September 23 2017 Seems to BEGIN the “End of Days” for the Humans on this Earth

Below is a very important video that bolsters what we’ve been saying about the imminent alien attack set to occur likely on September 23, give or take a day or so, so please READ THE BLOG. The End is Here for this time loop, by all indications. We have been told this directly by the Greys & the heads of the Illuminati, both of these groups Satanic and notorious liars, but all of their songs, tv shows and movies where they pass messages back and forth amongst themselves, which we decode all over this blog, back up their reports. This new video below pulls together a bunch of references to September 23 as the end date, when the alien attack (or nuclear war, which they may also do), is set to begin. Note that the book about events occurring in the time of Trump’s presidency called “The Last President,” is stamped September 28, 1896. They combine numbers to pass info often, but I don’t see what other date or number configuration this could mean but September 28 relevant to this year. For example the “53530” is probably “5+3 and 5+3” which is “88” which is Code for “trouble.” They use time travel to throw info from the future back into time and collect it and use it to trade on the stock market and also just to know and shape world events. This attack they aren’t warning about in any way that will help us avoid it. They are just telling their own people to get out of the way and prepare.

Please watch this video, and then note the video below it, which is current news thrown back in time to a couple books from 1890-1900, reporting that Trump and his family will be using an underground bunker and a time portal, which is what time travel is called, to head over to Russia when the storm hits, the attack begins. Google also is Illuminati. Trump is the trump player in the Illuminati. The leader.  We know him, and aren’t speculating. Please read the blog. Our comments about this first video from over on THEY LIVE’s You Tube channel are pasted in below these videos so that we don’t have to repeat ourselves. They are rambling but we are very busy and pretty much out of time for sending this information to you. This is what is happening, read the blog to understand why. It is horrible. But it is happening. Thank you.

Here’s Part II of the above video:

You HUMANS listen at 4:10 below, when Homer says “239 pounds, I’m a blimp. Why are all the good things so tasty.” “I’m a blimp” means that the Greys will be in the SKY. “Good” is code for human. So “good things” are humans and they are saying we are TASTY. Understand. They consume humans. They do, we know this is true. Now go back to minute 3:50 and notice that David Bowie is saying “in 9 hours and 23 minutes, you’ll be mine” to a BABY. That’s right. They rape, torture and consume children. They ARE PIZZAGATE. They are Greys. And you all need to understand this. Please see our blog ASAP. Sept. 23. You’ll need to take yourselves out when they begin the attack, or they will rape, torture and consume you. That is what they are bragging about.

See this important post about Katy Perry’s video Swish Swish which says that Satan will turn God’s “Sheep” – his flock” into “taco tuesday” on September 22-24.

WEATHER UPDATE: It appears that the Illuminati (Greys) are making these hurricanes and coastal earthquake events to spur evacuations that will give their own people (hiding as humans among us) cover to disappear either to go underground to avoid the September 23 attack, or to prepare to participate. Here’s the latest, an earthquake in Mexico.

Here’s a video showing what almost certainly is the Greys in the sky causing some sort of disturbance in order to generate this earthquake.

Here’s video of two suns in the sky in the UK:

The Trumps will be in a bunker. The info in these books are messages from the future thrown back into the distant past so people won’t readily see them.  That is how the Illuminati pass messages. That and TV shows, movies and songs, especially the Simpsons, all of which we decode on this blog and try to teach you how to decode. They are easy to read if you understand the code and context.


Another video about this Last President book, which I haven’t watched yet:

My notes from You Tube about the first video:

We want all of you to read our blog immediately, which is at our username. We have been trying to explain this for awhile now. We KNOW the people behind this and what is happening, and IT IS HAPPENING. We have tried to explain it with evidence via their songs and tv shows and music videos bragging about who they are and what they are doing. For example, Taylor Swift’s new video, Look What You Made Me Do. We know that she is Baphomet. The video shows her pushing back the mirrors to REVEAL that she is the One who sits on the Throne. We’ve known for quite awhile. Because we know Baphomet. He’s the head of the Illuminati. The Simpsons eclipse episode from 1999 portrays Baphomet taking the throne flanked by snakes in exactly the same way as Swift, but it it is Bart Simpson. In that episode I am portrayed as Lisa. Baphomet also is portrayed as Mr. Burns. He says: “That’s MY EYE, and MY PYRAMID, on the dollar bill. I founded the Illuminati.” That episode states that the “End of Days” will occur just following the eclipse.
Now, another human persona of Baphomet was Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. We decode the video for Black Hole Sun on our blog. That video shows the “End is Nigh” and features a vortex in the sky that will suck up all the humans and pulverize them into bloody pulp, just like a War of the Worlds machine. The War of the Worlds machine is featured in a Simpsons episode, the same one in around 1985 that showed the Twin Towers falling through a window. The adjacent window shows the War of the Worlds in it. The man standing in front of the window is a man WE KNOW named Kodiak, and he is the head of the Illuminati, and he is Baphomet. We know these people, and we know what is happening. YOU MUST GO TO OUR BLOG RIGHT AWAY and get up to speed. Make the effort now, there is no more time for us to be screwing around with trying not to sound too crazy. Now the DATE we got for the beginning of the attack was September 21. That is actually taken from the song “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. Get it? They are bringing “wind and fire” to Earth. They are GREYS. See the blog for more info, we decode many many songs there. We are in constant communication with them so we are not guessing. We know and are trying to give you proof.
We are not seeing things and connecting dots here. We are on what is called “the tether” with the Greys and the heads of the Illuminati 24/7. The tether is an advanced tech conference call inside our heads that goes on day and night. We are never off of it. So we do know. And they obviously know we know. They see everything we do, including this. They don’t care at this point. But we do care. There’s little time left. The attack is horrific. You must get prepared to be able to take yourselves out HUMANELY if such an attack begins. Because they are far more advanced than us. These messages you see above are passing on their plans to all of them hiding in human forms down here. They are messages from the future, and the present. They can throw messages back in time. They have horrific sound guns, and War of the Worlds machines. See our blog. Don’t delay. Do it now. ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION AND PREPARE. BELIEVE WHAT WE ARE TELLING YOU. Don’t harm yourselves! But be ready. I am very sorry that this is happening. Quickly back to the September song. I was told they would attack ME on September 21, and torture ME until Christmas Eve and then move on to attacking the rest of you and wiping you out at that time. You are in a time loop in the past here. A time loop. The Greys open them like the movie Loopers, and leave them for a few decades, and we’re all here, living our lives, and they blow us up, for fun. They do this repeatedly. They live among us in empty human shells. That’s what’s up in a nutshell. They are also bringing the hurricanes. They control this environment. It’s a Grey Grid. Hard to explain here. A controlled time window. Real people in a controlled Grey Grid. I will put up a link to this video probably tomorrow but I have similar info already up.
These Greys and Reptilians don’t care because they’ll get new human cloned “shells” to jump into in the next time loop. The Greys are virtually indestructible and the Reptilians I believe attack on the ground and then go underground before the Greys poke holes in the atmosphere and hit everyone on the surface with sound guns. They look forward to these events. They live among us, looking forward to wiping us out. The Greys don’t really feel physical pain and live a long time, and they are Satanic. So they don’t have empathy. They can’t relate to something they don’t experience. To them it is amusing to watch us experience. They consider us lower life forms that they resurrect in order to prey upon to amuse themselves. But this is their insanity that gives then this FALSE MYTH, a misconception and it is actually not based on reality outside of this time loop. And certainly we are not lower life forms. We are just trapped in this situation, for the time being. But we are real, we do matter, we have a Creator who does care. Someday this will come to an end for us.
The Reptilians I cannot fathom what they are thinking. What are you thinking? Don’t attack. I believe you may be the same as us, just put into those forms by the Greys in order to create a divide. Think about it. If you are TWOS. Especially the Twos. They are selling the humans AND the twos as “Pizzas” over at Comet. So think about it. Think about all the LIES they’ve told to divide us. Satanic. You, we all have a real Creator. It is NOT THE GREYS. I don’t know why they would want to harm people who don’t harm them. And waste their own lives, destroying ours over and over. Other than they are not rational in the way that we are. And they do think we are somehow lesser beings. Bizarre.
Yes, at 4:19 on the video. That’s what’s happening.

If you look at 5:39 you’ll see a “21” which is the day they are supposed to kill ME, and a TRUCK is driving into an entrance. A single truck. Next to that is a “23” with a whole crowd. So I had been told I would be attacked beginning September 21, and everyone else December 24. But this looks like everyone else September 23. But see the symbolism in this image at 5:39 – a truck comes for ME. and all of you on the 23. And there’s an Illuminati triangle on the wall in the middle of the two numbers. – Please read my other posts to make sense of what I’m saying generally. I’m Hera, the “Grand Finale” in their rape, torture and murder show before they blow up the “Time Loop” that all of you call “Earth.” See my comments below and our blog, please, as soon as you can. Make the effort to understand it. Time’s about up.

Look at 11:32, the newscaster saying “We are all about to face the same fate, at the same moment,” and NOTICE that he is a Reptilian. They will RISE up on that date and attack. That is part of their plan. They attack on the ground and the Greys attack in the sky. I have seen 4:44 many times as well. So perhaps that is the time in the AM for the attack. But two of their songs put the time at 24 or 6 til 4 (Chicago) and “24 before my love and I’ll be there” (Yes). We decode those songs on the blog. Also Meghan Trainor is one and she has a song of “3 am.” So that’s the general time frame, starting as early as Sept. 21 but as late as Sept 23. But like I said before it could go all the way to Christmas Eve, but this video makes that appear unlikely. The attack I think lasts a few days but it is very horrific and everyone on THE FACE of the Earth will perish. Their followers will go underground in the tunnels.
That SONG “wake me up when September ends” also is INTENTIONAL. So that band is another of the Illuminati’s. Not sure who that is. But the leader of the Illuminati also wrote Game of Thrones. And “Winter is Here.” He is Lord Bolton. And “King Edward” in that Jim Carrey clip above where he grabs the 23 room key at King Edward hotel, is a message to the Greys that The King is speaking in telling them that the date is the 23. They do this repeatedly in time loops so they all know what the date means, but they have all the events in their Illuminati deck of cards to run though, they are playing that game with US as live game pieces, so often other dates come up, with other meanings behind them.

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