Nicki Minaj is the Illuminati Leader We Know as “Queen Bee”

The Illuminati leaders have many personas. We only had to look at two Nicki Minaj videos, with the “Beez Trap” and the Illuminati masks and throne, to figure out that she was “Queen Bee.” Bee is the eternal wife of Kodiak, the leader most people know as Baphomet or Satan himself. Actually it may be more accurate to collectively consider them to be Satan. They are hideous. Queen Bee confirmed to us that she is Nicki Minaj, in any event. Here are the clues:

  1. “Beez Trap” pretty much gives it away. She is Queen Bee, and she calls her followers “Bees.” (She’s also “Queen Bey,” a story for another day)Beez Trap.gif


2. She’s wearing a jewel-encrusted Illuminati mask, and crown, while sitting on a throne. Nicki Minaj on the Throne

Compare this twisted face she is doing above with the mask to Jennifer Lopez doing the same in the movie The Cell, which is Kodiak’s film about abducting me from upstairs and putting me under to “upload me” for lack of a better term, into this “Earth” environment.  I’ll try to circle back and post a clip from the movie here.


3. Her oft-collaborator “Lil-Wayne” is pointing at a mirror image of himself, which is an Illuminati symbolism for the reflected reality concept. There’s another reality hidden behind the mirror. It also characterizes the mirror image, As Above, So Below, where the Below is the exact opposite of what’s Above. Lil Wayne No Frauds.png


4. Thief, who I guess is Lil Wayne, in another video, is wearing an Illuminati mask.Nicki Minaj High School.png


5. Minaj gives a subtle shout out to her Jimmy Comet “Cumpanda” club, the child rape club we explained to you in several posts, but especially here and here, and in the images below. Jimmy Comet is a human persona of her “eternal husband” who we call Kodiak and who now claims to sit at the throne of Satan himself, in his latest Taylor Swift video.

Nicki Minaj Right By My Side.png


The panda is a disguised reference to the hockey masks they wear when attacking victims to increase their terror. The masks resemble the face of a panda. That is why there are several pandas in a “box” that is captioned by Comet as “so many pandas” or a tire below that says “panda cumhole” for example, which signifies gang-raping a child. The references are very obvious, yet law enforcement does nothing. That’s because the cumpanda hockey mask club are the heads of the Illuminati. Intentional ignorance on the part of the media and law enforcement. Nicki Minaj is their Queen. Her “Illuminati eternal daughter,” by the way, is Pizzagater NilayLawson who appears in many Comet Instagrams. We know her as “Nymph” in the Illuminati, and the Travelers too.



    1. Dont come here and talk in code in our blog. This is the parents. Hera is nether a two or a witch. Nicki Minaj is Kodiak. Dream about that for awhile.


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