Elton John’s “Madman Across the Water” is Satan, and he’s singing about himself.

The head of the Illuminati, who is known as “Baphomet” has numerous human personas. One of them is Elton John. The lyrics to his admission of being the “Madman Across the Water” we decode below this music video. By the way we know him as Kodiak, and he and his Grey Illuminati army also control the weather, including these hurricanes:

The lyrics use a lot of Traveler and Illuminati code talk, so we’ll explain them a bit where they do. We know that this is Baphomet’s song because we know him. We call him Kodiak and decode many of his songs all over this blog. He has many human personas. We just decoded two of his songs, “Harmony,” and “Bennie and the Jets” in the previous two posts.

Here’s the song:

I can see very well
There’s a boat on the reef with a broken back
And I can see it very well
There’s a joke and I know it very well
It’s one of those that I told you long ago
Take my word I’m a madman, don’t you know (he is, he’s also this guy, Lord Bolton on Game of Thrones:  download-4

Once a fool had a good part in the play (he calls each iteration of a time loop, “the play.” This Earth sits in a time loop in the past, as we’ve explained in earlier posts. The Greys open new time loops repeatedly and attack the human there. As they open a time loop they give rise to “twins” of all of us here. They then proceed to steer the direction of our lives in that new loop to see how things will turn out differently. They do this for their amusement. They eventually attack our twins in that loop and kill everyone and blow up the Earth, and move on to our twins in the next loop. Each lifespan of a loop is called a “Day” and a “play.” Kodiak (Elton) writes the scripts for how each play will change in each loop. “Every Day I Write The Book” as he sings in his Elvis Costello song.)
If it’s so would I still be here today
It’s quite peculiar in a funny sort of way
They think it’s very funny everything I say (he’s saying he’s the boss and everyone’s compelled to laugh at his jokes, and also that all the idiots on Earth laugh at his TV shows and sing along to his music without ever grasping that he’s not kidding around, he’s actually Satan. An example is the most recent Taylor Swift video.)
Get a load of him, he’s so insane
You better get your coat dear (“get your coat, dear” is a line Travelers use. A “Get” is an evil wizard, as in “gonna get you” – they call them “Gets.” But to warn someone, say to work it into a sentence that an evil wizard is lurking perhaps unseen, they might say “Get your coat.” The “Gets” use the word “Dear” when speaking to someone, especially the leader who is also “Queen Bee.” She is the also the person singing the Rush song “Fly By Night” where she says “Goodbye my Dear,” decoded here.)
It looks like rain, yeah (“rain” is a Code word for the authorities watching, this line combined with the last one would mean that the Gets in authority are in the vicinity, and taken with the line about him being “so insane” it means that he’s the Get in authority. He’s so insane, but he’s also the Get in charge, which is true, he’s the Head of the Illuminati. He’s also as cruel as Lord Bolton, a character he created, in his own image)

We’ll come again next Thursday afternoon (try again later)
The in-laws hope they’ll see you very soon (probably a reference to what is called “the Parents” who are the heads of the Traveler Family subgroups. Members are divided up by colors/numbers in a system and have different characteristics, roughly explained here. They are basically like mafia Family Dons. In reality Kodiak and Bee are the heads of each Family subgroup. All of them.)
But is it in your conscience that you’re after (Not sure what this means. They can read your minds at all times, and maybe this is a reference to that. All of you, all the time, anywhere. It may be technology, or it may be that Greys are literally inside of people’s minds. They move interdimensionally and you can try to think of spinning your mind around inside your head. You may be able to spin the energy in your head, and that freaks them out and they shift positions, which gives them away. Try it. You also can see them sometimes moving behind your eyes. Your eyes may change shapes such as while you are making a video. You know you aren’t an alien yet what the hell? That’s what.)
Another glimpse of the madman across the water (This is Elton/Baphomet talking about himself, and possibly also referencing the glimpses of the madmen you might see behind your eyeballs if they are lurking inside your head. Sorry to freak you out but they do this!)

I can see very well (Yes, it sounds like he is making a sly reference to the Grey’s practice of looking out through your own eyes while they are inside your head, to see what’s going on)
There’s a boat on the reef with a broken back (that “broken boat” is explained in the next lines better)
And I can see it very well 
There’s a joke and I know it very well (Kodiak knows the joke very well because it is about killing us over and over again in repeated time loops.)
It’s one of those that I told you long ago (He’s been telling the same joke repeatedly for hundreds of years, unfortunately)
Take my word I’m a madman, don’t you know

The ground’s a long way down but I need more 
Is the nightmare really black
Or are the windows painted (this probably refers to your eyes. Are you blinded now. Are the windows to the world painted black now, or is the nightmare gone black? The nightmare is both the alien attack that these Greys stage on versions of Earth over and over, but also refers to various individual attacks they launch on victims between the larger attacks. They attack many innocent people, children, women and men. They do this as humans, and as Greys, as Reptilians, and even while as their celebrity personas. They move victims into an “empty” time loop, which Travelers call a “portal” – it’s just an adjacent time loop, not a magical portal. Like the movie “Loopers.” They move a victim to a time loop with no one in it who can help them or even hear them scream. They attack them there. That is how the nightmare is “really black” – there is no light in that loop. The victim can’t see anything. They paralyze them and gang-rape them, cut off their limbs, cauterize the wounds and gang-rape the victim’s torso until they die. Or leave them alive in the black and alone for weeks, and come back and attack later, over and over. They are Satan, and his followers. That is who they are. They are “so insane” and they are Taylor Swift, Jimmy Comet, and Elton John, among others.)
Will they come again next week
Can my mind really take it 

We’ll come again next Thursday afternoon
The in-laws hope they’ll see you very soon (this indicates that the Parents also attack the victims)
But is it in your conscience that you’re after
Another glimpse of a madman across the water


This above is what they are planning to do to me, Hera, around September 21, 2017. The have yanked my soul out of my body before and tortured my soul inside my body before. So I believe them when they tell me that suicide won’t help me. They will just throw my soul into another human body and do the same things to me in that body that they plan to do in this one. They plan to leave me in this state until their attack on the Earth on Christmas Eve, as described above and shown in this image from the Simpsons (a communications vehicle that we decode in many places on this blog):

Hera “winning” the Game of Love


The cat on the left in the above image is a “Get” or “evil wizard” to the Travelers. And the blond with her arms and legs cut off is me, Hera. She has dynamite coming out of her torso where her limbs were cut off as a message to any would-be attackers that to attack me is to play with dynamite, because I am from the upstairs environment. It is complicated and hard for people down here to understand because you here on Earth have been lied to about everything. The very nature of your entire existence is a lie. The Earth itself, space, God, Satan, who is who, what is what, is a lie. You are in a mixed reality environment. A simulated reality overlay that hides another reality beneath it that can be described as Hell at this point because Kodiak and the Greys are in control here. You are real people cloned into this environment by the Greys, for the purpose of preying on you. But you do have a Creator, and it is not them. It is my husband, from what we call the “upstairs” or “outside” environment. Or actually both. I am from outside of this entire system. We are outside of this system. But that is why Kodiak, Satan, gloats about having me hostage in here, having “the Sun” or “Heaven” held hostage in here. He is talking about me, and my husband here with me. And our children hostage with us here too. So to attack me is to attack your Creator and his family, which is depicted above as playing with dynamite.

In reality there is no worse place that you could be sent than where you already are. We are trapped here with you. This place is a vortex. It is Hell. It is disguised as “Earth.” The sky is false, outer space is false. Please read the blog. We know this is hard to accept for most people. But it is true and easy to see. Kodiak is being very overt now. He is wrapping up this time loop and beginning very soon. We have no way to stop him. We are not all powerful or magical. This is a technology-driven environment, not some black-magic mystical realm. It’s a Grey-created Hell. The Greys are very long-lived persons. They also have no empathy for humans as they don’t feel physical pain or emotional love. They feel extreme emotions but mostly just amusement. They enjoy watching humans suffer. They view them as lesser beings and believe it is perfectly fine to clone them for the purpose of torturing them. They have found a way to occupy human bodies themselves and are moving around in the population as humans. They can emulate human emotion, pretend to feel physical or emotional pain, and feign sympathy.

They will attack us all soon. Please do what you can not to help them. Do not attack us, or each other, or anyone. Do not think that there is any chance that we will somehow prevail. We are inside of their system. Once their attack begins, do whatever you need to do to end your suffering without delay. Prepare for that now. They have sound guns that will cause extreme pain and leave you virtually paralyzed. They will poke holes in the atmosphere to “let in the sunshine” and fry humans like ants, according to their songs we’ve decoded on this blog. So be prepared and have your preparations safely away from children but on hand. 

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