The Simpsons Hurricane Irma Episode Foretells “Fire, Earthquake, Hippies, Hurricane” – as in Bohemians, i.e. Illuminati

“Hippies” refers to Bohemians, as in Bohemian Grove.  At about 30 seconds into this video, Homer will ask: “What is it boy, fire, earthquake, hippies? Hurricane!”  Hippies are also known as Bohemians, and this is a reference to the Bohemian Grove, the gathering place of the Illuminati. This obviously ties into the End of Days warnings for September 23, 2017, including the Simpsons eclipse episode which flat out tells us that the “End of Days” will occur following the eclipse of August 2017.  Here’s a link to our very detailed decoding of that episode, and please see the decoding of Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun video as well.

There’s also a reference to “Chapter 2” which may be a hint that this hurricane refers to the second one, with Harvey being the first. That seems the most likely answer but we’ll think on this some more. We’ll add more decoding of this video if we see anything else but want to get it posted quickly since it references the ongoing wildfires, the major Mexico earthquake (and that means there may also be others perhaps in California to come in the very near future), and Hurricane Irma, here called “Barbara.” We know Barbara. She’s “Queen Bee” – a leader in the Illuminati. This episode basically is saying that the Illuminati are causing these events to happen or are tied to these events: “Fire, Earthquake, Hippies (Bohemians), Hurricane” – at 30 seconds in, and also according to Lisa: “Chapter 2.”

Also notice in the image below, from at 2:22 in the video – notice that there is a Santa suit and an evil totem behind them in the basement. The basement is a metaphor for Hell, and the totem is an Illuminati totem reference, and the Santa suit is a Satan reference. Santa is an anagram for Satan and in fact Santa is Satan although people don’t know this.  We explain this more in this recent post. where Taylor Swift in her new video Look What You Made Me Do makes reference to “making her list and checking it twice” of enemies (because Santa – Satan – is coming to town). Swift is a human persona of the Illuminati leader we know as Kodiak and who also goes by Psyche the soul torturer, and sits at the Throne of the Church of Satan. See that Swift post it is very important to current events.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 4.55.09 AM.png

Here’s another Simpsons video about the world’s end, and a human sacrifice, which is planned by these evil people to be me, Hera. (along with the entire population of humans actually) but we’ll look at this episode for clues as well, tomorrow. This caught our attention because we recently decode the Soundgarden video for “Black Hole Sun” in which Chris Cornell identifies himself as “the Snake in disguise” and calls for the “Black Hole Sun to wash away the rain,” which we know refers to the end of days, since the video says “The End is Nigh” and we know the Snake personally, but also the rain likely refers to the hurricanes. Read that decoding of that video here.


Also important is this footage Angel White put together on her You Tube channel that shows what Donnie Darko’s “End of the World” countdown is tied to. That countdown is 28 days, 6 hours, 42 min. and 12 seconds, and it begins at Hurricane Harvey. Please read our other posts on this blog to understand what is happening, who is doing it, and why.


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