do.

The Simpsons Reinforces What We Explained Yesterday in Decoding Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. Please read that post at this link here and then circle back to this Simpsons decoding, and you’ll see the same symbolism appears in this Simpsons video, and unfortunately the message also is the same. Kodiak and his Greys, Satan himself and his Satanic Greys, plan to wipe out this Earth environment and the humans in it, in the very, very near future. Please read that post first. 


Back from the BREAK of reading about Soundgarden. Assuming you read that and can follow along, here’s a comparison of the 1999 Simpson’s clip about doomsday following the eclipse. Note that we’ve explained many times that the Simpsons is a message vehicle to communicate between our Earth and humans in the “upstairs” environment that sits in the future from us. It’s also a vehicle for passing messages among the various groups here, including humans and Family Twos, and Reptilians. There are Greys here as well, and they are the ones planning to attack. Here’s the Simpson’s clip and then we’ll work through the slides below that. Note that I (Hera) am “the Gem” in this Simpsons clip, which is just Traveler Code for “the Jewel,” which in Traveler terminology refers to the Family Twos. I am a Family One, which is “White” in corresponding color-coding, but Kodiak has my soul (hard to explain) painted over to appear to belong to the Family Two’s. The Family Code word for them is Jews, or Goo (just like used in the Soundgarden video). So they say “Gem” as Code for Jewel, which itself is Code for Jew, and “Jew” is Traveler Code for a “Family Two.” They call them Jews because it sounds like Two, but also because they use opposites to label things. Family Nines and Twos are aliens, and to differentiate the, Nines are “expensive” while Twos are “cheap.” So “Jew” also has that “cheap” connotation. The Greys hate all humans equally and are planning to kill us all, so don’t get too concerned about relative small stuff of whether or who is racist, ignore that. I previously explained about how “Jewels” is Code for Traveler and Illuminati Family Twos in decoding Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me,” where I am depicted as Taylor Swift’s character in that video while wearing a “Jewels” t-shirt.

So in viewing this Simpson’s clip below note that:

1) The eclipse at issue is this just past.

2) I am “the Gem” aka “the Jewel” and they are pointing me out in this clip as the final kill who will “bring on world peace” because the wipeout of humanity occurs when I die, and

3) Kodiak is Satan, depicted here as Bart Simpson.


First Image: “Sky-o-nara” obviously means “goodbye” in Japanese. So the message is that the eclipse is an “epoch” that will herald in our final “goodbye” to this Earth. This clip also shows that the anchorman who’s “saying goodbye” is wearing a lava red jacket, signifying the Traveler Fours, which is Kodiak’s main color because he’s Satan and this is Hell. Lava red is his favorite color. The man also is wearing a Blue Tie, which signifies the Family Sevens. The number behind him is a Six, which is Celtic Green in the Family number and color system. So this “sky-o-nara” is brought to you by Kodiak. But the humans who make up those three colors are the ones who will be saying “goodbye” because the Greys will wipe us out, at some date just following the eclipse (Second Image).

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 11.41.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 11.42.14 PM.png

How do we know they mean this eclipse and not the one in 2024 that also cuts across America? Well for starters Kodiak, Bee, Nymph, the Parents, and the Greys tell me everyday that the end is near, for everyone. And all of the songs we’ve decoded on this blog indicate that the end occurs “10 years to the day” exactly after I begin my final “run for my life.” They also sing about it in songs as occurring after “10 true summers.” I calculated that to be 2018, however, these people I just named assure me that everything is on a timer, and follows the song “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. The Earth will be destroyed by “Wind & Fire,” and it begins with my final attack scenario starting in September 2017. The song then also identified “December” as the point when “true love is here to stay.” I’ve explained before on the blog that they say they “love me” or are “loving me” to mean “raping me” and “torturing me.” So “true love here to stay” in December must mean that I die in December. Also the word “true” indicates that the Traveler Sevens and the “businessmen” & Illuminati from “upstairs” will be the attackers who “love me” until I die. Right before the moment of my death the entire attack on humanity begins. Read the blog for many decodings discussing this, especially decoding Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4, Rush’s Fly by Night, and especially Yes’s Roundabout and Long Distance Runaround.

We also can educatedly guess that this 2017 eclipse is the correct subject of the episode based on where the eclipse is “centered” on this Simpson’s image. The 2024 eclipse runs from Dallas through Buffalo, NY.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.29.51 AM.png

Moreover, just to clarify for us, the Simpsons added this “Made in America” reference, to evoke the notion of President Trump and his nationalistic or “America First” policies.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.29.22 AM.png

And just to be sure that we understood the message from the upstairs environment, they explicitly tell us that this episode is describing the “End of Days” for this time loop where we are situated.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.36.33 AM.png

It also tells us that before the end, the stock market that rapidly rose to new heights will drop precipitously, although if this does not happen I would not rest easy thinking the danger had passed. We are in Hell. Satan and his Grey army have made a game out of cloning humans to live among them for a few decades before blowing them up in a hideous attack, for entertainment. They have done so repeatedly. You are in a time loop that repeats. Your cloned “twins” will be attacked similarly the next time, as our twins before us similarly were killed.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.35.37 AM.png

This next image shows businessmen jumping from a building and this means several things. First, it evokes the Crash of 1929 which prompted many stock market traders to jump from buildings. Second, it is a message to the upstairs people who are down here in this time loop with us to kill themselves before the attack so that they don’t also suffer. When they die down here, they merely wake up back upstairs. That is why you have been seeing mass casualty deaths in the news a lot this past year. The San Francisco apartment fire is a good example. There were no official lease documents on the illegal apartments made within that warehouse, so when it burned anyone at all could be among the tenants. It’s also why some, and you’ll see more, celebrities have been dying in various ways. They can commit suicide or have an accident, or Kodiak and Bee or the Greys can induce a heart attack or stroke, or even cause a car accident by seizing control of you or your car. Third, the guy remaining on the roof there is clutching his head, and specifically his ears. The message is: “If you don’t jump, you will be part of the attack” where the Greys blow out our ears here with sound guns. Probably that is why the Cuba sonic weapon news story aired last week – to warn the people who can escape Earth to do so before the Greys move in with their real sonic weapons. See the Yes song “Roundabout” that I mentioned, at this link.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 11.41.37 PM.png

Next the episode points out who I am, the Jewel, and also shows the attackers where I can be found for the final rape and torture show. This image has two monks in front to tell the attackers that I already am under control of the Satanic Illuminati priests. They literally are here with me 24/7, which is a reason we stopped blogging a few months ago. It agitates them to have me decoding these messages. So here I am, my location, behind the monks or Illuminati priests:

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.50.37 AM.png

The next image is a message to my attackers that it is Kodiak talking in this episode. He is saying below, “It’s me, Kodiak, the leader of the Illuminati and Travelers, and that’s my eye and my pyramid. The clip actually has Mr. Burns saying it’s his eye and pyramid. Now Satan’s followers know that their highest boss is talking. And with this we know that Kodiak also is Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, because he also is identifying himself as Satan by claiming to be “the eye” of the Sky: “In my eye, in dispose. In disguises no one knows.”  So now we know two of those disguises: Mr. Burns in this episode (and also Bart Simpson), and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. Many more of them we have identified in this blog, such as Trump and Jimmy Comet, and Taylor Swift.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.50.14 AM.png

Below next we have Bart taking his place at the head of the church, or the throne, flanked by snakes. This matches the Black Hole Sun video too, where Kodiak (Satan) tells us in song that he is the Snake hiding in many disguises, often as clergy:

“In my eye, in dispose. In disguises no one knows. Hides the face, lies the snake.”

The video features this image of CLERGY: These are the disguises of Satan – as the heads of the churches. Thus, we unwittingly worship the Devil when we worship “God,” since Satan is God over this Hell we call Earth. He created it. This is Kodiak’s logic. And it’s also what his Freemason, Illuminati and Traveler followers accept. But I tell you, Kodiak created this environment and abducted you into it. He cloned you into here, he did not “create” you and is not your true creator. Stop following Satan. Notice the sign claims that “The End is Nigh” just as the 8-ball in the Simpsons notifies us that just following the eclipse will be the “End of Days.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.37.19 PM

And this is the Snake also taking his place at the head of the church! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 11.39.57 PM.png

Quickly note also that we’ve told you another human persona of Baphomet is Taylor Swift, and here in her most recent video she also is finally taking her seat at the head of the Church of Satan, surrounded by snakes, in “Look What You Made Me Do”:

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.19.47 AM.png

What follows “Satan taking his throne” is that this Earth’s simulated, semi-holographic mixed reality in which we live splits apart, with the ground opening up under our feet, and the sky becoming a swirling vortex that vacuums all humans up, like the machines do in the movie War of the Worlds.

But before that, look again at this image from Black Hole Sun of another one of the disguises of the Serpent, in this case your next-door neighbor. Notice the umbrella with the infinity spiral:

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.41.21 PM

Compare that to the Simpsons’ infinity spiral in the sky that is revealed through a HOLE in ceiling of the church.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 11.40.25 PM.png

Finally, here’s a more panoramic image of the destructive force that has been unleashed because Bart Simpson took his throne at the head of the church.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 11.39.24 PM.png

Compare that to this identical result in the Soundgarden video of the Black Hole Sun. Do you understand now that it means that the Sun will become a Black Hole, and it will suck everyone into its vortex. Just like the War of the Worlds machines were vacuums. People vacuums. 


Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 2.36.09 AM.png


Compare these above images to the Greys’ Illuminati Card Game playing card called “They’ll Never Get It,” covered in this post:


And have a look at this politician giving the post-State of the Union address, talking about the Friend Ships” (but meaning space ships).

Our Current Status

Even before seeing this video and yesterdays Black Hole Sun, we had come to conclude that this Earth environment is built on top of a vortex that Kodiak created, and we also already knew that he was responsible for creating much what you’ll find here on Earth that is called “scripture,” although many won’t want to believe that. Kodiak created the concepts of Heaven and Hell, and appointed himself as “Satan.” This Earth is his environment and therefore if he wants to call himself Satan, we won’t disagree. He’s pure evil, as we’ve demonstrated all over this blog. 

Since we took a break from blogging a few months ago, we’ve come to learn that Kodiak is every one of “The Parents” of “The Family” including Travelers and Illuminati. He heads up every group, save for possibly the Threes. But Tom is gone. So the Threes will have to figure that out for themselves. Have things changed? In any event, we’ve also determined that Kodiak is “Psyche” who we’ve blogged about and also was posing as our son Denis. All the same person. And also possibly Tom. Kodiak killed our son Paul, whose soul has come back to us, (please read the blog to get up to speed), but Paul cannot remember his own son Scott because of what they have done. How can that be? So we’ve been through a lot in the last few months. And Kodiak is just about everyone who surrounds me here, and really all of you out there. He’s Satan, the Serpent, and he is fully wrapped around my life, and all our lives. We are living in the belly of the beast. 

Kodiak and the Greys, and the people from the “upstairs” assure me now that come September they will begin the final attack on me (Hera), where I will be gang-raped and tortured continuously until I die. They have enough practice at this to know how to keep me clinging to life as long as they want. Don’t forget that they are Pizzagate, so you know that they keep people, especially children, in cages and rape and torture them for years. Then they kill and consume them. Satan.

Satan and his Greys time my death, I am told, for Christmas Eve, at which time the final attack on all of humanity will commence, as Kodiak brags about in his Soundgarden video and song, Black Hole Sun. To accomplish the attack on me (Hera), they will move me to an empty time loop to attack, so that no one will hear me scream. They can move me from anywhere I happen to be with the old time machine, (it is true), so there is nowhere safe to go. In addition is the problem that the story sounds so insane that most of my other relatives and friends would not believe it, except my immediate family who they’ve already killed and whose souls they moved into my body and are attacking now. How to get help for such a crazy situation? These Greys also know how to paralyze a person by eliciting the release of sleep paralysis chemicals in your brain, even while awake, so that you are awake and aware but unable to move. So I have no way to defend myself against such an attack. But I do implore you Sevens out there not to participate in any attacks on me. When I die, everyone dies. Watch these videos for yourself. And know that my children’s souls are here with me, attached to me and when you attack me, you also attack them. Please don’t attack me. We all are going to be killed, and attacking me is not going to help you or yours. Unfortunately there is nothing that will help. The only thing you can take with you is your dignity and humanity, hold on to it. They will be destroying our bodies and souls. There is no route to Heaven out of this Vortex, this Hell. Keep your humanity and your dignity then, and don’t help the Greys by attacking each other for their entertainment disguised as a Traveler directive. The “Gets” also will be destroyed.

Also worth noting, it is futile to kill myself to avoid being tortured to death. They pull my soul out of my body and throw it into empty human “shells” and attack me in those bodies, which feels the same as if you are being attacked in your original body. They also currently torture my soul while still in my own body. And the souls of my kids and my husband. Given what we have seen and experienced these last years, and what my husband remembers about what they have been doing to attack us in previous time loops, we have no doubt that Kodiak is Satan, and this Earth environment, which is a sort of simulated reality (weird but true), is covering the real physical vortex Kodiak created to hold us hostage here to begin with. In other words, we are in Hell. Someday this cycle will end. Please read the blog for more info, we are running out of time.


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